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58. :) GREAT place to visit. Thanks, Grumpy. When we were
Mon Oct 25, 2021, 07:29 PM
Oct 2021

young and immortal, we visited the desert in summer now and then, but we've changed since. Even summer has, I guess.

We just "drove" Valley of Fire on Google maps, and maybe we will do it for real on the trip we're planning. Our kind of place. After 20 years in the green temperate southeast and mostly visiting family on the coasts, it's going to be heavily exploring and camping the desert SW, seeing a lot of places we missed when we lived in SoCal. But definitely in cool season. Gas prices are very frustrating right now.

Thanks again.

They are all beautiful questionseverything Oct 2021 #1
That is a great idea!!! Lisa0825 Oct 2021 #6
I've had that exact thought! Duppers Oct 2021 #20
A Calendar. I'd love some type of Calendar. Tommymac Oct 2021 #24
A calendar I would definitely buy. Butterflylady Oct 2021 #29
I make a calendar every year. Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #41
OMG, each and every one is so beautiful and beautifully composed. How to choose, oh my! n/t SheilaAnn Oct 2021 #2
First time I had difficulty selecting a "vote." 3Hotdogs Oct 2021 #3
Yep CMYK Oct 2021 #15
Agreed, they are all so good. c-rational Oct 2021 #19
Include me, kept going back and forth. Butterflylady Oct 2021 #30
Me, too. I voted for the one that "stopped my breath" for a moment... CTyankee Oct 2021 #46
Thank you for bringing us all this beauty. If only I could vote for them all! nt abqtommy Oct 2021 #4
Yellowhead Highway appears to have been taken in or near Mt. Robson Provincial Park, BC. royable Oct 2021 #5
I like the one eyed monster bottom right alfredo Oct 2021 #40
You are correct. That is indeed Mount Robson. Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #56
I hate to say I figured it out from using Google maps, and your title of "Yellowhead Highway." royable Oct 2021 #59
This was a really hard one! happybird Oct 2021 #7
This has been a very difficult choice brer cat Oct 2021 #8
Roads with mystery especially have always been a favorite, Hortensis Oct 2021 #9
The Long and Wavy Road is in Nevada. Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #57
:) GREAT place to visit. Thanks, Grumpy. When we were Hortensis Oct 2021 #58
K&R Solly Mack Oct 2021 #10
Ty, Soph & congrats & ty to all entrants! SheltieLover Oct 2021 #11
This one was hard irisblue Oct 2021 #12
They should all be winning photos wendyb-NC Oct 2021 #13
WOW, these are all great. femmedem Oct 2021 #14
All Winners-inspired by each one. Thanks Soph0571 for the theme and all the work.-n/t marked50 Oct 2021 #16
This is too difficult. Duppers Oct 2021 #17
The mountains always grab me too! ShazzieB Oct 2021 #23
Wow! riverbendviewgal Oct 2021 #18
How to choose ONE??? BobTheSubgenius Oct 2021 #21
They're all gorgeous Joinfortmill Oct 2021 #22
This was the hardest yet! MuseRider Oct 2021 #25
Anyone who voted for any of these is incredibly tasteful. planetc Oct 2021 #26
This was way the hardest photo contest. Everyone is just about perfect in their own way. Biophilic Oct 2021 #27
All were beautiful, a few breathtaking. Thank you photographers! Nt lostnfound Oct 2021 #28
All of the above. moondust Oct 2021 #31
Crap, I can't choose HAB911 Oct 2021 #32
It's hard to reach a decision. lpbk2713 Oct 2021 #33
Kick! Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #34
Kick Soph0571 Oct 2021 #35
Fabulous photos! Be sure to vote! Callalily Oct 2021 #36
Saying it again.......all are winners.....such talent here...... a kennedy Oct 2021 #37
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2021 #38
kick HappyCynic Oct 2021 #39
Kick, kick, kick! Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #42
kick Soph0571 Oct 2021 #43
So many wonderful photos... electric_blue68 Oct 2021 #44
Kickety kick kick! Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #45
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2021 #47
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2021 #48
kick Soph0571 Oct 2021 #49
Time is running out........please vote. a kennedy Oct 2021 #50
Kick electric_blue68 Oct 2021 #51
Kick! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2021 #52
This was one of the ChazII Oct 2021 #53
Please vote! Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #54
Morning kick! Grumpy Old Guy Oct 2021 #55
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