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Mon Oct 18, 2021, 03:44 PM Oct 2021

Fuck! Enough Already! Colin Powell is why America is where it is! [View all]

Powell didn’t make a mistake.

He knew he was feeding the American people bullshit to get support to go to war in Iraq.

It was planned and premeditated.

Thousands of Americans killed and upwards of a million Iraqis.

He is no fucking hero. He is a traitor.

And his normalization of lying to the American people.. you know what that got us?!? Fucking Trump.

So please fuck off with the niceties and let’s be honest for one damn minute. Powell is a disgrace that lead to even bigger disgraces that put yet more shame on this country.

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Right. His deliberate and knowing lies made me forever lose all respect for him. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2021 #1
Starting at least as far back as My Lai. ret5hd Oct 2021 #2
He goes back to that!?! BigmanPigman Oct 2021 #64
He WAS the coverup. ret5hd Oct 2021 #69
Amen! blueinredohio Oct 2021 #3
To me...Powell was in the supporting role of that play stillcool Oct 2021 #4
Powell was key to convincing several Democrats to vote berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #10
that's on them... stillcool Oct 2021 #15
It's on Powell as well. berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #47
Colin Powell didn't vote to invade stillcool Oct 2021 #88
Yes, but the majority of Democrats in Congress were not gullible Mysterian Oct 2021 #48
Biden, HRC, etc. berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #50
I agree. Powell was not the source wnylib Oct 2021 #65
exactly llashram Oct 2021 #67
Powell had a reputation of being honest, the entire World believed him. He fooled us all. Escurumbele Oct 2021 #71
I was far more upset OriginalGeek Oct 2021 #5
Same thing I said when I heard. LakeArenal Oct 2021 #29
I wonder if Juanita Beasley is still alive? johnp3907 Oct 2021 #40
So apparently nobody can acknowledge their mistakes and change... brooklynite Oct 2021 #6
They can. Powell fell short of that. berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #7
"Biden mourns loss of Colin Powell: 'He will be remembered as one of our great Americans'" brooklynite Oct 2021 #8
Of course Biden does. Powell convinced Biden to support the war berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #13
But HE can be forgiven, right? brooklynite Oct 2021 #19
I don't believe Powell ever asked for it berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Salviati Oct 2021 #58
Meh. progressoid Oct 2021 #96
Horse shit El Supremo Oct 2021 #21
Biden has said the same for McCain LakeArenal Oct 2021 #31
+1 Celerity Oct 2021 #77
He was a career Military Officer JustAnotherGen Oct 2021 #9
That is not a valid excuse for Powell's betrayal berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #14
That's your opinion JustAnotherGen Oct 2021 #91
I blame Darth Cheney and Shrub. roamer65 Oct 2021 #11
Without Powell, many Democrats would not have voted for war in Iraq berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #12
Very true. roamer65 Oct 2021 #16
Valery Plame and Joe Wilson are the reasons why Powell had to lie berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #42
Yes he did. roamer65 Oct 2021 #55
Without the Intel community selling him a bill of goods, Powell may not have gone down that road. joetheman Oct 2021 #27
Powell cannot pretend to believe he wasn't lying berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #41
I remember. Haggard Celine Oct 2021 #56
YES. THANK YOU. elleng Oct 2021 #30
The wingnuts will bestow sainthood on him Mr.Bill Oct 2021 #17
not the current ones. JohnSJ Oct 2021 #26
Thank you. ZZenith Oct 2021 #18
Meh... John Ludi Oct 2021 #20
Which is part of my main point. berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #44
Exactly. John Ludi Oct 2021 #92
He helped cover up the mai lai massacre IbogaProject Oct 2021 #22
and who do you think lied us into that war in the first place JohnSJ Oct 2021 #25
Every single Officer involved JustAnotherGen Oct 2021 #93
Just think. Old Colin will know have a chance to tell Jesus about N. Korea's yellow cake. Lol. johnthewoodworker Oct 2021 #23
Really? I would venture to say that Ralph Nader, and others, etc. had probably more of an effect JohnSJ Oct 2021 #24
Thank you JustAnotherGen Oct 2021 #94
all too true bringthePaine Oct 2021 #28
Powell didn't make a "mistake", he made a choice. bluesbassman Oct 2021 #32
With all these negative comments about Powell we should remember one fact....... KS Toronado Oct 2021 #33
Powell was used DownriverDem Oct 2021 #34
This. ShazzieB Oct 2021 #38
That may be true but he knew it berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #45
Yep. Preach! calimary Oct 2021 #35
Powell . . . got us Trump? OneBro Oct 2021 #37
I am pretty confident that if Powell had not convinced so many berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #39
He definitely gave credibility to the scheme. OneBro Oct 2021 #89
Agree---People not showing up to vote got us Trump crimycarny Oct 2021 #43
You obviously weren't here at DU and certainly weren't paying attention berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #46
Attendance was down in key metropolitan precincts. Kid Berwyn Oct 2021 #49
I was here and I agree with you. nt joetheman Oct 2021 #53
Conflating the election isn't the truth berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #76
No, I referred to Manafort passing election info to Kilimnik. Kid Berwyn Oct 2021 #86
I'm not sure what you mean? crimycarny Oct 2021 #52
DU is representative of nothing but DU. TwilightZone Oct 2021 #85
as part of BUSH INC he helped to lie America into a senseless war Skittles Oct 2021 #59
Grover Norquist gave us GW Bush and trump. Remember when he said Escurumbele Oct 2021 #73
DURec leftstreet Oct 2021 #51
I am neither celebrating nor mourning his death. Initech Oct 2021 #54
Oh good grief. Thomas Jefferson had slaves. Xolodno Oct 2021 #57
Bad people do good, yes. And redemption can be had berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #63
Thanks! Good to keep things in perspective. nt reACTIONary Oct 2021 #66
I hope he doesn't have a good afterlife SunImp Oct 2021 #60
Also, didn't he block Clinton's order on gays in the svc? Basic LA Oct 2021 #61
Bravo.....Well Said DENVERPOPS Oct 2021 #62
It did not make any difference if Powell was for or against the war or what he said. marie999 Oct 2021 #68
I'm gonna strongly disagree with that. I protested Iraq berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #72
Thank you, I have been writing about the same exact thing here in DU all day. Escurumbele Oct 2021 #70
Nobody is forcing you to listen to the praise Biden, Obama, the Clintons are heaping on Powell Kaleva Oct 2021 #74
IDGAF who praises Powell. If you want to live in fantasy land that's your choice berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #75
I prefer to live in a reality based world Kaleva Oct 2021 #78
They are putting out public statements berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #79
How are you going to set the record straight then? Kaleva Oct 2021 #81
Tell me exactly what exactly is untrue in their statements berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #82
It's what they are not saying that is probably important to you. Kaleva Oct 2021 #83
That's about as relevant as your initial response to the OP. berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #84
Powell was a war criminal, he lied to give cover to a war of aggression Celerity Oct 2021 #80
Thank you for speaking truth to power. Autumn Oct 2021 #87
People now say "Thank god Gen. Milley stopped Trump, imagine if he hadn't" traitorsgalore Oct 2021 #90
And in turn made my husband a Disabled Veteran AwakeAtLast Oct 2021 #95
I'm afraid I have to reluctantly agree. If Powell lived up to what he said he believed, he would Martin68 Oct 2021 #97
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