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44. Ah, TikTok...Isn't that the place where the only videos are of young women
Thu Oct 7, 2021, 03:06 PM
Oct 2021

dancing and demonstrating their shuffle?

The reality is that there is a very broad range of creators making TikTok videos. It's a challenge to create and produce an effective video with public appeal and impact with such a short time length and limited to a narrow portrait-mode image that is designed to be viewed only on smart phones. There is a huge amount of talent on display there, if you look a little for it.

Or you can just watch young women dance and young men make fools of themselves. Like all social media, what you view is your choice, isn't it?

We're seeing a lot of criticism from people who have never even explored what they are criticizing. That's obvious.

Do you use Facebook? [View all] ColinC Oct 2021 OP
I don't use it for much, though TreasonousBastard Oct 2021 #1
Yes just for family and friends stuff, what it was originally intended for. OnDoutside Oct 2021 #2
Fuck Facebook and the Zuck it rode in on. Celerity Oct 2021 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Oct 2021 #4
More as a lurker ybbor Oct 2021 #5
It's an excellent tool for that Rorey Oct 2021 #11
I found a high school drop out hippie type had turned super MAGAT LeftInTX Oct 2021 #36
I've been there four times this year Tracyjo Oct 2021 #6
Multiple times per day Blue_Adept Oct 2021 #7
My grandson spends hours every day on FB, hating every minute because beveeheart Oct 2021 #19
I don't use facebook NJCher Oct 2021 #8
for 12 years so far ShepKat Oct 2021 #9
It's where photos are posted Rorey Oct 2021 #10
Family, friends John Ludi Oct 2021 #12
No allnews Oct 2021 #13
HELL NO!!! blueinredohio Oct 2021 #14
Just to communicate with friends and relatives. Most doc03 Oct 2021 #15
Same. n/t DeeNice Oct 2021 #34
I use the marketplace feature since COVID hit but nothing else. Ford_Prefect Oct 2021 #16
It is a great tool to remember family members birthdays. NT cinematicdiversions Oct 2021 #17
Pretty much all day long. Big family. lamp_shade Oct 2021 #18
If you think you use Facebook, you have it backwards. lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #20
Just like the old 7-up ad used to say, rownesheck Oct 2021 #21
I couldnt choose because... jcgoldie Oct 2021 #22
I have tried to use Facebook without success sanatanadharma Oct 2021 #23
Yes. To generate business... ProudMNDemocrat Oct 2021 #24
I know right? LeftInTX Oct 2021 #37
I have many clients in Texas. ProudMNDemocrat Oct 2021 #49
Fourth option - very little with a dummied account with no followerers, no one followed, with ... marble falls Oct 2021 #25
FB has been a great for me personally and professionally SYFROYH Oct 2021 #26
I have an account that is only used when I need to access a post ecstatic Oct 2021 #27
We use it for messenger for family and friends. We go on it to send a message marie999 Oct 2021 #28
Interesting poll. However, what does it really show, and what does that mean? MineralMan Oct 2021 #29
Facebook is not the hill I'm going to die on. All social media can be problematic, period ismnotwasm Oct 2021 #41
Ah, TikTok...Isn't that the place where the only videos are of young women MineralMan Oct 2021 #44
Yes indeed we do ismnotwasm Oct 2021 #45
Brava! MineralMan Oct 2021 #48
Margin seems to be closing substantially ColinC Oct 2021 #43
Yes, but frogmarch Oct 2021 #30
No. My husband does, but he doesn't log in much. I do use Instagram mostly Wingus Dingus Oct 2021 #31
I quit it several years ago bif Oct 2021 #32
Not anymore. moondust Oct 2021 #33
Yes and so do all the Democrats, including ones who are anti-facebook LeftInTX Oct 2021 #35
Yes. Mostly for non-political reasons. Tommy Carcetti Oct 2021 #38
Yep...I'm fairly political on FB, but I keep it positive. LeftInTX Oct 2021 #39
I signed up for Facebook around 2017 Wednesdays Oct 2021 #40
I own an Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. FB account is mandatory for setting it up. Tommymac Oct 2021 #42
I joined for the Anti-Facebook posts, maxsolomon Oct 2021 #46
Rarely....n/t bluecollar2 Oct 2021 #47
Family, Friends, Art, Crafts, Nature, Science, How-to's, History... electric_blue68 Oct 2021 #50
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