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Tue Oct 5, 2021, 08:43 AM Oct 2021

Hey DU! We need to start planning the 🎄 War on Christmas 🎄 [View all]

I know, last year we were all taking a breather after the election but damn it we need to get going on this. It was either Sun Tzu or Patton who said, “Those who fail to prepare before Walgreens gets their Christmas stuff up is preparing for failure”.

Okay so much of their troops have been redirected to fighting Critical Race Theory dissertations in elementary schools which is either some brilliant work by G2 on our part or just dumb luck. This may help isolate them if we have effective single envelope maneuver.

Now this whole Just In Time inventory collapse is like a weather anomaly but we’ll take. Boy gotta love that capitalism devouring its own commercialization of a holiday. Thank you God!

Anyway, I do think we need to get going on this.
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Start? We've never stopped. Shell_Seas Oct 2021 #1
That's the spirit underpants Oct 2021 #74
Way ahead of you. I've already jammed up all the major ports. lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #2
DUzy! FSogol Oct 2021 #4
😆😆😆 underpants Oct 2021 #8
! demmiblue Oct 2021 #17
hahaha mountain grammy Oct 2021 #18
They're ready and waiting! Rhiannon12866 Oct 2021 #23
I agree, although, in some cases we may already be too late. Dollar Tree has had niyad Oct 2021 #3
👆 underpants Oct 2021 #75
Damn...seems to me like the War On Christmas starts earlier every year. Captain Stern Oct 2021 #5
I know, it is so frustrating! PatSeg Oct 2021 #15
Exactly. It just kind of ruins the whole War. Captain Stern Oct 2021 #48
I'm thinking that we should just PatSeg Oct 2021 #60
Halloween is the Devil's holiday! It's Harvest-Fest now! nt Ilsa Oct 2021 #36
There is no war on Halloween amongst us devil worshippers. DemocraticPatriot Oct 2021 #80
It's already under way. Jolliness is no laughing matter. mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2021 #6
Once more unto the breech Dr. Fauci!!! jcgoldie Oct 2021 #12
Wow she's a rebel huh? underpants Oct 2021 #62
I'm printing up my "Keep Yule in Yuletide" bumper stickers right now! Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #7
Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season! Hekate Oct 2021 #66
LOL! That might be better! Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #70
Keep the X in Xmas SCantiGOP Oct 2021 #67
And if Biden bans Chtistmas presents Chipper Chat Oct 2021 #9
I like the old sixties slogan DFW Oct 2021 #10
Reminded me instantly of one of my all-time favorite songs... Moostache Oct 2021 #46
Sun Tzu said that? Jerry2144 Oct 2021 #11
I'm in! Laurelin Oct 2021 #13
Yes I think it's okay underpants Oct 2021 #73
Well, President Biden has already outlawed candy canes n/t hibbing Oct 2021 #14
Lowes has their Christmas shit upo already. I might as well put out my Hotler Oct 2021 #16
RWNJ's used to correct us saying "Happy Holidays"" lambchopp59 Oct 2021 #19
Love that pic! SergeStorms Oct 2021 #43
And the traditional gold, frankincense, myrrh, and bay leaves. (nt) Pinback Oct 2021 #53
You mean the war on X-mas Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #20
Kill shot. SergeStorms Oct 2021 #44
As we may be wearing masks into December, sarge43 Oct 2021 #21
Io Saturnalia, ciudadano Romano!! ... marble falls Oct 2021 #24
Is that Latin for "party hardy, player"? n/t sarge43 Oct 2021 #26
Close enough! (nothing naughty or insulting was used in that post!) Just some "lazy" Latin. marble falls Oct 2021 #28
Make it Oct 2, then we'll have an extra year to overspend!! marble falls Oct 2021 #22
Happy Holidays rickford66 Oct 2021 #25
I've got my recruiting posters ready... SidDithers Oct 2021 #27
Nice illustrations, Sid! I'd frame them and hang them in the room my in-laws use when they visit. marble falls Oct 2021 #29
I did these in 2009 to post on DU... SidDithers Oct 2021 #30
So it does. It doesn't bother me because there is no doubt: my mind has flown off with the times! .. marble falls Oct 2021 #32
Well, we had that heathen muslim in the WH then, Ilsa Oct 2021 #38
Starbucks has slit the throats of these polar bears IronLionZion Oct 2021 #31
OMG!!! Report them to the World Wildlife Federation! Ilsa Oct 2021 #40
That's brutal. Irish_Dem Oct 2021 #76
The war on Christmas has many casualties IronLionZion Oct 2021 #78
Yep. Even the Christmas bears have to go. Irish_Dem Oct 2021 #81
We're with you Duncanpup Oct 2021 #33
How did I know this was you? swimboy Oct 2021 #34
Preparing the cannons to fire containers of Happy Holidays masks Wicked Blue Oct 2021 #35
First, we need the War on Columbus Day SCantiGOP Oct 2021 #37
And don't forget the war on Veterans Day. nt Ilsa Oct 2021 #41
Veterans know all about war. It doesn't bother us. jmowreader Oct 2021 #42
Oh we won that one. underpants Oct 2021 #63
I'm gonna use the same technique we used on the vaccinations. Midnight Writer Oct 2021 #39
Nice PsyOps you got there. yonder Oct 2021 #52
I'd be happy to serve. And you can be my chief fundraiser! (I prefer untraceable cash) Midnight Writer Oct 2021 #55
Don't forget to tell them SCantiGOP Oct 2021 #61
Happy holidays! Initech Oct 2021 #45
OMG you just went Nuclear! bluewater Oct 2021 #54
It's funny how they call us "triggered snowflakes"... Initech Oct 2021 #57
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #58
More tanks and heavy artillery. Sneederbunk Oct 2021 #47
Heavy artillery plays a central role in my famous Christmas poem... jmowreader Oct 2021 #51
I'm planning my War on Christmas decorations now jmowreader Oct 2021 #49
Campaign signs are going up for city council elections, I'm putting up Hotler Oct 2021 #79
I was born Jewish. I guess that makes me a general in the War on Christmas. AZLD4Candidate Oct 2021 #50
I gotta admit Bettie Oct 2021 #56
D'ya think my neighborhood association will go for this? lindysalsagal Oct 2021 #59
Hahaha underpants Oct 2021 #65
We Champps are going to keep our pumpkins going from now to New Years Champp Oct 2021 #64
Agent De Joy is doing his part! ThoughtCriminal Oct 2021 #68
Well, we have seen to it Mr.Bill Oct 2021 #69
My Antifa cell has been on it since the day after last Christmas. Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #71
Yes! underpants Oct 2021 #72
I can go knock over a Christmas elf in the Kroger's holiday aisle. Irish_Dem Oct 2021 #77
Please please no destruction underpants Oct 2021 #83
I'll try to contain myself. Irish_Dem Oct 2021 #84
Can I have the Black/Latinx Santa section? nolabear Oct 2021 #82
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