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Tue Sep 28, 2021, 06:54 PM Sep 2021

Is it sexist to refer to Andrea Mitchell as Mrs. Alan Greenspan? [View all]

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I can think of other names to call her and yell at the TV Walleye Sep 2021 #1
Agreed. And those ARE sexist lol. Cant STAND her. Volaris Sep 2021 #77
It is who she is married to afterall. ProudMNDemocrat Sep 2021 #2
No, but the abuse thrown at her is thoroughly obnoxious. elleng Sep 2021 #3
Every time Andrea was on TV, Hillary's emails came out of her mouth. Truth is obnoxious? sarcasmo Sep 2021 #63
do you ordinarily refer to women by their husband's name qazplm135 Sep 2021 #4
I think it's to remind people who she is leftstreet Sep 2021 #10
Not only a Fed Reserve guy but an acolyte of Ayn Rand Klaralven Sep 2021 #25
we do this stuff all the time qazplm135 Sep 2021 #26
All criticism of AOC... tonedevil Sep 2021 #57
That's the sad truth.... mountain grammy Sep 2021 #71
She's been who she is, a GOP mouthpiece reporter, longer than she's been married to him. ZonkerHarris Sep 2021 #35
I say it depends on the intent (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Sep 2021 #5
MSNBC refers to her as Andrea Mitchel, not "Mrs. Greenspan". JohnSJ Sep 2021 #13
When is the intent of saying Mrs Greenspan *ever* not to diminish her value based on her marriage? Bucky Sep 2021 #20
Probably, but I doubt anyone cares n/t leftstreet Sep 2021 #6
Yes. It's not the name she has chosen to use. marybourg Sep 2021 #7
I think so to. I am no fan of Mitchell, but she professionally refers to herself as Andrea Mitchel JohnSJ Sep 2021 #11
Nobody is actually calling her that treestar Sep 2021 #86
It's done to "put her in her place". By folks who want to be mean. Srkdqltr Sep 2021 #8
Yes. n/t demmiblue Sep 2021 #9
yes. it's demeaning to reduce a woman as nothing more drray23 Sep 2021 #12
Well said, and I am one who does not like Mitchel at all. The fact that MSNBC refers to her as JohnSJ Sep 2021 #16
She is a lot More of a piece of shit... tonedevil Sep 2021 #58
Yes, we should honor the names women choose to go by. femmedem Sep 2021 #14
+++ JohnSJ Sep 2021 #18
No. That is not the reason for it. treestar Sep 2021 #15
AOC isn't powerless qazplm135 Sep 2021 #27
But my point was that is not the reason for it treestar Sep 2021 #54
I don't care what qazplm135 Sep 2021 #60
Does Andrea Mitchell not have her own politics and economic ideas? Caliman73 Sep 2021 #65
A lot of Alan Greenspan's ideas come from Ayn Rand BradAllison Sep 2021 #68
Yes they do. Caliman73 Sep 2021 #78
Few couples are all that different treestar Sep 2021 #80
Thank you. Treefrog Sep 2021 #61
I don't know who Douglas Emhoff is BradAllison Sep 2021 #67
you get the point qazplm135 Sep 2021 #69
If that's how you feel BradAllison Sep 2021 #72
there's no sexism in any of that qazplm135 Sep 2021 #74
I think people use it just to point our her connection to that ideology. Funtatlaguy Sep 2021 #17
A woman being married to a man does not prove "her connection to his ideology" StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #31
How about exposure then. Funtatlaguy Sep 2021 #37
What does being married to Alan Greenspan "expose" about her? StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #39
There's a very strong reason why it's not sexist to diminish her this way Bucky Sep 2021 #19
+1000 StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #40
Thank you obamanut2012 Sep 2021 #89
How about Ms. Greenspan? tenderfoot Sep 2021 #21
actually, she's a lot better known than he is. viva la Sep 2021 #24
Professionally her name is Andrea Mitchell. However, reminding viewers lapucelle Sep 2021 #22
and that can't be done qazplm135 Sep 2021 #28
You just showed that it can be done. You named her using her professional name lapucelle Sep 2021 #34
you are going to a lot of trouble to passionately treestar Sep 2021 #84
passionately defending against sexism qazplm135 Sep 2021 #87
So as to my point treestar Oct 2021 #94
Yes. Sometimes it's inconvenient to not be sexist StarfishSaver Oct 2021 #95
And? qazplm135 Oct 2021 #96
Just like we refer to Clarence Thomas and Jim Carville as "Mr. Ginny Thomas" and "Mr. Matalin" StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #66
Except we know Jim Carville doesn't agree with Mary Matalin BradAllison Sep 2021 #70
We don't know that Andrea Mitchell agrees with Alan Greenspan StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #75
We do know her biases, by her reporting. I do agree with the rest of your sentiment though. Caliman73 Sep 2021 #90
Her biases are HER biases. She's not an appendage of her husband StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #91
I am a married woman. I always find it demeaning to be referred to as Mrs. Him Last Name viva la Sep 2021 #23
I think of Nancy Reagan every time I see her face CanonRay Sep 2021 #29
Yes. But not only sexist StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #30
AGREED! nt Maru Kitteh Sep 2021 #50
Yes, it's rude. MineralMan Sep 2021 #32
Yup, and MSNBC refers to her as Andrea Mitchell, because that is what she wants to be referred to JohnSJ Sep 2021 #33
She is referred to as Andrea Mitchell in her professional life. MLAA Sep 2021 #36
Really? lindysalsagal Sep 2021 #38
In the context used on DU I don't think so. GulfCoast66 Sep 2021 #41
May be worse not to spell it Mitchell malaise Sep 2021 #42
Thread Win goes to malaise today! Thanks. madinmaryland Sep 2021 #43
Cute. DU is becoming less enjoyable for me. I just corrected it JohnSJ Sep 2021 #45
Come on man we can laugh at ourselves malaise Sep 2021 #46
............ JohnSJ Sep 2021 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Sep 2021 #47
I can't believe I had no idea she was married to him. milestogo Sep 2021 #44
shes 74 Demovictory9 Sep 2021 #56
Why is she still working? milestogo Sep 2021 #59
Yes, of course it is. It is sexist to take a woman's name away from her. Maru Kitteh Sep 2021 #48
Yes. N/t obnoxiousdrunk Sep 2021 #51
Yes nt Raine Sep 2021 #52
I can't believe this is even a discussion here - Ms. Toad Sep 2021 #53
Comparing this to whst slaves endured is ludicrous in any context. BannonsLiver Sep 2021 #55
Yes. Greenspan hasn't been relevant for 15 years mathematic Sep 2021 #62
She's an awful broadcaster, but that has nothing to do with her husband. rogue emissary Sep 2021 #64
Nowadays, at least, it's certainly kind of a hick thing to do. Aristus Sep 2021 #73
No, it's just pointless... brooklynite Sep 2021 #76
This is no longer a liberal board MattBaggins Sep 2021 #79
It's about tribalism iemanja Sep 2021 #83
So true StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #93
Exactly StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #92
Her name is Mitchell iemanja Sep 2021 #81
It's an important reminder that you're dealing with a Republican propagandist Champp Sep 2021 #82
The problems with voting yes are many iemanja Sep 2021 #85
Yes. n/t marie999 Sep 2021 #88
Not if it is used now and then to remind us who she is married to LeftInTX Oct 2021 #97
Why do we need to be reminded of who she's married to? StarfishSaver Oct 2021 #98
It depends on what Andrea thinks about it. Today, in 2021, there are women who routinely Vinca Oct 2021 #99
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