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Effete Snob

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20. That's kind of odd
Mon Sep 27, 2021, 02:22 PM
Sep 2021

You are the one who believes and, as noted in your “prediction” post, has stated your apparent confidence in future events based on no evidence whatsoever.

I’m old enough to remember when the Mueller report was going to bring them all down. I’d be willing to bet without looking that certain people believed that too.

If I haven't heard about it, then it must not exist AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2021 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Sep 2021 #40
Nicely played malaise Sep 2021 #41
Interesting that aside from one "No, but ..." response, no one has answered the question StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #42
Is that required? malaise Sep 2021 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Sep 2021 #44
They really should get that on a t-shirt. LanternWaste Sep 2021 #45
I see what you did there... Ocelot II Sep 2021 #2
That is not a public thing... Ohio Joe Sep 2021 #3
Exactly the point. Ocelot II Sep 2021 #4
Heh... Ohio Joe Sep 2021 #5
No, but I can provide a list of people who are not indicted Effete Snob Sep 2021 #6
I'll put you down as a "No." StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #7
Congratulations Effete Snob Sep 2021 #12
I read your entire post StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #13
... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #26
Do you actually talk to people like that in your real life? Effete Snob Sep 2021 #30
What crime committed in 2016 do you think can't be prosecuted in the next few months or year? StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #33
Wire fraud, for one Effete Snob Sep 2021 #35
Those crimes are ongoing and the statute of limitations doesn't start to run until the last act StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #37
Oh, so now you know what the DoJ is doing? Effete Snob Sep 2021 #38
I didn't say I knew what DOJ is doing StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #39
The "and so on" Effete Snob Sep 2021 #36
Ten bucks says you fail to see the irony of telling others they're condescending. LanternWaste Sep 2021 #46
Can you tell us ... NanceGreggs Sep 2021 #8
A dream is a wish your heart makes Effete Snob Sep 2021 #9
The only thing Giuliani and Cohen have in common is that they were both Trump attorneys StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #14
Post removed Post removed Sep 2021 #16
That's kind of odd Effete Snob Sep 2021 #20
Tick tock... Effete Snob Sep 2021 #10
How do you know he's not doing anything? Ocelot II Sep 2021 #15
I think mcar was being sarcastic StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #19
Maybe so - apologies if that was the case. Ocelot II Sep 2021 #21
It is often hard to tell the difference StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #22
... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #27
No worries mcar Sep 2021 #29
Did I really need to include the sarcasm emoji? mcar Sep 2021 #28
My bad. Your satire of people who really think that way was too convincing! Ocelot II Sep 2021 #31
With all due respect to mcar, it wasn't hard StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #32
Thanks mcar Sep 2021 #34
KnR Hekate Sep 2021 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Kid Berwyn Sep 2021 #18
Beating a dead horse is so much fun.. msfiddlestix Sep 2021 #23
You apparently think so ... StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #24
I guess a sarcasm coda is required from time to time msfiddlestix Sep 2021 #25
So far no list has been forthcoming StarfishSaver Sep 2021 #47
Hmmm EffieBlack Sep 2021 #48
Kick StarfishSaver Oct 2021 #49
You're kicking your own post? BigmanPigman Nov 2021 #51
Notice posts 47 and 48... CanyaDigIt Nov 2021 #52
Yes, I did. That is why I had to comment. BigmanPigman Nov 2021 #53
Kick StarfishSaver Oct 2021 #50
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