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Mon Sep 20, 2021, 01:05 PM Sep 2021

Though I have been a frequent poster here, I have only posted once in the past week and a half [View all]

and that was a bit of humor that I posted hesitantly. This post is offered, not as a justification, but just as an explanation.

I find it increasingly difficult to post anything acceptable. Most of the OPs I have tapped out lately that really said what I thought needed saying have been scrapped by me---erased before posted.

I was not concerned that the post would violate the TOS. Been there/done that and I have survived.

I was not concerned that some would disagree. That's to be expected on any discussion board worth the name.

I am just tired---in general, to be sure--- but also tired of the nasty "edge" that seems to have grown more acceptable. This trend is by no means limited to DU, but this has been my home for a couple decades and here is where 98% of my political discussion occurs. Thus, to have my integrity or good faith questioned by those with whom I HOPE I agree about most issues has sort of "bled" me these past several months.

Before some begin typing "Don't let the door hit you in the ass!", I am not leaving. I am simply---for a while---stepping back; reducing my participation. I'm sure some will applaud that and some will say "Who cares?", but this explanation is offered to those who will do neither.

Stay safe. GOTV. "Do good work."

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Thanks, Atticus. I have missed you. ananda Sep 2021 #1
I agree with you 100%. AZ8theist Sep 2021 #95
Post removed Post removed Sep 2021 #2
WTF ?! DemocraticPatriot Sep 2021 #30
Wow what a jerk. redstatebluegirl Sep 2021 #39
Did I just miss a troll or something? niyad Sep 2021 #90
One of the rare occasions that I voted to hide a post question everything Sep 2021 #96
I really enjoy your insight. redstatebluegirl Sep 2021 #118
Wow. Took all of three minutes to prove Atticus' point. The Unmitigated Gall Sep 2021 #42
I fully agree Traildogbob Sep 2021 #54
👍 Joinfortmill Sep 2021 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author toasty Sep 2021 #44
Back atcha. Xoan Sep 2021 #48
Glad you're not leaving. Take care of yourself. Scrivener7 Sep 2021 #3
Things can get pretty intense at times. Sometimes it's good to take a break and clear your head. Arkansas Granny Sep 2021 #4
I feel the same way lately Bettie Sep 2021 #5
When You Come Back... ProfessorGAC Sep 2021 #6
I enjoy your posts, take care of yourself n/t hibbing Sep 2021 #7
I recognize you, and have read plenty of your posts. MineralMan Sep 2021 #8
pLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE COME BACK...(when you are ready)...yes, take a break, we all need that... Stuart G Sep 2021 #9
+1 LiberalLoner Sep 2021 #60
stepping back is good sometimes. Come back when you're ready nt XanaDUer2 Sep 2021 #10
It has been an exhausting few years Maeve Sep 2021 #11
We're taking a vacation starting next week LittleGirl Sep 2021 #12
👍 Joinfortmill Sep 2021 #88
Do what you have to do Dem_in_Nebr. Sep 2021 #13
I will miss you until your return Mr.Bill Sep 2021 #14
I have disagreed with some here. I also at times disagree many in my life. BoomaofBandM Sep 2021 #15
ignore is your friend. mopinko Sep 2021 #16
So is mine. redstatebluegirl Sep 2021 #40
Be safe in your journeys, and when you do come back, we'll enjoy your companionship SWBTATTReg Sep 2021 #17
I think most of us who have been here the longest have taken extended breaks periodically... hlthe2b Sep 2021 #18
I always make sure I click on your posts, gab13by13 Sep 2021 #19
Me too I read more than I post Tree Lady Sep 2021 #27
Don't let the door hit you in the ass! underpants Sep 2021 #20
I've been here since 2005, and have always found value in your posts and comments Atticus. bluesbassman Sep 2021 #21
I have been pondering this lately myself GusBob Sep 2021 #22
Good points all. I have a theory. SleeplessinSoCal Sep 2021 #36
I will miss your posts chillfactor Sep 2021 #23
:) Enjoy. I know it feels good whenever I leave for a bit. Hortensis Sep 2021 #24
You are someone I always click on when I see your name. Take care of yourself, NBachers Sep 2021 #25
Me Too rurallib Sep 2021 #67
I always like your rants FoxNewsSucks Sep 2021 #26
I hear you my friend, and it's good to take a break now and then FakeNoose Sep 2021 #28
I always look to your posts for thoughtful and interesting conversation, Atticus. Grasswire2 Sep 2021 #29
I don't blame you, and definitely understand where you're coming from. I have personnaly found Crunchy Frog Sep 2021 #31
Come back full strength, and soon. (nt) Paladin Sep 2021 #32
"the nasty "edge" that seems to have grown more acceptable" left-of-center2012 Sep 2021 #33
💯 live love laugh Sep 2021 #101
I always think of 'Atticus Finch' when I see your username, DemocraticPatriot Sep 2021 #34
Yeah, yeah, me too. I always read Atticus' posts Cozmo Sep 2021 #38
Me three. The Unmitigated Gall Sep 2021 #64
Take care of you 1st. Snackshack Sep 2021 #35
Are you not alerting on the nasty posts? LudwigPastorius Sep 2021 #37
For the record malaise Sep 2021 #41
Atticus and Malaise two of my favorite posters. Return soon Atticus. Pepsidog Sep 2021 #97
Awwwwwwwwwwwww malaise Sep 2021 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Sep 2021 #112
Be careful you don't take DU and the anonymous thousands of us DUers too seriously ... marble falls Sep 2021 #43
i enjoy your posts AllaN01Bear Sep 2021 #45
I have always enjoyed your posts. CaptainTruth Sep 2021 #46
I like your OPs; don't stay away too long. Your voice is needed here. nt Ilsa Sep 2021 #47
I understand completely and am right there with you. NewHendoLib Sep 2021 #49
Yeah sometimes taking a break is good. captain queeg Sep 2021 #50
I have always read and enjoyed your posts! Never noticed snarky comments... shame on them! One Karadeniz Sep 2021 #51
You are right: there is a nasty "edge," and some downright ugly threads w/ many contributors... Hekate Sep 2021 #52
+1 femmedem Sep 2021 #107
May your sabbatical be rejuvenating... 3catwoman3 Sep 2021 #53
Understand completely. Woodwizard Sep 2021 #57
Totally with ya, love ya, and look forward to your return. Stay well, rested and enjoy your days. ancianita Sep 2021 #55
I always enjoy your posts. Ohiya Sep 2021 #56
I'm sorry you feel the need to step back. cate94 Sep 2021 #58
I read nearly all of your posts mountain grammy Sep 2021 #59
I know the feeling. . . NQAS Sep 2021 #61
Sometimes your posts irritate the hell out of me. hunter Sep 2021 #62
Stepping back is good to do every once and awhile... MiHale Sep 2021 #63
I love your posts and hope you'll come back around. godsentme Sep 2021 #65
Glad you are safe SallyHemmings Sep 2021 #66
Get back on here ya bum! Your posts save me hours of original thought ffr Sep 2021 #68
Packman here - feel the same packman Sep 2021 #69
I'm with you... RainCaster Sep 2021 #70
Will miss your compassion, common sense, and your articulate opinions. NT emmaverybo Sep 2021 #71
Sometimes we all get jumped by groups and say the pwb Sep 2021 #72
I've never posted here that much. Mostly because it feels like you either need to pile on, plimsoll Sep 2021 #73
For a few, DU stands for Damned Unfriendly. Harker Sep 2021 #74
I know what you mean. A lot of yin and yang. DFW Sep 2021 #75
Totally feel the same. hamsterjill Sep 2021 #76
I too have stepped back proud patriot Sep 2021 #77
Ah.. you can't stay away... Piasladic Sep 2021 #78
I love your posts, Atticus Wicked Blue Sep 2021 #79
I am empathetic BigmanPigman Sep 2021 #80
come back soon MissMillie Sep 2021 #81
I think it is less nasty than say during the primary and OMG...2016 was a nightmare. I enjoy Demsrule86 Sep 2021 #82
You've just explained quite well drmeow Sep 2021 #83
I've seen some of what you describe MustLoveBeagles Sep 2021 #84
Hope to see you soon Atticus. We all need some down time. Love your last line. Evolve Dammit Sep 2021 #85
I hear you. Joinfortmill Sep 2021 #86
I would say "get your butt back in here right now", but I understand that somtimes we niyad Sep 2021 #89
Ah, yes! DU burnout is real. intheflow Sep 2021 #91
Oops my earlier post somehow did go through. Atticus, all of us who have been around all this time- hlthe2b Sep 2021 #92
I'm tired too. DownriverDem Sep 2021 #93
Well that's cilla4progress Sep 2021 #94
Well...I don't say 'who cares,' and I don't feel like you should leave. I like your posts, PatrickforB Sep 2021 #98
I had some concerns myself recently. gldstwmn Sep 2021 #99
I understand completely. You are not alone. nt live love laugh Sep 2021 #100
I agree Bluesaph Sep 2021 #102
I've noticed the ugly edge too Raine Sep 2021 #103
Come back when you can. applegrove Sep 2021 #104
Every time I see a post with your moniker, I always take a peek. Thank you for sharing alwaysinasnit Sep 2021 #105
I had some discussions via DU mail with someone doing the same, for the same reason. femmedem Sep 2021 #106
I am currently serving a suspension of my Facebook account. Fortinbras Armstrong Sep 2021 #108
Agreed BornADemocrat Sep 2021 #109
Agreed BornADemocrat Sep 2021 #110
Sorry to hear that. I really appreciate your posts. Roisin Ni Fiachra Sep 2021 #113
I agree, I have been surprised that there seems to be a bubble dominating the site that is ShazamIam Sep 2021 #114
You're definitely more appreciated than not. malthaussen Sep 2021 #115
I will miss your posts. MLAA Sep 2021 #116
Recommended. H2O Man Sep 2021 #117
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