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10. Funeral directors and other employees in the business of dealing with bodies
Sun Sep 19, 2021, 10:33 PM
Sep 2021

are the forgotten frontline workers. We laud the nurses, doctors, and EMTs - rightfully so - but people like the funeral director who posted that comment in r/HermanCainAward deserve just as much acknowledgment, praise, and financial support.

Cries of help from him and people like Caitlin Doughty (an LA funeral home owner with a popular YouTube channel) have been going largely unnoticed because the general public still gets squicked out by the thought of death and dead bodies and consider people who chose career paths that involve close contact with dead bodies to be creepy weirdos to be avoided. Unfortunately, government officials at all levels seem to share in that sentiment.

I wonder if our near-daily exposure to images of people in hospital ICUs and body bags will help to change our attitude towards death for good. I have no doubt children have been asking more questions about death in the past 18+ months than they had been before, which has forced parents and teachers to find ways to answer them. If we as a society stopped treating death and dying as a taboo topic, we might, perhaps, stop being so cavalier about taking unnecessary risks with our safety and health in the name of "freedom".

A Message From a Funeral Director [View all] berni_mccoy Sep 2021 OP
KnR Hekate Sep 2021 #1
this is why I keep badgering my non-Trump humper holdouts Skittles Sep 2021 #2
K&R MustLoveBeagles Sep 2021 #3
Sorry that you, like med staff, have to be part of this slow motion train wreck. I wish someone dutch777 Sep 2021 #4
We all thought Sandy Hook was gonna be what would finally get through to all of America. calimary Sep 2021 #8
So sadly true! dutch777 Sep 2021 #12
I read these stories and sometimes feel so sad halfulglas Sep 2021 #5
I feel the same MustLoveBeagles Sep 2021 #7
Our Local Hospitals have cancelled "elective" outpatient surgeries too leftieNanner Sep 2021 #21
K&R! SheltieLover Sep 2021 #6
What are the odds of getting Covid in the USA in 2021? FakeNoose Sep 2021 #9
Funeral directors and other employees in the business of dealing with bodies Moebym Sep 2021 #10
Here is a great site for more stories like this (it's been posted here a few times)... C Moon Sep 2021 #11
Thank you sharing that link. Nt LittleGirl Sep 2021 #13
KNR niyad Sep 2021 #14
A Rare Sort of Funeral Director, I Think. MineralMan Sep 2021 #15
Maybe your experience is anecdotal berni_mccoy Sep 2021 #16
Yes, it was anecdotal, as was made clear in my post. MineralMan Sep 2021 #17
Unfortunately, Elessar Zappa Sep 2021 #23
It's unfortunate. So many small funeral homes MineralMan Sep 2021 #24
Maybe not as rare as you think zipplewrath Sep 2021 #28
Stand strong and don't blink. Ted Cruz advice on steroids. czarjak Sep 2021 #18
Unless the funeral home company is large enough, Lars39 Sep 2021 #19
For the ones who are dying because they refuse the vaccine. Chainfire Sep 2021 #20
I feel the same as you. Elessar Zappa Sep 2021 #22
Same here Texaswitchy Sep 2021 #27
I have a friend who is a funeral director in Houston kimbutgar Sep 2021 #25
Well, we're all going to die eventually...... Chakaconcarne Sep 2021 #26
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