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. Takket Sep 2021 #1
Feed the poor. 'Til there are no rich no more!🎶 LakeArenal Sep 2021 #2
The two have nothing to do with each other. brooklynite Sep 2021 #6
Seriously, Ten Years After is tongue and cheek. LakeArenal Sep 2021 #19
we are not socialist, just gobsmacked to still see this dross pushed here Celerity Sep 2021 #29
These wealthy taxpayers paid $200,000 per table for this social Hortensis Sep 2021 #63
I have always loved this song. I wish the solo at the end went on for 20 mins, though. SYFROYH Sep 2021 #132
🎶🎶❤️🎶🎶 LakeArenal Sep 2021 #137
We can't do that! Omnipresent Sep 2021 #3
She's at the Met Gala? Well I guess that's where you will Tomconroy Sep 2021 #4
Average cost of gowns there? NT mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2021 #5
Probably $5000-10,000 Marius25 Sep 2021 #102
Do you know that the people attending oppose higher tax rates? brooklynite Sep 2021 #7
Not living in NYC, I have to ask, what's the gala for? mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2021 #8
This is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. brooklynite Sep 2021 #9
I think it's a fundraiser for the Fashion institute of the Tomconroy Sep 2021 #11
She's still Sgent Sep 2021 #58
It's a fundraiser Dorian Gray Sep 2021 #22
The vast majority of wealthy people would prefer Bettie Sep 2021 #30
All the more reason to applaud her gutsy move. She is not a coward! joetheman Sep 2021 #87
Perhaps the Congresswoman should focus her attention on her fellow members of Congress... brooklynite Sep 2021 #10
Had she worn a gown made out of duct tape, she might have made more of an impression. NT mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2021 #12
I'm sure Dorian Gray Sep 2021 #24
neither precludes the other fishwax Sep 2021 #36
It's 30K per ticket. sheshe2 Sep 2021 #13
Yeah - it's the post - but they are bringing the tea JustAnotherGen Sep 2021 #14
Ha! sheshe2 Sep 2021 #15
Oh wow! BlueLucy Sep 2021 #16
Dunno. sheshe2 Sep 2021 #20
The gown was donated by a young black designer. LakeArenal Sep 2021 #138
No, we don't Red Mountain Sep 2021 #139
Who paid for the tickets for herself and her boyfriend? sheshe2 Sep 2021 #143
To hob nob and raise money for her upcoming election Dorian Gray Sep 2021 #25
She was invited (didn't pay) n/t FreeState Sep 2021 #34
According to Newsweek, celebrities attend for free in exchange for promoting a designer's clothes. lapucelle Sep 2021 #60
Quid pro quo? I don't know... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #66
Status quo. betsuni Sep 2021 #69
Same as it ever was. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #79
+1 Nixie Sep 2021 #146
are you also going to accuse Carolyn Maloney of quid pro quo? Celerity Sep 2021 #80
I've made no accusations. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #85
Who designed Maloney's dress? Was she promoting a brand? lapucelle Sep 2021 #89
Whatabout. betsuni Sep 2021 #86
Yes. Apparently... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #91
Bingo. Treefrog Sep 2021 #117
Just random pictures of attendees misses the point, Nixie Sep 2021 #145
Partnered is this case is she was a co-designer of the dress FreeState Sep 2021 #112
The representative herself said that she "was partnered with James". Who did the partnering? lapucelle Sep 2021 #133
Interesting, thank you! betsuni Sep 2021 #142
Hanging out with the rich Raine Sep 2021 #55
I thought hanging out in wine caves and such with elites/establishment/capitalists was bad. betsuni Sep 2021 #61
That's one month's rent for 50 families, or could even get one's grandmother's roof fixed. George II Sep 2021 #17
Yes. sheshe2 Sep 2021 #26
Somehow that argument sounds familiar.. tonedevil Sep 2021 #101
So AOC is Jesus? mcar Sep 2021 #123
New International Version has the quote verbatim, other versions in paraphrase: Emrys Sep 2021 #126
Wasn't in the Catholic Bible mcar Sep 2021 #127
I found it on Wikipedia... tonedevil Sep 2021 #134
The sophomore representative from NY-14 considers that she and designer Aurora James lapucelle Sep 2021 #23
Un fugging believable. sheshe2 Sep 2021 #27
Perhaps the ticket was purchased with campaign funds? tritsofme Sep 2021 #31
Nope. George II Sep 2021 #44
Nope on what? tritsofme Sep 2021 #49
Most of it is charitible Sgent Sep 2021 #59
The "working class" bit sounded strange, for sure. Nixie Sep 2021 #73
+100000000 betsuni Sep 2021 #74
Way to put words in her mouth FreeState Sep 2021 #40
The post to which you responded doesn't mention middle class. George II Sep 2021 #45
They still don't identify as working class FreeState Sep 2021 #46
Politicians who attended the Met Gala JustAnotherGen Sep 2021 #53
I remember the 2001 exhibit and gala. It honored Jackie Kennedy during her White House years. lapucelle Sep 2021 #136
Everyone should watch that before they disparage AOC LakeArenal Sep 2021 #140
I'm with you on the "crap" JustAnotherGen Sep 2021 #144
This message was self-deleted by its author FreepFryer Sep 2021 #70
Tax the rich. Tax the corporations. Tax the churches. sarcasmo Sep 2021 #18
Churches that engage in politics. LakeArenal Sep 2021 #21
Love it. Celebs never pay for their gowns. Designers love having a celebrity wear it Arazi Sep 2021 #28
It had better not be a gift. Elected officials are not permitted to accept gifts. George II Sep 2021 #33
If your invited by a designer you don't pay for a ticket n/t FreeState Sep 2021 #37
If you attend an event that costs $35k (or $50k?) without paying, that's a gift over the limit. George II Sep 2021 #38
She helped design the dress FreeState Sep 2021 #39
I was talking about the price of a ticket to attend. This wasn't a political event. George II Sep 2021 #41
There was no price - designers and designer guests get a free ticket n/t FreeState Sep 2021 #42
A non-political event that has a ticket price of X dollars is not free, guests notwithstanding. George II Sep 2021 #43
Keep trying I'm sure she's done something horrible. /nt tonedevil Sep 2021 #54
well, she does live rent free in some people's heads Celerity Sep 2021 #56
ROTFLMAO/nt tonedevil Sep 2021 #57
Oh, lololol. Yeah, good to know that her criticisms of Nixie Sep 2021 #75
+1 betsuni Sep 2021 #76
you seem very selective in your criticisms Celerity Sep 2021 #78
A little hypocrisy never stood in the way of some old fashioned AOC bashing. PTWB Sep 2021 #83
+1 Celerity Sep 2021 #88
+1 Bettie Sep 2021 #96
Sorry, but no. Not the same thing, and you probably Nixie Sep 2021 #94
Only if the real estate has value Sympthsical Sep 2021 #90
best aoc upset snark ever! Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #92
Exactly! traitorsgalore Sep 2021 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author MrsCoffee Sep 2021 #93
As long as AOC keeps irritating all the right people inside and outside the party SYFROYH Sep 2021 #32
agree blogslug Sep 2021 #35
Right there with you ChubbyStar Sep 2021 #47
Some people in this topic wouldn't be happy unless she showed up... Lancero Sep 2021 #50
Ah fuck that ChubbyStar Sep 2021 #51
I can't even see half the responses. Lol! demmiblue Sep 2021 #64
Of course I logged in as a guest to read because I knew I would only see about 10 replies as Chubby ChubbyStar Sep 2021 #115
+1 Celerity Sep 2021 #52
Lol. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2021 #68
+1 demmiblue Sep 2021 #62
We need to require a lot more of a CONGRESSWOMAN than irritating Hortensis Sep 2021 #65
+100000000000 betsuni Sep 2021 #71
I didn't say that irritating people was the only thing she does. SYFROYH Sep 2021 #82
She made a Statement. Kid Berwyn Sep 2021 #67
✔️ LakeArenal Sep 2021 #141
Brilliant. Makes melania's stunt look even dumber and more impotent than it was. Go AOC! nt FreepFryer Sep 2021 #72
ha ha I love this woman. +1!!!!! BeckyDem Sep 2021 #77
I literally just listened to a rant by Joe Scarborough on MSNBC... bullwinkle428 Sep 2021 #81
Really we need to raise taxes on everyone. fescuerescue Sep 2021 #84
yes, because all those fat cats bringing in $7.25/hr and living the posh life in Celerity Sep 2021 #95
It's not about the wealthy vs the poor fescuerescue Sep 2021 #97
are you a deficit hawk? Celerity Sep 2021 #98
I wouldn't say that fescuerescue Sep 2021 #100
You will never come close to reducing the debt via wage income tax tinkering. Celerity Sep 2021 #108
when exactly is this 'debt catching up'? Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #103
If debts don't matter fescuerescue Sep 2021 #107
they don't matter as long as they are within certain limits. Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #120
It's only a myth as long as we manage it properly fescuerescue Sep 2021 #122
no your point, if you recall, was that you needed to tax the poor Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #124
I get to decide what my point is fescuerescue Sep 2021 #125
sure, but you don't get to redefine your point when it gets uncomfortable. Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #128
Yes I wrote that in #84. But your later paraphrasing in #124 was incorrect. fescuerescue Sep 2021 #129
so 'everyone' doesn't include the poor? Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #130
Just start back at post #84 and work your way down. fescuerescue Sep 2021 #131
gobsmacked (again) that I am seeing RW austerity manoeuvring and 'tax the poor more as they Celerity Sep 2021 #113
Isn't the laffer curve a RW conspiracy itself? fescuerescue Sep 2021 #116
it is poor, over-simplistic economics Celerity Sep 2021 #118
The wealthy derive, by far, the most benefits from an orderly well regulated society... hunter Sep 2021 #110
Le secret des grandes fortunes sans cause apparente est un crime Celerity Sep 2021 #114
Where is her mask? Zeitghost Sep 2021 #99
She did obnoxiousdrunk Sep 2021 #105
I'm so glad you found something to attack her with. Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #106
The posted pictures alone Zeitghost Sep 2021 #111
Oh you find them peculiar? ChubbyStar Sep 2021 #119
for example Voltaire2 Sep 2021 #121
Nice photo. jalan48 Sep 2021 #104
Bravo! WHITT Sep 2021 #109
She's so gorgeous... Phentex Sep 2021 #135
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