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Mon Sep 6, 2021, 09:11 PM Sep 2021

If you're beyond 6 weeks pregnant and want some advice on abortion... [View all]

...back when I was a youngin' and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, female acquaintances of mine would abruptly go to Switzerland "on vacation" *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more* and come back all unpregnant.

Canada's border is open to fully vaccinated people.

I'm Canadian. Somebody sue me. Go for it.

(Note if you rec this you're complicit).

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Color me complicit! Karadeniz Sep 2021 #1
Can't scare me ornotna Sep 2021 #2
I'm complicit too: in the 'olden days,' elleng Sep 2021 #3
A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh Squire? (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Sep 2021 #4
A solution for rich people is no solution at all. Touting legality is garbage when access is such a WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #5
How many girls can afford a trip from Texas to Canada? 3Hotdogs Sep 2021 #35
When I was younger and growing up in rural SW Missouri in the Arkansas Granny Sep 2021 #6
Complicit here. momta Sep 2021 #7
Need to have money. Or an Underground Railroad. JenniferJuniper Sep 2021 #8
No need to gofund. Just donate to abortion funds in your area. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #13
This is a good resource if you want to donate. ShazzieB Sep 2021 #32
I see what you mean. Airfare is $464 one way TrogL Sep 2021 #18
there are nice cheap getaways to Costa Rica too. Captain Zero Sep 2021 #23
Women in most states just can't do that .... SarcasticSatyr Sep 2021 #9
Same in Canada, for that matter. The OP makes it sound so simple, when it really isn't, for WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #11
What about the "morning after" pill? albacore Sep 2021 #10
What about it? It's good to have on hand, but it doesn't take away the need for abortion. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #12
Wouldn't it at least cut down on abortions? albacore Sep 2021 #31
Or solve the ultimate problem of bodily autonomy. littlemissmartypants Sep 2021 #36
Thank you BlueSky3 Sep 2021 #60
Welcome to DU, BlueSky3! calimary Sep 2021 #62
Thanks, calimary BlueSky3 Sep 2021 #68
You solve it by . . . HuskyOffset Sep 2021 #64
Plan B (morning after pill) works by preventing ovulation Mariana Sep 2021 #16
wealthy women have never had an issue Skittles Sep 2021 #14
👍 Joinfortmill Sep 2021 #15
Why are people reccing this? I'm curious. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #17
The Texas's law rewards snitches. alfredo Sep 2021 #25
I realize that, but "go to Canada" is utterly unworkable. Many people have trouble accessing WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #42
It doesn't matter if it works, the show of defiance is what is important. alfredo Sep 2021 #46
It does matter if it works, because otherwise all it is is a show. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #47
It's important to keep the issue alive. alfredo Sep 2021 #73
It's important to note that, while Canadians have more or less "free" health care, BobTheSubgenius Sep 2021 #19
Happy to be complicit 😁 n/t iluvtennis Sep 2021 #20
Proudly complicit alfredo Sep 2021 #21
I applaud the workaround. Gore1FL Sep 2021 #22
In the pre Roe days a friend of ours had to go to NY. alfredo Sep 2021 #26
You are a true friend. Gore1FL Sep 2021 #27
Thanks. I know my city will accept Texas refugees. We are a red state with alfredo Sep 2021 #28
in illinois, it was wisconsin. mopinko Sep 2021 #50
there is the RU-486 orleans Sep 2021 #24
And what would women do in Texas if something went wrong? LeftInTX Sep 2021 #63
exactly. orleans Sep 2021 #69
Nice, if you can afford it. BlueKentuckyGirl Sep 2021 #29
Nice, if you can afford it. BlueKentuckyGirl Sep 2021 #30
Mandatory pg tests for travel agency female customers of child bearing age. keithbvadu2 Sep 2021 #33
I thought we were trying to come Karma13612 Sep 2021 #34
Sarcasm, irony, ridicule, travesty, satire keithbvadu2 Sep 2021 #39
Gotcha, thanks! Eom Karma13612 Sep 2021 #41
Complicit, checking in Hekate Sep 2021 #37
Unfortunately, out of reach for the population of women who most likely need the procedure. nt littlemissmartypants Sep 2021 #38
Good luck figuring out how to pry $10000 out of me KentuckyWoman Sep 2021 #40
Sweden wouldn't take my sister, nor would England (1969). Greybnk48 Sep 2021 #43
For a lot folks in the south and desert southwest, Mexico is closer. Texin Sep 2021 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author roamer65 Sep 2021 #45
Don't you need a passport now for Canada or Mexico? Most teens/young people won't have those. Liberty Belle Sep 2021 #48
My hunch is that doctors won't perform an abortion on anyone under 18 if they are from Texas LeftInTX Sep 2021 #70
So I'm wondering how the jurisprudence works TrogL Sep 2021 #49
I found the law TrogL Sep 2021 #59
This thread is an example of what annoys me. CrackityJones75 Sep 2021 #51
K & R billh58 Sep 2021 #52
You missed the point of the thread TrogL Sep 2021 #57
Thank you. dixiechiken1 Sep 2021 #67
I live in Switzerland. Come on over! nt LittleGirl Sep 2021 #53
Their will definitely be travel involved... lame54 Sep 2021 #54
I read a long time ago that Queen Anne's Lace Marthe48 Sep 2021 #55
My grandmother almost died from an herbal induced abortion...No!!! LeftInTX Sep 2021 #72
Exactly! Marthe48 Sep 2021 #75
I'm Now Your Aunt In Maryland Deep State Witch Sep 2021 #56
How incredibly kind TrogL Sep 2021 #58
Just had a frient try to get into Canada Racygrandma Sep 2021 #61
why there H2Oart Sep 2021 #65
Of course not every woman can just drop everything and fly off to Switzerland. totodeinhere Sep 2021 #66
im in texas and will help any woman who needs an abortion rdking647 Sep 2021 #71
The best way you can help right now is to donate to abortion funds in Texas or surrounding states. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2021 #74
already done rdking647 Sep 2021 #76
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