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32. I believe gunsights when matched with a prior record of those inciting deadly violence
Fri Oct 19, 2012, 12:02 PM
Oct 2012

are quite different from mere rhetoric expressed to a side that has simply not shown the same violent tendencies.

I understand that some of you don't like the expression, but it's what I came up with after a long, sleepless night, and I find it very different when expressed to a left-leaning audience that does not have the same record of violence.

I respect the viewpoint you are espousing, and am glad you have all shared your opinions, but, at least at this moment, I do not feel inclined to change it.

I, personally do not feel hypocritical in using that common expression. I find it rather close to "a look that killed" and all similar expression. I'm sorry if you find it to be different.

I'm expecting that's already the plan. Whovian Oct 2012 #1
Not true - this is the truth JustAnotherGen Oct 2012 #2
I like the cut of your jib jsmirman Oct 2012 #3
I agree JustAnotherGen Oct 2012 #4
And then I agree jsmirman Oct 2012 #7
AND on that note, I went ahead an wrote The President's opening statement for you... Volaris Oct 2012 #19
I like the proverb 'cause it hits him on he fake religion too tk2kewl Oct 2012 #29
If Romney claims fires all over the Middle East is the failure of the Obama foreign policy Turborama Oct 2012 #35
He rattled Romney and has him on the ropes. B Calm Oct 2012 #5
Beware of the guy on the ropes - I'm a big boxing guy jsmirman Oct 2012 #8
Joe Scarborough John2 Oct 2012 #6
Oh, they will (on Libya) - I think your suggestion about the Colin Powell comments is an excellent jsmirman Oct 2012 #9
This Richard Clarke statement is some very nice ammo on Libya. Waiting For Everyman Oct 2012 #40
That's a pretty good one - I assume you mean this: jsmirman Oct 2012 #41
I want him Cha Oct 2012 #10
Really not a good metaphor in national politics. Remembr Palin gunsights metaphor & Gabby Giffords Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #11
America is sick of WAR! Just. Show that if Rmoney is elected, he will have the whole WORLD fighting Dustlawyer Oct 2012 #12
I'm with BdeLaP, bad metaphor. Agree with your OP, but we want a Knock Out is better. Would I like txwhitedove Oct 2012 #13
Please reconsider this type of rhetoric jberryhill Oct 2012 #14
+1 nt Bonobo Oct 2012 #15
Totally agree Bragi Oct 2012 #17
Yeah, we got after Psycho Sarah for that shit. Odin2005 Oct 2012 #23
I believe gunsights when matched with a prior record of those inciting deadly violence jsmirman Oct 2012 #32
+1 Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #24
+100 FSogol Oct 2012 #25
+1000 n/t Horse with no Name Oct 2012 #31
If Rmoney starts in on how he "saved the Olympics" Bozvotros Oct 2012 #16
re: Bob Schieffer bucolic_frolic Oct 2012 #18
He'll be like the kindly grandfather TheCowsCameHome Oct 2012 #21
I'm a little concerned about Bob Schieffer or.... 12AngryBorneoWildmen Oct 2012 #20
They need to fine tune/recalibrate Benghazi Cosmocat Oct 2012 #22
Romney is ruthless. You saw that plain as day in... kerouac2 Oct 2012 #26
Time for the Five Finger Death Punch riverwalker Oct 2012 #27
Curb stomp the slimy SOB, Mr President. hifiguy Oct 2012 #28
Amen jsmirman Oct 2012 #30
Just like debate #2 would be great gollygee Oct 2012 #33
Great idea, shitty metaphor. Brickbat Oct 2012 #34
+1 onenote Oct 2012 #36
Are the polls showing any bounce from debate 2? treestar Oct 2012 #37
He'll clearly claim the middle east is exploding into chaos because the Obama policies have failed jsmirman Oct 2012 #39
Edited to hopefully satisfy jsmirman Oct 2012 #38
Too late: Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #42
Too late for what? jsmirman Oct 2012 #43
Uh oh. You are doomed! Freepers are singling you out now! Jennicut Oct 2012 #44
First time I went over there in probably eight years or so jsmirman Oct 2012 #45
True. It's so hideously extreme it's entertaining (in small doses). nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #46
Geez...want him to try and tie foreign policy to abortion somehow - want someone to ask about Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2012 #47
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