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Damn right, AND thank you for posting this.....LEAST WE FORGET. a kennedy Sep 2021 #1
Most of the U.S. media only reports what Murdoch and sPUTIN tell them too. abqtommy Sep 2021 #2
It's why I'm mostly boycotting MSNBC & CNN OhNo-Really Sep 2021 #16
Could not agree more. OAITW r.2.0 Sep 2021 #3
I saw that guy on TRMS last night... 2naSalit Sep 2021 #4
Yes, thank you! markpkessinger Sep 2021 #12
The media doesn't like competence because they can't turn it into clickbait headlines. Lonestarblue Sep 2021 #5
If it bleeds, it leads. Srkdqltr Sep 2021 #6
murder , sex, corruption and war is what sells , and traffic accidents . AllaN01Bear Sep 2021 #17
+1 uponit7771 Sep 2021 #8
Sad but true. mountain grammy Sep 2021 #9
Haiti earthquake, COVID-19, Moebym Sep 2021 #11
That's nice but Biden killed all those jobs and destroyed the economy with socialism IronLionZion Sep 2021 #7
ZERO photo ops of Joe flying over..... lastlib Sep 2021 #10
Biden inspired my signature. n/t Moebym Sep 2021 #13
A signature appropriate to the current time. I like it very much. n/t. NNadir Sep 2021 #34
Hear, hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! secondwind Sep 2021 #20
And the West Coast Fires. nt chowder66 Sep 2021 #14
But, But Dreampuff Sep 2021 #15
Which will bring Andrea Mitchell's Brawny stock down lame54 Sep 2021 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Sep 2021 #32
Surprised that more National Guard haven't been called to PufPuf23 Sep 2021 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Sep 2021 #33
THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! secondwind Sep 2021 #19
K&R MustLoveBeagles Sep 2021 #21
Bodacious Biden! Bluethroughu Sep 2021 #22
Thank you Delphinus Sep 2021 #23
Damn straight Alice Kramden Sep 2021 #24
And don't forget that grown ups got a deal done by .. Botany Sep 2021 #26
If the media doesn't report it, not too many people will notice BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2021 #27
And a mark of good leadership is staying under the radar, in a sense, of accomplishments, Rabrrrrrr Sep 2021 #28
When it comes time to vote Americans have a very short memory. BigmanPigman Sep 2021 #29
If Trump had cooperated in the transition instead of trying to stay in office lees1975 Sep 2021 #30
Compassionate, competent governance and right on time. ❤ littlemissmartypants Sep 2021 #31
K&R Blue Owl Sep 2021 #35
Great post malaise Sep 2021 #36
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