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12. Sure.
Thu Aug 19, 2021, 02:06 PM
Aug 2021
Aside from that, how is it possible that anyone could have a college degree and student debt going back to the 90s, especially since tuition was a lot lower back then?
Part of the reason is they graduated in a recession and have gone through several major industry crashes (tech, construction, automotive/manufacturing) as well as another recession and real estate crash since then.

When we bought our house and took out a $200K 30-year mortgage. We worked our butts off and paid it off in less than 11 years.
This has a lot to do with hard work, and a lot to do with luck, as well. Some people have it, and some don't. Sometimes you make your own luck. Sometimes no matter what you do, it's the wrong thing.
It's a start. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #1
It's a continuation - he's already forgiven over $3B before this. But we never see..... George II Aug 2021 #3
My comment was dry, because $5 billion is hardly a drop in the bucket. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #4
He probably won't forgive it all, nor should he. George II Aug 2021 #6
He should, but you're right. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #7
There is a member of Congress with net worth of close to $30M, should his student debt be forgiven? George II Aug 2021 #10
Sure. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #12
Lol! Nt USALiberal Aug 2021 #15
More of your decisive insight! LanternWaste Aug 2021 #16
Fix your quote! USALiberal Aug 2021 #17
Ain't gonna fix what ain't broken, pal. LanternWaste Aug 2021 #19
So basically I need to explain what is wrong with a quote you decided to use?? LOL...... USALiberal Aug 2021 #20
I have no idea what you need to do. I simply want to see assertions supported with evidence. LanternWaste Aug 2021 #21
Fix your quote! USALiberal Aug 2021 #22
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, eh? LanternWaste Aug 2021 #23
The recession of the '90s was over by March 1991, it lasted only 8 months. It was followed by.... George II Aug 2021 #18
The recession was certainly over on paper. But the jobs came back more slowly, which is why WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #24
I'll give you until 1994, by then Clinton's policies had fully kicked in. So that leaves us.... George II Aug 2021 #25
I'm not quite sure what you're asking me to answer -- any individual person can have any WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #26
There's no need to decide, President Biden has already done so. George II Aug 2021 #27
Excellent! Thank you, President Biden! Aristus Aug 2021 #2
Canceling it all ain't happening, but if it did, whoa. Johnny2X2X Aug 2021 #5
That's what they should do instead of blindly forgiving all debt. George II Aug 2021 #8
They already have the 10% PAYE option Johnny2X2X Aug 2021 #9
They need to fix the root cause of student loan problem. College doesn't have to be free but JoanofArgh Aug 2021 #11
No one wants to talk about that MichMan Aug 2021 #13
I hope there are refunds for students who busted there ass paying off their loan! Nt USALiberal Aug 2021 #14
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