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Wed Aug 18, 2021, 12:47 AM
Aug 2021

We keep hearing we're at the "worst case scenario 20/30/50 years ago" where it was an "Okay, what's the absolute WORST thing thing that could happen if humans were actively trying to destroy the planet?" Except for the times where we've exceeded those expectations. What's the estimate? The world will have to displace 1 in 6 people by 2030? 2035? due to rising water levels? Food and water shortage wars by 2050? I'm glad I'm going to be dead and gone before we get there.

Covid Pas-de-Calais Aug 2021 #1
I chose Climate Change because I think it is going to overrun everything else on the list NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #2
+1 n/t Lulu KC Aug 2021 #3
+1 TXPaganBanker Aug 2021 #10
+1 Kaleva Aug 2021 #15
Voted "all of above," but most concerned about situations that help GOPers in 2022/2024 Hoyt Aug 2021 #4
yup. can't argue with that. NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #5
Glacial pace of justice system in response to imminent threats to democracy. meadowlander Aug 2021 #6
Being disenfranchised by domestic terrorists? ecstatic Aug 2021 #7
While on a daily basis I think more of COVID iemanja Aug 2021 #8
I've considered that too NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #9
Fear that we are losing our democracy. Nt spooky3 Aug 2021 #11
Staying sane & sober for another 24 hours RainCaster Aug 2021 #12
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2021 #13
Nothing matters except our right to vote questionseverything Aug 2021 #14
1000% right, but note it doesn't even merit a place in this list. OnDoutside Aug 2021 #22
Covid n/t OhioChick Aug 2021 #16
I 'PASSED'..here's why: 634-5789 Aug 2021 #17
I have a top 3 mnhtnbb Aug 2021 #18
Only 64% of democrats believe Voter Suppression is a problem uponit7771 Aug 2021 #19
Climate change and fascism (n/t) Spider Jerusalem Aug 2021 #20
Afghanistan, it's painful and the withdrawal problems we are seeing were preventable Amishman Aug 2021 #21
Voting rights [nt] Nexus2 Aug 2021 #23
Choosing the Big Lie because it makes dealing with the other issues that much harder Maeve Aug 2021 #24
"If there wasn't any planet..." jcgoldie Aug 2021 #25
Diseases come and go. Politics swing left and right. marie999 Aug 2021 #26
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