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Mon Aug 9, 2021, 10:37 AM Aug 2021

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States . . ." [View all]

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

Isaac Asimov

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Now they believe their ignorance is actually better than our knowledge. And they hate democracy Walleye Aug 2021 #1
A conservative told me, in as many words, Fortinbras Armstrong Aug 2021 #62
Just wow Walleye Aug 2021 #63
The virus will be a "come to Jesus" moment for many. roamer65 Aug 2021 #2
It might be more a matter of Jesus coming to them before they've figured it out. Ocelot II Aug 2021 #3
There Is A Bertrand Russell Line I Like, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2021 #4
TY empedocles Aug 2021 #47
Bertrand Russell is burrowowl Aug 2021 #60
+1000000000000000000 roamer65 Aug 2021 #5
Indeed! Roc2020 Aug 2021 #26
Bwah! Good one. Lord Ludd Aug 2021 #59
Well, 'Jesus' has already given us a highly effective and safe vaccine Strelnikov_ Aug 2021 #9
Quote published from an interview with Asimov in the January 21, 1980 issue of Newsweek. patphil Aug 2021 #6
At the beginning of the Reagan administration Strelnikov_ Aug 2021 #8
Asimov was always a forward thinker; a visionary. He had "eyes that see and ears the hear". patphil Aug 2021 #10
Yup. And why am I not surprised? calimary Aug 2021 #20
which really got going in 1987 when he killled the fairness doctrine, which birthed Rw radio and certainot Aug 2021 #28
long before that . AllaN01Bear Aug 2021 #29
No, Reagan was elected in November 1980 and began his term on Jaunary 20, 1981 Red Pest Aug 2021 #34
their ignorance is intimidated and shamed by knowledge, so they double down on it. NewHendoLib Aug 2021 #7
Asimov wrote an essay during the 1950's on this... Archae Aug 2021 #11
It is incredible. Tens of millions knuckle draggers keeping us down. They are not going to change. Evolve Dammit Aug 2021 #12
Carl Sagan said something similar in a book many years ago. Pepsidog Aug 2021 #13
Carl Sagan also called it just before he died in 1996 hot2na Aug 2021 #14
If it doesn't fit on a bumper sticker, it's not good policy. BobTheSubgenius Aug 2021 #25
Yeah, because stupid people are soon parted from their money and labor. Farmer-Rick Aug 2021 #15
+1000000 CloudWatcher Aug 2021 #33
"The false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." Botany Aug 2021 #16
And my opinion is equal, if not better than, your facts. lunatica Aug 2021 #43
And I know more about viruses than Dr. Fauci. Botany Aug 2021 #45
Yeah lunatica Aug 2021 #48
I literally read from a Ms. Davis of S.W. Missouri that she didn't like the way Fauci was doing .... Botany Aug 2021 #49
Overpopulated? Traildogbob Aug 2021 #17
Oh DAYUM!!! That's the quote of the year! calimary Aug 2021 #18
I dunno, I think Bill Hicks has a good one: Initech Aug 2021 #21
That's a good one, too! calimary Aug 2021 #30
yeah but... druidity33 Aug 2021 #41
Ain't that the truth! MustLoveBeagles Aug 2021 #50
And the media contributes by "balancing" the ignorance of one side as mere opinion as equal to Lonestarblue Aug 2021 #19
Yes, and sometimes it's deliberate ignorance. Joinfortmill Aug 2021 #22
Yup! And it's being led by Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, and Alex Jones. Initech Aug 2021 #23
THose who crave power have always gone after the intellectuals first. Jon King Aug 2021 #24
What's ironic is the internet Roc2020 Aug 2021 #27
Excellent point. Blue_true Aug 2021 #57
As there are in other countries. The rise of fascism/whiye nationalism has just been allowed to onetexan Aug 2021 #31
wow larwdem Aug 2021 #32
"Our individual ignorance defends our group ignorance." Auggie Aug 2021 #35
Richard Hofstadter had these people pegged back in the 1950s. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2021 #36
Hofstadter also wrote a classic book on the topic-- "Anti-Intellectualism in American Life" Poiuyt Aug 2021 #61
I'd like to say I'm surprised more people haven't read him... Act_of_Reparation Aug 2021 #64
Like in any country, really peppertree Aug 2021 #37
I wonder if he ever dreamed that the cult would get as big as it has. GoCubsGo Aug 2021 #38
Yes, there is. I call it the Republicult. Brother Mythos Aug 2021 #39
It's more accurate (and better) if you include the inter-quote single quotation marks . . . Journeyman Aug 2021 #40
Republicans have been fomenting ignorance because it is easier to manipulate the ignorant Escurumbele Aug 2021 #42
indeed I would add - climate change to covid 19: hold my beer - n/t Locrian Aug 2021 #44
Or as my late father used to say: "The world is full of idiots" Hekate Aug 2021 #46
Your dad was was right MustLoveBeagles Aug 2021 #51
I can not make this up.... bem6207 Aug 2021 #52
Um, yeah..and I'm sure none exists elsewhere.. whathehell Aug 2021 #53
We're the best at it, by far. BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #54
Meh..We get more scrutiny and pushback on it whathehell Aug 2021 #56
civic ignorance Ialwaysvote Aug 2021 #55
Well said. Beacool Aug 2021 #58
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