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Everyone Thinks Manchin & Sinema Are The Only Ones SoCalDavidS Jul 2021 #1
It's quite possible he knows what he's doing. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt Walleye Jul 2021 #2
I think it is quite possible that he wants an exception, without breaking the filibuster. Bev54 Jul 2021 #3
Sometimes Biden comes across in a bad way to me. triron Jul 2021 #4
yup Skittles Jul 2021 #5
I doubt he supports another exception. Hell, Sinema wants to reverse the 2 now and go to 60 votes Celerity Jul 2021 #7
It is scary to hear Dems still promoting fantasy "bipartisan" ideas. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #35
hardly surprising, he has said this for ages Celerity Jul 2021 #6
Folks are not listening between the lines. He doesn't want to blow up the big infrastructure stuff. joetheman Jul 2021 #8
The bi-partisan smaller one that the Rethugs are now playing 'pull the football' games with? Or the Celerity Jul 2021 #11
If Biden is talking about going back to a talking filibuster, Manchin opposes that (and Sinema, and Celerity Jul 2021 #9
That's from April....this is from June 16 OnDoutside Jul 2021 #18
That has nothing to do with the talking filibuster nor Sinema or Feinstein Celerity Jul 2021 #19
Not specifically, no, however you quoted a piece headlined OnDoutside Jul 2021 #23
Manchin is not the only one opposed. Sinema is even more hardcore. Celerity Jul 2021 #24
I honestly believe that Sinema will fall in line once Manchin agrees (iirc she signed up to OnDoutside Jul 2021 #25
Did you miss the thread you're posting on? FBaggins Jul 2021 #29
No I didn't miss anything. I'd have no doubt he was channelling Manchin. OnDoutside Jul 2021 #39
No... Manchin favors it. FBaggins Jul 2021 #21
Unacceptable. Mike Niendorff Jul 2021 #10
Dems have been asleep at the wheel on this issue radius777 Jul 2021 #12
+1, ... because too many don't believe it'll affect elections but we see the effects in polling !!! uponit7771 Jul 2021 #14
and Biden says people will vote anyway, radius777 Jul 2021 #15
+1, I they have it objectively wrong; making it harder to vote them peephole won't vote !!! uponit7771 Jul 2021 #20
Bottom line, should voting rights pass he isn't NOT going to sign it. Plus it's probably politically PortTack Jul 2021 #13
He didn't say that. OnDoutside Jul 2021 #17
Wow, that's leadership. "Isn't going to not sign it..." lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #36
I do understand. He's not speaking in isolation, and I bet if he had OnDoutside Jul 2021 #16
Happened to catch this question and answer on the fillibuster Deminpenn Jul 2021 #22
Oh, for Pete's sake. Stop it NurseJackie Jul 2021 #26
+1 betsuni Jul 2021 #27
Maybe he's hoping for a better playing field after the mid-terms Mysterian Jul 2021 #28
It'll be too late after the mid-terms. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #37
Democrats have the ball, second down and 3 at the Republican 20 yardline. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 #30
+1, problem is Manchin isn't the ONLY person wanting to keep the filibuster he's just the face of it uponit7771 Jul 2021 #32
Gee, when it was just Manchin and Sinema to vilify, we were being told to "get tough with them"... brooklynite Jul 2021 #31
I.....I........I don't understand. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2021 #33
Republicans are suppressing voting rights aocommunalpunch Jul 2021 #34
He also said that he thinks the Senate should go back to an actual filibuster mcar Jul 2021 #38
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