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Tree Lady

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11. The thing that always got me was it was all invented
Fri Jul 16, 2021, 04:43 PM
Jul 2021

by the commanders wife. The whole idea of hers was to live in a society like the old days where she could stay home and have babies. She talked her husband into the idea and they created the party that took over the government and enacted the new laws.

Many years later when she couldn't have kids and had to be one of the ladies watching her husband rape a women to try and give her a kid then blamed it on the women when they didn't, finally finding out it was him he couldn't have kids so they used an employee and forced their handmaid to be with him.

But my point is it was all HER idea in the beginning, a woman's idea!

When she finally gets out to Canada you can tell she wants her independence back and she was thinking what the fu*k did I start?

Makes me think of republican women that go along with so many of the ideas that keep women down.

Soon we'll be seeing newborns in dumpsters. nt Dream Girl Jul 2021 #1
That's certainly a worry pandr32 Jul 2021 #5
Women should have the complete right to abortion at ANY time during the pregnancy. roamer65 Jul 2021 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author Under The Radar Jul 2021 #3
K&R Solly Mack Jul 2021 #4
Gee you took a reckless but feel-good route to reduce abortions gratuitous Jul 2021 #6
Every birth above stasis adds $350K in local, county & state tax burdens over 18 year period. TheBlackAdder Jul 2021 #7
I wonder how many people in eastern Iowa come to Illinois for abortions. ShazzieB Jul 2021 #8
I'm watching The Handmaid's Tale and show about a totalitarian in what used to be the USA but now Pepsidog Jul 2021 #9
The thing that always got me was it was all invented Tree Lady Jul 2021 #11
In the Hulu series I thought it was clear musette_sf Jul 2021 #13
The ceremony part wasn't her idea Tree Lady Jul 2021 #19
Margaret Atwood is well ahead of her time. Pepsidog Jul 2021 #22
Ironic indeed. Pepsidog Jul 2021 #16
In Season 3 Commander Lawrence musette_sf Jul 2021 #12
Yes a much better description than what I wrote. On episode 13 of season 3 now. Pepsidog Jul 2021 #17
You can bet your ass if the Reich Wing takes over completely.... AZ8theist Jul 2021 #21
reQublicans are currently yelling "My body my choice" KS Toronado Jul 2021 #10
Yes. I noted that irony, too. calimary Jul 2021 #14
To a republican, Mr. Evil Jul 2021 #18
K&R BootinUp Jul 2021 #15
Who the hell do they they're kidding? Marthe48 Jul 2021 #20
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