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12. WHAT?. LOL...oh, okay...I liken crazy to aggressively defensive...my office was 50 miles
Sun Jul 11, 2021, 01:38 PM
Jul 2021

From home,always..whether it was Brockton, Cambridge, Hyannis (90 miles), or Prov. RI...120,000 miles in 6 months one year...two foot driver, oh, the horror,..made 1 run to RI in 35minutes....all those years 78 to 94...for me, kinda hard to NOT be a good drver..no accidents, jjust 1 ticket coming off the cape..

Funny story..the trap cop had so many pulled over by the time he waved me over, he then waved me on...I thought it was my car and good looks...nope, Saturday morning, knock knock, local cop..hands me a ticket for Over speeding..I asked local (small town) cop..what is over speeding?...don't remember how fast clocked...I knew local cop, he was great keeping teens out of trouble...

Cut chops on 495, 95, Mass Pike....must have been training for driving in AZ....bad bad bad...I still love driving, still two footed, only difference now..I wear a seat belt....

There was a lot of good roadwork here. ananda Jul 2021 #1
no one told the lady on my GPS stillcool Jul 2021 #2
Turn around at the next possible exit. Turn around at the next possible exit. sarcasmo Jul 2021 #5
recalculating...she tells me stillcool Jul 2021 #6
I don't trust her in downtown areas with many one way streets. sarcasmo Jul 2021 #21
More logical keithbvadu2 Jul 2021 #3
Oh good fun! mahina Jul 2021 #4
We don't drive like crazy, we just know where we're going Blue_Adept Jul 2021 #8
True titletownie, no patience for gawkers... asiliveandbreathe Jul 2021 #13
You know what? I feel you because we almost got killed once mahina Jul 2021 #22
WHAT?. LOL...oh, okay...I liken crazy to aggressively defensive...my office was 50 miles asiliveandbreathe Jul 2021 #12
Two footed? Meaning your brake lights are on all the time? A HERETIC I AM Jul 2021 #25
Nope!...very conscious of where my left foot is..simply ready...been doing it asiliveandbreathe Jul 2021 #31
Massachusetts is among the safest states in which to drive. Mariana Jul 2021 #15
That's astonishing. mahina Jul 2021 #23
Pedestrian fatality rates in Massachusetts are below the US average. Mariana Jul 2021 #29
Thank you for that. mahina Jul 2021 #33
Long commutes in heavy traffic at relatively low speed in the Northeast Klaralven Jul 2021 #28
Those center dividers greatly improve the flow of traffic, too. Mariana Jul 2021 #30
Yeah, it wrapped up a few months ago overall. Blue_Adept Jul 2021 #7
I didn't realize there were any states left with the old format. I thought everyone had changed madinmaryland Jul 2021 #9
I'm at Old Exit 45 right now. Croney Jul 2021 #10
Noticed this last week when we went to Lenox Raftergirl Jul 2021 #11
I need to make a trip back to the homeland. Your mention of Lenox brings back some fond memories of CentralMass Jul 2021 #16
Going to see JT with Raftergirl Jul 2021 #18
Wow I bet that is going to be awesome concert CentralMass Jul 2021 #20
I think I am confused sanatanadharma Jul 2021 #14
Holy crap! Treefrog Jul 2021 #17
Here are the new I90 exit numbers. Raftergirl Jul 2021 #19
It's the system that the majority of states use Blue_Adept Jul 2021 #24
Still not a fan. Raftergirl Jul 2021 #32
That's good to know. I haven't been down that way since Covid started, but Vinca Jul 2021 #26
We noticed this when we drove from Boston to the tip of Cape Cod DFW Jul 2021 #27
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