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Elessar Zappa

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8. There was a so called Satanic cult
Sun Jul 11, 2021, 08:53 AM
Jul 2021

in our area too. They would hang out in caves near town and do some rituals. I’m not sure if they abused animals or anything like that but they did exist, I knew one of the dudes involved. I chalk most of it up to teen rebellion.

Yes the Mcmartin case was a travesty jimfields33 Jul 2021 #1
Many Americans have been gullible idiots... Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2021 #2
Wow. There is a lot to unpack in that. The article is unique and correct in that it posits that Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #3
Where do you suppose they got the German Shepherds? Effete Snob Jul 2021 #5
Gosh. That proves it! You have totally debunked everything! Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #12
It's just a question Effete Snob Jul 2021 #17
There was a so called Satanic cult Elessar Zappa Jul 2021 #8
Yeah, I'm not going to give you any heat slightlv Jul 2021 #9
I never said pentagrams equal satanism. I'm just telling you they were there. Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #11
And that was probably LeVey's group slightlv Jul 2021 #18
There's no reason to assume it was part of a larger group. Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #24
I wish this were its own OP, so that I could kick and rec. Would you niyad Jul 2021 #13
Hi, niyad slightlv Jul 2021 #19
No need to worry. Apart from the usual DU rules, the primary rule is that it has to be niyad Jul 2021 #22
"Written by Smith and her psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder, whom she later married" Bucky Jul 2021 #4
Yeah it is a MESS. I've read the book and it's something else. WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2021 #10
Yes, that caught my attention as well. Merlot Jul 2021 #15
Let's burn the witch. multigraincracker Jul 2021 #6
There is a recent re-hash of this phenomenon Effete Snob Jul 2021 #7
None of this is new to many of us. I pointed out in an OP quite some time ago that there niyad Jul 2021 #14
i was raising kids in those years. mopinko Jul 2021 #16
And Fundies talk about "Cancel Culture" Deep State Witch Jul 2021 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Deep State Witch Jul 2021 #21
The damage is long lasting and real ... KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 #23
I looked up Mike Warnke on Wikipedia, A.M. Kittenplan Jul 2021 #25
During satanic panic I_UndergroundPanther Jul 2021 #26
Never understood this thing. If you don't believe in a overseeing god of the Bible GulfCoast66 Jul 2021 #27
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