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11. Completely illegal here. No one cares.
Mon Jul 5, 2021, 03:28 AM
Jul 2021

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The city sounds like a warzone every year, and seems to get worse every year. After last year's embarrassment (where we even had enforcement blow it off with "They need to blow off steam after being inside the last few months&quot , the city and the county vowed to "crack down" on it. But tonight was worse than a year ago.

I'm in Southern California, so, it's hot and drier than hell, and even that hasn't deterred it. As you (and Rorey downthread) both said, it's selfishness. That's totally what it is. No consideration for the sound, the smell, the smoke, the fire hazard, or what it does for nerves - of animals or people. They get off on blowing shit up, and we have to sit and hear and smell it, all night.

Worse, they don't get it. They just don't get it. The local PD put up on their Facebook page that "fireworks are illegal". Not only does that get blown off, but we had people who had the nerve to reply "How can they be illegal in a free country?" That's exactly how these Maurice Rons think. "It's a free country! I can do whatever I want! Freedumbs!"

Not to mention that we know many of the more obnoxious people "celebrating" the 4th hate this country, as we can see by how they view women, POC's, LGBTQ's, liberals, etc. They don't love this country. They just love themselves.

Not helping my mood is that usually my roommate and I try to get the hell out of here and find a quiet place to eat, taking advantage of double-pane glass and all that. No such luck. Six miles of walking (round-trip) to find absolutely nothing open. Not even the damned Denny's, which now closes at 9 pm here.

Honestly, I am just so tired of the selfishness and lack of consideration so many have on this day. The same selfishness and stupidity that got us That Fucking Guy for 4 years.

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