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Mon Jun 28, 2021, 07:27 PM Jun 2021

Masks (POLL): when will you forego masks? [View all]

Each person has to weigh their level of risk tolerance.

Maybe you have a high level of risk tolerance.

Or maybe you have zero risk tolerance.

We have many threads of posters proclaiming they still wear masks. Is that permanent? Temporary?

Is there a theshold at which you will feel safe to stop wearing masks in most situations ie Dining, Shopping, and Social gatherings with friends and family?

I haven’t seen a discussion of when those who still wear masks will feel comfortable stopping wearing them.

Please complete this sentence.

I intend to stop wearing masks in public settings and return to life as it was in 2019 …

59 votes, 9 passes | Time left: Unlimited
12 (20%)
When covid no longer exists
4 (7%)
When 70% are vaccinated world wide
6 (10%)
When 70% are vaccinated in the U.S.
0 (0%)
When 70% are vaccinated in my state/local area
11 (19%)
I stopped masking already because I am vaccinated and no longer feel like I am at risk.
26 (44%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I mask indoors when the venue requests it. maxsolomon Jun 2021 #1
Indoors only until when though? SoonerPride Jun 2021 #4
I said "when the venue requests it" maxsolomon Jun 2021 #19
Thank you. SoonerPride Jun 2021 #20
Seattle has tons. maxsolomon Jun 2021 #29
Lol, you are cracking me up! Nt USALiberal Jun 2021 #63
Can't pick one to sum it up. happybird Jun 2021 #2
I mask everywhere it is required or requested. Maru Kitteh Jun 2021 #3
I'll wear them in crowded places indoors this winter, covid or no covid. Ocelot II Jun 2021 #5
That is my thinking. Haven't had so much as a cold in 18 months Lochloosa Jun 2021 #6
My allergies have gotten better since the mask. marble falls Jun 2021 #9
+1000; I sometimes wear one outdoors even when nobody is around. lagomorph777 Jun 2021 #62
That is my plan as well. SoonerPride Jun 2021 #7
I was thinking of doing this as well. I didn't even get a cold last year and I worked at a school. Luciferous Jun 2021 #14
My response isn't that specific. femmedem Jun 2021 #8
Good question. I'm really not sure. There are so many variables right now that Biophilic Jun 2021 #10
I couldn't say for sure. We're playing it by ear for now until we Carlitos Brigante Jun 2021 #11
I'm going to continue forever. NH Ethylene Jun 2021 #12
Yes.. that's my goal, too Deuxcents Jun 2021 #32
I periodically reduce my masking habits. Right now, there are few cases in Scrivener7 Jun 2021 #13
I'm wearing them indoors around people I don't know Unwind Your Mind Jun 2021 #15
With variants on the rise, and young children not yet eligible, I'm wearing indoors still Raven123 Jun 2021 #16
Until? SoonerPride Jun 2021 #17
Until the youngsters get vaccinated and I see how well my community does in the face if the variants Raven123 Jul 2021 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author SoonerPride Jun 2021 #17
I'm not sure. I think my vaccination protects me pretty well struggle4progress Jun 2021 #21
Even if the pandemic is brought under control, I will mask for flu seasons nt Wicked Blue Jun 2021 #22
other... I wear masks into all stores still and whereever required. started joining unmasked Demovictory9 Jun 2021 #23
I have a two-part criteria - Ms. Toad Jun 2021 #24
I'm so used to wearing masks now I don't really see it as onerous Withywindle Jun 2021 #25
I am not really masking anymore, unless required by an establishment or if I am in a crowded area, smirkymonkey Jun 2021 #26
As of May 31, I'm fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Niagara Jun 2021 #27
I won't wear a mask, and I don't judge that do. Yavin4 Jun 2021 #28
Vaxed and done with masks Calculating Jun 2021 #31
I've been a vaccine believer and have only worn a mask... LAS14 Jun 2021 #30
When my child can get vaccinated... druidity33 Jun 2021 #33
It's a biased poll. Hugin Jun 2021 #48
I'm surveying each individual situation hamsterjill Jun 2021 #34
I last wore a mask 8 weeks ago Shrek Jun 2021 #35
Fully VACCINATED people are dying of the CoVid Varient Duppers Jun 2021 #36
The average age of those dying who have been vaxxed is 82 SoonerPride Jun 2021 #37
I'm not that old ...yet. 😉 Duppers Jun 2021 #38
It sounds like virtue signaling rather than science SoonerPride Jun 2021 #39
Well, it my way of being super-safe Duppers Jun 2021 #41
The masks have become a comfort object for many madville Jun 2021 #44
... Duppers Jun 2021 #52
Yep, and N95 should be the minimum required madville Jun 2021 #70
Ck OhioChick's thread here... Duppers Jun 2021 #51
Smallpox was eliminated with a vaccine. SoonerPride Jun 2021 #61
Indeed. Duppers Jun 2021 #64
Never thought I'd have to defend mask-wearing here Duppers Jun 2021 #66
Masks were all we had a year ago. SoonerPride Jun 2021 #67
I have CFIDS Duppers Jun 2021 #68
I am not attacking mask wearing. SoonerPride Jun 2021 #69
Expected, vaxed never meant fully inoculated. The numbers are super low uponit7771 Jun 2021 #43
Outdoors, never masked. Indoors, always masked. Haven't faced private gatherings yet Arazi Jun 2021 #40
I will continue to wear a mask when I am indoors in public places susanr516 Jun 2021 #42
Not really an answer that suits. I marked not wearing one. But that not 100% true GulfCoast66 Jun 2021 #45
72 is actually too warm for me. Elessar Zappa Jun 2021 #57
Depending on a person age and health different temperatures affect us differently. GulfCoast66 Jun 2021 #58
Wearing it still because still afraid of Covid mvd Jun 2021 #46
Never will I, "return to life as it was in 2019"... Hugin Jun 2021 #47
Given the tone of conversations here recently - Ms. Toad Jun 2021 #49
I'll stop masking up when my kids tell me it's safe to do so n/t OhioChick Jun 2021 #50
Folks may not know, your kids are Doctors! Duppers Jun 2021 #59
When my intuition tells me it is safe. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jun 2021 #53
We continue to mask Meowmee Jun 2021 #54
done with masks unless a strain emerges which largely circumvents the vaccine Amishman Jun 2021 #55
I had stopped wearing masks Elessar Zappa Jun 2021 #56
I haven't even had a mild cold since this pandemic began. hunter Jun 2021 #60
I was ready to re-mask but have now read that Moderna is effective against the Delta, so will bring ShazamIam Jun 2021 #65
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