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9. How about rounds of ammunition? One gun can wreak tons of carnage with unlimited
Mon Jun 28, 2021, 06:11 PM
Jun 2021

ammo. I'd add a limit of rounds every two years based on caliber and rifle type.

AR-15: 20 rounds / 2 years (enough to show your toy works)
30-30/06: 50 rounds - usually a hunting rifle. If you can't bag enough game with 50 shots...
22: 100 rounds - still dangerous but mainly for small critters, tin cans, and street signs
BB's: 200 rounds - dunno why, just needed a number

50+ caliber: as many as you want. You're either in the military or won't listen to someone like me.

Proposal: [View all] kpete Jun 2021 OP
Kick and recommend. bronxiteforever Jun 2021 #1
KNR niyad Jun 2021 #2
Or: there's only one place to buy a gun in the entire state Freddie Jun 2021 #3
Yes, Freddie. Perfect analogy. flying_wahini Jun 2021 #4
That's where I thought the OP was headed. N/t intheflow Jun 2021 #15
Let's do it! CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2021 #5
Also an unnecessary ultra sound IbogaProject Jun 2021 #6
Oh my, all those times I told a repube to stick it up their azz. Stuff will be found! Ziggysmom Jun 2021 #10
K&R, uponit7771 Jun 2021 #7
I like! Mickju Jun 2021 #8
How about rounds of ammunition? One gun can wreak tons of carnage with unlimited erronis Jun 2021 #9
And you must have your spouse's written approval. SunSeeker Jun 2021 #11
K&R onecaliberal Jun 2021 #12
That's more like it! calimary Jun 2021 #13
Think they'll get the hint? DFW Jun 2021 #14
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