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Make note of them, if there's ever an uprising, they're telegraphing they'll be in on it. TheBlackAdder Jun 2021 #1
Sore Loserman d_r Jun 2021 #2
Sore Loserman was a slur against Gore Lieberman after they "lost" the 2000 election Polybius Jun 2021 #14
You don't say d_r Jun 2021 #15
Ahh gotcha Polybius Jun 2021 #21
There's houses here with 2024 flags on it ansible Jun 2021 #3
I see a local yokel with "Hiden from Biden" smeared in mud jpak Jun 2021 #4
Here in the purple Philly burbs Freddie Jun 2021 #5
Hillsdale County Michigan. gibraltar72 Jun 2021 #6
They used to cover Upper Michigan but they are rare now. Kaleva Jun 2021 #7
My neighbor down the road is still flying his dump flag over the American flag Norbert Jun 2021 #8
There goes the home valuation C_U_L8R Jun 2021 #9
We have a neighbor that still has one up. It's all tattered and sad looking- my son says it's Luciferous Jun 2021 #10
I saw 2 or 3 yesterday... BunnyMcGee Jun 2021 #11
Last Sign Here Went Down About A Month Ago ProfessorGAC Jun 2021 #12
My neighbor down the street recently put up a Sibelius Fan Jun 2021 #13
Isn't that why we blame him, cause of the voting for Trump? LiberatedUSA Jun 2021 #19
Would it be the thin blue line flag? lunatica Jun 2021 #27
I still see those idiot merchandise booths every once in a while. Initech Jun 2021 #16
A friend spotted a recent PA gun store with a Trump Store tent side of the road lindysalsagal Jun 2021 #17
We've one nearby flying a huge flag up a pole taller than at the municipal building. KentuckyWoman Jun 2021 #18
Neighborhood in Utah TheAnnoyedAgnostic Jun 2021 #20
welcome to DU gopiscrap Jun 2021 #25
In NYC? Duppers Jun 2021 #22
where? pstokely Jun 2021 #23
I saw a bumper sticker on a truck that read, "President Trump for President - 2024 FSogol Jun 2021 #24
Thank god I do not have to put up with any of that in my neighborhood. smirkymonkey Jun 2021 #26
This is one positive reason for living in an HOA mnhtnbb Jun 2021 #28
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