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22. Stem Cell Transplant
Wed Jun 9, 2021, 09:46 AM
Jun 2021

My daughter had an autologous (means self donated) stem cell transplant in 2016 as a treatment for Scleroderma. During the intense chemo time when they were taking her white cells down, she slept a LOT and we just remained by her side and gave her soup or a drink if she awakened! When they were ready to actually reintroduce her stem cells into her body, the process only took about 17 minutes but it was all life-saving! Thank you Lord for advanced in science that make these miracles possible! I will be praying for your son until we hear he's on his way home! Best of luck to you.

That's good news malaise Jun 2021 #1
Great news, Nola! SheltieLover Jun 2021 #2
Thanks for the great update, my dear nolabear! ♥ CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2021 #3
Good. I hope everything works out. Midnight Writer Jun 2021 #4
I'm glad it went well nolabear. panader0 Jun 2021 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author panader0 Jun 2021 #6
So glad there is some positive news for you and your family. Hope it keeps coming. Fla Dem Jun 2021 #7
Hooray, nolabear! murielm99 Jun 2021 #8
Wishing you well. Pepsidog Jun 2021 #9
A dear friend had a stem cell transplant from her son, late last year. TNNurse Jun 2021 #10
Funny how the 'wrong crowd' is so full of positive energy. It's all going to shake out fine. marble falls Jun 2021 #11
Excellent news! Lonestarblue Jun 2021 #12
Thank you for the update! Nevilledog Jun 2021 #13
Keep the faith blogslug Jun 2021 #14
Make sure everyone stays hydrated Marthe48 Jun 2021 #15
Such good news! livetohike Jun 2021 #16
Good news gademocrat7 Jun 2021 #17
Glad to hear some positive news wendyb-NC Jun 2021 #18
This is all over my head, but I'm happy for everyone that there's a plan they're working on! Karadeniz Jun 2021 #19
Wishing you all a gentle journey and a great outcome. Marie Marie Jun 2021 #20
really makes you appreciate all that science that went in to making this happen rurallib Jun 2021 #21
Stem Cell Transplant MojoWrkn Jun 2021 #22
I'm glad your son is doing well. Mickju Jun 2021 #23
Amen. now that is a hero Evolve Dammit Jun 2021 #25
And right back to you and your family, nolabear. BobTheSubgenius Jun 2021 #24
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