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15. edited list of Presidents 1960-2040
Tue Oct 16, 2012, 02:53 AM
Oct 2012

Who would I have taken out to put Bill Clinton in???
how about...if I replaced JFK Jr. with Bill.
(then JFK Jr. would have been nominated to the US Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 2002)

President Kennedy 1960-1968
President L.B.Johnson 1969-1976
President Martin Luther King 1977-1984
President Bobby Kennedy 1985-1992
President Teddy Kennedy 1993-2000
President Bill Clinton 2001-2008 who elevates Obama to the US Supreme Court
President Barack Obama 2009-2016
President Hillary Clinton 2017-2024 President Michelle Obama 2025-2032
President Julian Castro(after many glorious terms as Gov. of Texas,then Senator) 2033-2040
Still the newsprint is tearing me up!! There's a long line of 'What ifs' in that one headline! SaveAmerica Oct 2012 #1
911 would never happen if JFK was alive..... lib2DaBone Oct 2012 #2
I disagree , we still would have meddled in other countries affairs. former-republican Oct 2012 #14
It would not have happened *the same way* - it would have been different. baldguy Oct 2012 #16
I really enjoyed this book. RagAss Oct 2012 #3
Let's talk more about the book when you finish it-no spoilers folks graham4anything Oct 2012 #4
Yes, I will. SaveAmerica Oct 2012 #7
if one can imagine though, without those few bullets graham4anything Oct 2012 #5
Wow, you left bill Clinton out nmbluesky Oct 2012 #13
edited list of Presidents 1960-2040 graham4anything Oct 2012 #15
LBJ died from a massive heart attack in 1973. This would have happened regardless of what else yellowcanine Oct 2012 #19
I read it on my Kindle when it was published. Nye Bevan Oct 2012 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Grave Grumbler Oct 2012 #8
there was an episode of the New Twilight Zone hfojvt Oct 2012 #9
This gave me chills, plus at the same store I considered buying a box set of Twilight Zone SaveAmerica Oct 2012 #21
it was the Twighlight Zone from the 90s though hfojvt Oct 2012 #22
Good book ColumbusLib Oct 2012 #10
It's still too painful . . . I see the maelstrom of political atrocities that have occurred since NBachers Oct 2012 #11
Great freakin' book. slutticus Oct 2012 #12
I read it a few weeks ago. Not bad. CBGLuthier Oct 2012 #17
Interesting who Stephen King credits for their "useful source-materials" : MinM Oct 2012 #18
I suddenly have a sense that Stephen King has to have a DU account! SaveAmerica Oct 2012 #20
Hope so... MinM Oct 2012 #24
Pretty fun read. GeorgeGist Oct 2012 #23
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