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Fri May 14, 2021, 08:56 PM May 2021

DU Poll: Will you wear a mask if fully vaccinated? [View all]

127 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
No, I trust the CDC
17 (13%)
Yes, I don't trust others who may not be vaccinated
92 (72%)
Not sure, not enough information
0 (0%)
Depends on my community's current risk
13 (10%)
5 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Yep. BlueTsunami2018 May 2021 #1
I really need one more option. Ms. Toad May 2021 #2
My state (Connecticut) is doing well with the vaccinations krispos42 May 2021 #56
My mask removal will be based on the numbers. Ms. Toad May 2021 #59
Absolutely.....n/t OhioChick May 2021 #3
Hell NO! beaglelover May 2021 #4
yeppers AllaN01Bear May 2021 #5
If I feel like it, I will... stillcool May 2021 #6
yes, it is all about your feelings Skittles May 2021 #10
Well...yeah it is stillcool May 2021 #15
My body, my choice. I like it!! beaglelover May 2021 #17
Lol! Parody? Nt USALiberal May 2021 #19
I will be wearing a mask Skittles May 2021 #21
Your choice, if that's how you feel. stillcool May 2021 #25
That is absolutely brilliant logic! Nt USALiberal May 2021 #23
I will still wear a mask indoors at grocery stores etc. Bev54 May 2021 #7
Same here. In crowded places, I'm going to wear it and set a good example. Shrike47 May 2021 #16
"I trust the CDC" Skittles May 2021 #8
I'll wear a mask indoors in public places thucythucy May 2021 #9
I made 3 "I'm Vaccinated" buttons yesterday. BigmanPigman May 2021 #11
Sure why not luv2fly May 2021 #12
I'm still wearing mine for others' peace of mind happybird May 2021 #13
my wife and I are vaxxed - we still won't eat indoors at restaurants, and go into shops maskless NewHendoLib May 2021 #14
Mostly no FBaggins May 2021 #18
No mask in small gatherings with others who have also been vaccinated ColinC May 2021 #20
Probably. LakeArenal May 2021 #22
I will continue wearing a mask until there's a lot more vaxxed people. Crunchy Frog May 2021 #24
That is exactly where I am at on the issue. Blue_true May 2021 #86
I will wait and watch the news regarding any flare ups or new developments lunatica May 2021 #26
One of the choices in the poll states that I do not trust unvaccinated people. totodeinhere May 2021 #27
Many don't accept that reality. FBaggins May 2021 #41
I have no problem with your take on that. totodeinhere May 2021 #42
I'm just not a big fan of living my life in fear. totodeinhere May 2021 #97
That truth clearly hasn't sunk in with many here. cinematicdiversions May 2021 #77
Yes. Indian variant concerning. moondust May 2021 #28
It's situational. Currently my grocery store ask that I wear a mask. So I do. GulfCoast66 May 2021 #29
No, because I trust the science as articulated kelly1mm May 2021 #30
Why are you scared of masks? Nt USALiberal May 2021 #39
Why are you scared of not wearing them? Calculating May 2021 #43
I will wear a mask in certain situations Retired Engineer Bob May 2021 #54
I am not afraid of masks. The science says kelly1mm May 2021 #46
Because the CDC often makes NO sense womanofthehills May 2021 #48
The incident you cite was during an interview kelly1mm May 2021 #51
The CDC and WHO have made some serious errors throughout this pandemic. yardwork May 2021 #66
Will you trust potential maskholes around you? tia uponit7771 May 2021 #75
How could they effect you if you are vaccinated? Nt cinematicdiversions May 2021 #78
Fully vaccinated isn't 100% inoculated, some can't afford to get virus uponit7771 May 2021 #88
Then they should continue to mask and social kelly1mm May 2021 #95
Trust them to do what? They make no kelly1mm May 2021 #83
Fully vaccinated doesn't mean 100% inoculated. I can understand some people don't want virus at all uponit7771 May 2021 #87
Then those who want to continue to mask can kelly1mm May 2021 #94
Absofuckingloutely! SheltieLover May 2021 #31
Yes (still way most of the time) electric_blue68 May 2021 #32
I've ony ever had to wear a mask when visiting my mum's nursing home... Violet_Crumble May 2021 #33
Dr Fauci explained this week on how even vaccinated people can still get infected and spread it: Rhiannon12866 May 2021 #34
Did he say that before or after the CDC changed BigmanPigman May 2021 #35
This was during Wednesday night's Town Hall: Rhiannon12866 May 2021 #36
I wish they did this town hall after the CDC BigmanPigman May 2021 #70
Good point, now there's a lot of confusion Rhiannon12866 May 2021 #76
And it's still possible to die in a car crash even though I've had nothing to drink FBaggins May 2021 #40
It then begs the question: what level of risk does wearing a mask bring? LanternWaste May 2021 #64
We balance risk versus convenience all the time. Happy Hoosier May 2021 #72
I am vaccinated but will continue to wear a mask inside places of business, doctor's and dentist's smirkymonkey May 2021 #37
No Shrek May 2021 #38
But the vaccine was made before all the variants womanofthehills May 2021 #49
No Calculating May 2021 #44
There should be a depends on the scenario option BannonsLiver May 2021 #45
Because - most think the CDC is no longer acting in our best interests womanofthehills May 2021 #52
Well, I'm not one of most. BannonsLiver May 2021 #71
I will follow CDC guidelines sarisataka May 2021 #47
You definitely need to do more research womanofthehills May 2021 #55
Again, the percentage of breakthrough cases are teeny tiny and the percentage beaglelover May 2021 #57
I am not an epidemiologist sarisataka May 2021 #58
You can wear a mask. No one is stopping you. cinematicdiversions May 2021 #79
Perhaps you should do more research. Ace Rothstein May 2021 #82
not taking any chances so yes scarytomcat May 2021 #50
Only if required by law or to gain access madville May 2021 #53
Yes in most situations MustLoveBeagles May 2021 #60
My decision Meowmee May 2021 #61
Went to a Starbucks drive thru this morning. Wore a mask. davsand May 2021 #62
I did do that today, and will continue to for some time. MineralMan May 2021 #63
Yes, I'm still wearing my mask as usual. yardwork May 2021 #65
I'll wear a mask in some situations. Mostly places like elevators that are close and JoanofArgh May 2021 #67
That is a definite reason to continue to wear one. BigmanPigman May 2021 #73
I have two small kids that are not vaccinated. It's an easy yes for me. Johonny May 2021 #68
+1, fully vaccinates doesn't mean inoculated uponit7771 May 2021 #89
Yes, with all these anti-vax, anti-maskers around. AngryOldDem May 2021 #69
Whether others have been vaccinated or not cinematicdiversions May 2021 #80
This is false, vaxed isn't inoculated and small children can still get the virus. uponit7771 May 2021 #90
Exactly. AngryOldDem May 2021 #98
I will and I do. iemanja May 2021 #74
I trust the CDC, but there are still some reasons to wear a mask that aren't covered by the CDC fishwax May 2021 #81
I will continue to wear a mask when I am indoors in public places susanr516 May 2021 #84
I am fully vaxxed. Blue_true May 2021 #85
If the business I am going to requires one. prodigitalson May 2021 #91
I trust the vaccine Bettie May 2021 #92
Until I know how long this vaccine is good for I'm keeping masks on GoodRaisin May 2021 #93
Yes but not for my own security. KentuckyWoman May 2021 #96
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