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Wed May 12, 2021, 09:09 AM May 2021

There isn't enough popcorn in the world [View all]

Liz Cheney told the truth about the election, and for that she has now been kicked out of Republican leadership. She was kicked out by Kevin McCarthy, who said the exact same thing she did about the insurrection, before he spinelessly changed his tune after being summoned to Mar-a-lago by Dear Leader.

Thanks to McCarthy's weakness, two things have happened:

1) The "mainstream" Republican Party, which had a chance to extricate itself from Trump's black hole of failure post-election, has firmly and definitively thrown itself over the event horizon. The "mainstream" Republican Party has chosen to become the party of lawlessness and anti-democracy; the party that believes no election they lose can possibly be legitimate. They are the party of un-American values, and have firmly positioned themselves alongside the likes of dictators like Putin, Erdogan, and Xi.

2) A breakaway faction of anti-Trumpists are threatening to start a third party. If this threat pans out, the GOP is in dire straits. They are already having trouble holding onto their angst-driven base (hence their need to glue themselves to Trump) and splitting their vote between two factions is a surefire loser.

Meanwhile, Democrats are in a historically good position to capitalize on this. Joe Biden's policies are very, very popular, and the Dems are proposing solid, sensible, and yes -- progressive -- legislation that a majority of Americans can get behind. Meanwhile the Republicans are stuck in la-la land, catering to their Fox-addled base with stories about things like Mr. Potato Head getting "canceled" and other childish nonsense.

We have a golden political opportunity here, so let's grab it! Do we really need any more handwringing about how Liz Cheney is ACTUALLY an awful person so let's not get too carried away praising her? We already know that! And it doesn't matter! What matters is that the GOP is slowly but surely ripping itself in two, at the very moment that Democrats are more united than ever.

So when you're out there on the Internets, posting on your Facebooks and your Twitters, please don't hesitate to drive that wedge, and drive it hard.

We've been waiting for years to see something like this, and it looks like it's finally happening.

Pass the popcorn!

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I'm not holding my breath bamagal62 May 2021 #1
That's fair EarlG May 2021 #5
True. They don't stand much of a chance of rebranding any time soon. lpbk2713 May 2021 #10
That's an insult to actual gorillas... AZ8theist May 2021 #66
We'll see. There are Republicans who will break away, because they're intelligent enough Baitball Blogger May 2021 #7
Or not vote. boston bean May 2021 #14
In this case we should lend then our courage. 48656c6c6f20 May 2021 #33
! Champp May 2021 #2
I'm very much afraid our nation is at a tipping point Siwsan May 2021 #3
But even if they did, have Republicans ever been for KPN May 2021 #47
They have never been THIS bad - at least not in my experience Siwsan May 2021 #48
Yeah. Well I don't give Rs much credit for KPN May 2021 #50
It's just frightening Siwsan May 2021 #51
It's very frightening. I'm of the mind that we are in the midst of a national emergency. We neef KPN May 2021 #52
They're for ALL the rich people? czarjak May 2021 #63
Just stand back and watch it burn. roamer65 May 2021 #4
I wonder what McCarthy's 'Howard Beale' epiphany was. Harker May 2021 #6
THIS !!! 👉🏾 "...don't hesitate to drive that wedge, and drive it hard..." uponit7771 May 2021 #8
"over the event horizon" - interesting choice of words. lagomorph777 May 2021 #9
Nice comparison. yonder May 2021 #42
Even if they COULD manage to build a 'New' Right wing of the GOP it will be SO flying_wahini May 2021 #11
Republicans have officially become the Party of Lies. dalton99a May 2021 #12
Excellent! cilla4progress May 2021 #13
Yup, This is NOT "A TRAP"!! Beetwasher. May 2021 #15
Well said, EarlG! Paladin May 2021 #16
Kenan Thompson is the best popcorn eater KS Toronado May 2021 #17
I agree. nclib May 2021 #23
Kevin is witnessing his own fate! The qgop will never elect him as speaker. They want gym or mtg PortTack May 2021 #18
Awesome. Question-Who becomes there #3 in the House now? underpants May 2021 #19
Elise Stefanik leftieNanner May 2021 #24
Oh that's right. I had heard that. Thanks. underpants May 2021 #49
The white male party is replacing an independent female Hortensis May 2021 #34
Popcorn! Good idea. Towlie May 2021 #20
This +1000! mcar May 2021 #21
I suspect there are already DENVERPOPS May 2021 #22
New DOJ, FBI, etc. orangecrush May 2021 #29
I second that motion. Joinfortmill May 2021 #25
If Cheney and other Republicans start a new party, they will also gain Independents. Lonestarblue May 2021 #26
They started a dumpster fire, then jumped in. sarge43 May 2021 #27
Very nice... PutGramaOnThePhone May 2021 #36
Why thank you. n/t sarge43 May 2021 #44
i think smores would be a tasty addition... I_UndergroundPanther May 2021 #53
Dessert. n/t sarge43 May 2021 #57
+1, uponit7771 May 2021 #55
Democrats are said to be in disarrary treestar May 2021 #28
Everything he touches dies, but let's hope the loss is limited to his cult/party. NNadir May 2021 #30
Recommended. H2O Man May 2021 #31
A splinter party calfing off would be the best gift Democrats could ever receive. BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #32
Also our nation. Our nation's conservatives will always Hortensis May 2021 #37
That's an important point. BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #41
Half our people? Grasswire2 May 2021 #61
Other cons. But I used "half" loosely to refer to conservatives in general. Hortensis May 2021 #67
When Biden said there may not be a GOP Roc2020 May 2021 #35
Me watching them... PunkinPi May 2021 #38
Agreed...they are putting out fire with gasoline pecosbob May 2021 #39
Can't get on board with the entertainment value ibegurpard May 2021 #40
Welcome to the 2nd Bull Moose party Volaris May 2021 #43
Rec'd for hope, although it looks like the Anti-Democracy Republicans GoodRaisin May 2021 #45
Peel off a sliver and it helps us a lot, Pinback May 2021 #59
i dont even think having the fat troll keel over will help them now. mopinko May 2021 #46
End the filibuster! Glaisne May 2021 #54
No popcorn .. but close!!! Its also a plant. YoshidaYui May 2021 #56
Hopefully, 'the Process' will continue to drive 'the wedge', empedocles May 2021 #58
Nice! ismnotwasm May 2021 #60
Horrific Duncanpup May 2021 #62
This'll be great to see the mass delusionists generate their chaos BlancheSplanchnik May 2021 #64
Sorry, not buying that the Republican Party is not united. Edwcraig May 2021 #65
I think tRump is still blackmailing a lot of them ecstatic May 2021 #68
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