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25. Agree 1000%! Thank goodness we kicked 45 to the curb. He never should have
Wed May 5, 2021, 04:39 PM
May 2021

been allowed to darken the door of the White House. Had human beings with empathy and intelligence been in charge last year, hundreds of thousands of Americans would still be alive today.

Covid Poll [View all] marble falls May 2021 OP
I, DH, and two adult sons Bettie May 2021 #1
Honestly, they're managable! Congrats, you and your family alone brought the % up! marble falls May 2021 #3
Had both Moderna shots Chautauquas May 2021 #2
That's great! My grandkids are still waiting. marble falls May 2021 #4
Last night Maddow reported Pfizer might be ok'd this week or next Chautauquas May 2021 #5
Just had my 2nd Pfizer this past Friday! electric_blue68 May 2021 #6
I'm masking till its over. marble falls May 2021 #7
Almost our entire extended family has had all the vaccines needed! CaliforniaPeggy May 2021 #8
Even the RWers in my family got shots! marble falls May 2021 #9
How cool is that? Luckily, we don't have any RWers in our extended family! ♥ CaliforniaPeggy May 2021 #10
They wear masks, too. My MiL said, "why would the government suggest masks if they wanted ... marble falls May 2021 #12
I'm three weeks past my second dose! Neema May 2021 #11
My biggest shock was how much weight went off my shoulders with the first shot and ... marble falls May 2021 #13
Totally! I have to keep reminding myself, though. Neema May 2021 #19
We mask, avoid crowds and restaurants, people in MAGA hats. It's not safe yet, but its ... marble falls May 2021 #20
Agree 1000%! Thank goodness we kicked 45 to the curb. He never should have Neema May 2021 #25
One shot in, get second in two weeks. Peppertoo May 2021 #14
I got Modera and my wife got Pfizer at the same time (with in a day or two). SiL and MiL got Pfizer marble falls May 2021 #17
I've had both Pfizer shots for a little over a month OriginalGeek May 2021 #15
It's got to be taking worries of your plate. marble falls May 2021 #23
Mrs GoS and I have had both of our Pfizer jabs. GoneOffShore May 2021 #16
We gotta stay on it to beat it. marble falls May 2021 #22
Absolutely. And the crazy anti-vaxx conspiracies have to be countered. GoneOffShore May 2021 #24
Had my 2nd shot last Monday. One more week and I'm totally FREE!!!! beaglelover May 2021 #18
Admit it! There is a certain giddiness in knowing there's a way out and you're on the path. marble falls May 2021 #21
Both my wife and I are fully vaccinated. Brother Mythos May 2021 #26
That's what I hear from others and was my experiance as well. I might have taken a day off ... marble falls May 2021 #27
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