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19. Totally! I have to keep reminding myself, though.
Wed May 5, 2021, 11:43 AM
May 2021

I'm still being careful and masking up (haven't had a cold in way over a year), but I have to remind myself that now I'm doing it simply as a precaution and to help others, I'm no longer in danger of dying from it myself. I think I was holding it in so long that it's become my natural state. But then every time I remember that I'm one of the lucky ones, I'm filled with joy and relief.

Covid Poll [View all] marble falls May 2021 OP
I, DH, and two adult sons Bettie May 2021 #1
Honestly, they're managable! Congrats, you and your family alone brought the % up! marble falls May 2021 #3
Had both Moderna shots Chautauquas May 2021 #2
That's great! My grandkids are still waiting. marble falls May 2021 #4
Last night Maddow reported Pfizer might be ok'd this week or next Chautauquas May 2021 #5
Just had my 2nd Pfizer this past Friday! electric_blue68 May 2021 #6
I'm masking till its over. marble falls May 2021 #7
Almost our entire extended family has had all the vaccines needed! CaliforniaPeggy May 2021 #8
Even the RWers in my family got shots! marble falls May 2021 #9
How cool is that? Luckily, we don't have any RWers in our extended family! ♥ CaliforniaPeggy May 2021 #10
They wear masks, too. My MiL said, "why would the government suggest masks if they wanted ... marble falls May 2021 #12
I'm three weeks past my second dose! Neema May 2021 #11
My biggest shock was how much weight went off my shoulders with the first shot and ... marble falls May 2021 #13
Totally! I have to keep reminding myself, though. Neema May 2021 #19
We mask, avoid crowds and restaurants, people in MAGA hats. It's not safe yet, but its ... marble falls May 2021 #20
Agree 1000%! Thank goodness we kicked 45 to the curb. He never should have Neema May 2021 #25
One shot in, get second in two weeks. Peppertoo May 2021 #14
I got Modera and my wife got Pfizer at the same time (with in a day or two). SiL and MiL got Pfizer marble falls May 2021 #17
I've had both Pfizer shots for a little over a month OriginalGeek May 2021 #15
It's got to be taking worries of your plate. marble falls May 2021 #23
Mrs GoS and I have had both of our Pfizer jabs. GoneOffShore May 2021 #16
We gotta stay on it to beat it. marble falls May 2021 #22
Absolutely. And the crazy anti-vaxx conspiracies have to be countered. GoneOffShore May 2021 #24
Had my 2nd shot last Monday. One more week and I'm totally FREE!!!! beaglelover May 2021 #18
Admit it! There is a certain giddiness in knowing there's a way out and you're on the path. marble falls May 2021 #21
Both my wife and I are fully vaccinated. Brother Mythos May 2021 #26
That's what I hear from others and was my experiance as well. I might have taken a day off ... marble falls May 2021 #27
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