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Freeloaders! nt Mopar151 Apr 2021 #1
They should be barred from entering any public space Orrex Apr 2021 #2
Then die vercetti2021 Apr 2021 #3
When everyone else is vaccinated, wnylib Apr 2021 #18
It's really kind of a quandary. How do you poll liars without the Cretans' paradox taking over. gulliver Apr 2021 #4
There's an easy way around this. "IF they can avoid it" All companies should be pressured to RockRaven Apr 2021 #5
The ones I worry about are working in public service jobs like restaurants. nt doc03 Apr 2021 #7
Yep Deminpenn Apr 2021 #26
Fortunately, these days people who identify as Republicans Ocelot II Apr 2021 #6
Two family members who have been full-on anti-Fauci, anti-vax teach1st Apr 2021 #8
Well, if they have already gotten Sucha NastyWoman Apr 2021 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author Sucha NastyWoman Apr 2021 #16
Republicans are pro-covid. There's really no other way to describe their views. unblock Apr 2021 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2021 #10
"God works in mysterious ways." Gaugamela Apr 2021 #11
God thinning that herd a bit? empedocles Apr 2021 #27
I live in western New York... SergeStorms Apr 2021 #12
Just like bright red areas of MI. roamer65 Apr 2021 #13
I live in Western New York too. Our Covid numbers are horrifying! liberal_mama Apr 2021 #15
What part of western NY? wnylib Apr 2021 #20
I am in a suburban town outside of Buffalo (Cheektowaga) liberal_mama Apr 2021 #37
I'm in Ohio samplegirl Apr 2021 #17
NYC and region are higher, due to population size, wnylib Apr 2021 #19
Percentage of population-wise.... SergeStorms Apr 2021 #30
Sometimes the employees themselves wnylib Apr 2021 #31
Sickening (literally)... SergeStorms Apr 2021 #32
In one store, the register clerk insisted wnylib Apr 2021 #33
She must be... SergeStorms Apr 2021 #35
That incident happened a month ago. wnylib Apr 2021 #38
You're bad, wnylib! SergeStorms Apr 2021 #39
Thanks for the compliment. wnylib Apr 2021 #40
My family lives in upstate New York Johonny Apr 2021 #34
One State run vaccination center... SergeStorms Apr 2021 #36
Too bad they have made it seem "unAmerican" to get one. BigmanPigman Apr 2021 #21
There is never a poll taken of Repubs feel speaknow Apr 2021 #22
Counter Point: 80.7% of Americans Over 65 Have Been Vaccinated Stallion Apr 2021 #23
they bitch the loudest about shutdowns mnmoderatedem Apr 2021 #24
43% of 25% is 10.75% of the population. We can still get to herd immunity, and let Darwin Scrivener7 Apr 2021 #25
Sounds like my right wing sister and her husband hauckeye Apr 2021 #28
Darwinianism strikes again.NT anamnua Apr 2021 #29
My daughter was proud she got all the girls Tree Lady Apr 2021 #41
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