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Same here. Aristus Apr 2021 #1
So he would have given you a ticket Haggard Celine Apr 2021 #7
That's for sure... Aristus Apr 2021 #8
Probably, had he been black and in a shitty car, he'd get a ticket. Black and in a nice car, Rabrrrrrr Apr 2021 #16
That's true. Haggard Celine Apr 2021 #22
Nailed it 100 percent. Solomon Apr 2021 #58
Not only that, but they appear to be somewhat color-blind. TexasTowelie Apr 2021 #64
There is nothing worse than a rent a cop DENVERPOPS Apr 2021 #35
I had a cop walk up to the car singing "good morning to you" Hassin Bin Sober Apr 2021 #51
Yep! Double standards need to go... Karadeniz Apr 2021 #2
"Acting suspiciously" True Dough Apr 2021 #3
I generally watch my language on DU. MineralMan Apr 2021 #4
My husband (white) got stopped for "gliding" through a stop sign Freddie Apr 2021 #5
Yeah. I one stopped at a traffic light, looked around, and drove on. MineralMan Apr 2021 #9
I never have seen anyone complain about getting out of a ticket until this thread. Treefrog Apr 2021 #38
I'm reading the point of the OP differently.. Permanut Apr 2021 #50
Exactly! BlueMTexpat Apr 2021 #56
Ok You were the one claiming Daunte Wright had a warrant for armed robbery. Solomon Apr 2021 #59
I got out of the ticket because I'm an old white man. MineralMan Apr 2021 #71
Fortunately he did not taser you or pepper spray you to near death!!! RKP5637 Apr 2021 #6
That was why when I would go walk at night misanthrope Apr 2021 #10
We used to live in a very small town and my husband who worked nights would Luciferous Apr 2021 #61
'He got back in his car and sped off down the street. Why?' elleng Apr 2021 #11
He got fired shortly after that. MineralMan Apr 2021 #13
Good. elleng Apr 2021 #14
He realized he fucked up, and MM's response by calling the security company proved it. BradAllison Apr 2021 #63
If you are white, ask yourself this question: Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #12
Nope. Never happened to me, either. MineralMan Apr 2021 #15
Never, of course; elleng Apr 2021 #17
It's happens to me relatively frequently and Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #20
Interesting. Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #21
And I'm usually driving a beater. Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #23
I know what you mean about being stopped at that hour. Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #24
It's different communities that are stopping me. Ms. Toad Apr 2021 #27
My son-in-law has Jilly_in_VA Apr 2021 #37
No, but every time I've been pulled over they ask for license, registration and insurance. Treefrog Apr 2021 #39
What I'm talking about, and what black friends have told me Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #43
I'm white and in almost 30 years of driving I've only been pulled over once meadowlander Apr 2021 #53
My white guy story.... Jon King Apr 2021 #18
Keep posting, MM. We need your wisdom and perspective. brush Apr 2021 #19
I haven't gotten my shot yet, but when I do I will want to get out ... YoshidaYui Apr 2021 #25
Um, and here's another: You can actually GO outside at Midnight whathehell Apr 2021 #26
That is true. The thing about privilege is MineralMan Apr 2021 #33
Yes, and when we have privilege, be it of gender or race, we should whathehell Apr 2021 #34
Yes, exactly. MineralMan Apr 2021 #44
Very well spotted. Treefrog Apr 2021 #40
Thanks... whathehell Apr 2021 #55
Excellent point. calimary Apr 2021 #46
Thanks, Calimary. whathehell Apr 2021 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Apr 2021 #28
Very, VERY similar to my "traffic stop" analogy, and absolutely spot on. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author quickesst Apr 2021 #30
No doubt in my mind. paleotn Apr 2021 #31
As a white female, I have benefited over the years from white privilege. Bluepinky Apr 2021 #32
Excellent example. And WTF was the "security" guard doing except being a paranoid a-hole?? Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #36
When my sons started driving I mcar Apr 2021 #41
White female privilege Jilly_in_VA Apr 2021 #42
My wife is a retired nurse who, shall we say, Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #69
Cops and ER nurses Jilly_in_VA Apr 2021 #72
Thank you for posting this MM Ferrets are Cool Apr 2021 #45
And white blonde female privilege is even worse. McCamy Taylor Apr 2021 #47
Tell them MM malaise Apr 2021 #48
I'm a middle class white gal and liberalhistorian Apr 2021 #49
I'm a lucky to be alive white guy..... fantase56 Apr 2021 #52
Back when I worked nights Woodwizard Apr 2021 #57
A big example of white privilege is a white person can ask a cop questions. Solomon Apr 2021 #60
This security guard appears to be trigger-happy and a threat to your community dlk Apr 2021 #62
Well, he got fired. MineralMan Apr 2021 #65
Without a doubt, there is a double standard dlk Apr 2021 #66
Don't count on it arlyellowdog Apr 2021 #67
absolutely true... Locrian Apr 2021 #68
Amen arlyellowdog Apr 2021 #70
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