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Anyone who's ever played monopoly know how this ends. Phoenix61 Apr 2021 #1
Where is he getting that information? Is it reliable and documented? NurseJackie Apr 2021 #2
Try this Dem4Life1102 Apr 2021 #3
Staggering increase of wealth concentration in just one year. Celerity Apr 2021 #5
There were never 76 million Americans unemployed. George II Apr 2021 #7
Lulz Dem4Life1102 Apr 2021 #8
Oh mel.... George II Apr 2021 #9
Lulz Dem4Life1102 Apr 2021 #10
So why don't you address the substance of my post instead of following me around? This is.... George II Apr 2021 #11
Post removed Post removed Apr 2021 #12
Why are you stalking me? This is the SEVENTH time today in which you've done so. George II Apr 2021 #13
Post removed Post removed Apr 2021 #14
That's eight now. George II Apr 2021 #15
Post removed Post removed Apr 2021 #16
Nine. George II Apr 2021 #17
wtf JI7 Apr 2021 #22
Dem4Life1102...Geez bucky, why are you doing this? irisblue Apr 2021 #18
Good question.. Cha Apr 2021 #64
Things are not always as they seem. NurseJackie Apr 2021 #66
Sanders didn't claim there were 76 million Americans unemployed at a specific time fishwax Apr 2021 #19
76 million people is almost 25% of the entire population, including children and retired Americans.. George II Apr 2021 #21
Bernie is talking about unemployment claims wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #23
Edit: Responded to my own post, see post #21. George II Apr 2021 #20
Where did the 76 million number come from? LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2021 #25
I haven't a clue. George II Apr 2021 #26
I've been advised he...."conflated it with unemployment claims" Skittles Apr 2021 #58
At the height of the pandemic with respect to unemployment there were 23.08 million unemployed: George II Apr 2021 #4
Tell them Bernie malaise Apr 2021 #6
Odd that some people here want to attack Sanders for being reliably progressive jcgoldie Apr 2021 #24
78 Million? Me. Apr 2021 #27
76 million unemployment claims during the pandemic jcgoldie Apr 2021 #29
THat Number Comes Nowhere Close to Being A Fact Me. Apr 2021 #31
why does he need to lie about such an easily verifiable fact? Skittles Apr 2021 #33
Can't Say Me. Apr 2021 #35
except thats not what happened. jcgoldie Apr 2021 #37
so I am assuming....you KNOW "what happened"? Skittles Apr 2021 #38
The entire workforce of the United States is about 120 million people. 76 million is exactly.... George II Apr 2021 #40
You are being willingly obtuse due to the messenger... jcgoldie Apr 2021 #43
Read the tweet, please: George II Apr 2021 #50
Its been posted throughout this thread jcgoldie Apr 2021 #51
He didn't say "unemployment claims", he said explicitly "....LOST THEIR JOBS". George II Apr 2021 #53
and what statistic would you use to measure job loss? jcgoldie Apr 2021 #54
Simply asked, how many people lost their jobs, two thirds of the workforce? From your link.... George II Apr 2021 #55
So your own reference jcgoldie Apr 2021 #36
two thirds of the workforce did not lose their jobs Skittles Apr 2021 #39
He took the numbers from this site wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #41
THe Assumption Here Seems To Be Jobs Were Always Lost But None Gained Me. Apr 2021 #52
The claim that 76 million jobs lost still appears to be accurate wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #62
Seems We Are Still Living In A World Of Alternate Facts Me. Apr 2021 #70
where does he get 76 million from? Skittles Apr 2021 #28
It's about 2/3 of the US workforce of about 120 million. George II Apr 2021 #30
PLease See #31 Me. Apr 2021 #32
Yes, that's it. It was never more than about 22 million (some figures have it at about 23 million).. George II Apr 2021 #34
Workforce is roughly 161 million, not 120. Lancero Apr 2021 #67
The United States Department of Labor wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #42
charge up the calculator jcgoldie Apr 2021 #44
Data's right there wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #46
that was a Jen Psaki joke.. jcgoldie Apr 2021 #49
Sorry, hard to sniff out sarcasm and their direction these days wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #59
two thirds of the American workforce did not lose their jobs Skittles Apr 2021 #45
Sanders conflated total unemployment claims wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #47
well that is NOT what he says Skittles Apr 2021 #48
Then he should say 76 million jobs lost wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #57
I'm thinking of a one trick pony Skittles Apr 2021 #60
I'm thinking a circular firing squad wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #61
not even close Skittles Apr 2021 #63
I'm thinking people are disagreeing Cha Apr 2021 #65
"76 million Americans have lost their jobs" is in the tweet. Also now... George II Apr 2021 #69
"Joe Biden Promised us $2,000 checks!" wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #71
I got $2,000. My wife got $2,000. But what does this have to do with the topic at hand? George II Apr 2021 #72
Were they in single $2,000 checks? wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #74
I don't care. They could have done it in 2,000 $1 checks. That's $2,000. And NOT the "same mindset". George II Apr 2021 #76
Funny, you seem to care whether Bernie meant unemployment claims wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #77
I don't try to read anything into what I see. That tweet speaks for itself, it's pretty obvious. George II Apr 2021 #79
Apparently his colleague, Ro Khanna, doesn't agree with him: George II Apr 2021 #73
Two things can't be right at the same time wellst0nev0ter Apr 2021 #75
Where are you getting two thirds from? Lancero Apr 2021 #68
Stock prices Johnny2X2X Apr 2021 #56
Let's take the 76 million number out of the tweet. Do you agree with the rest of it? Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2021 #78
Just another one of Bernie's gaffes... no big deal. LanternWaste Apr 2021 #80
Is that a not so subtle shot at President Biden, who has been criticized by REPUBLICANS for.... George II Apr 2021 #81
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