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DO IT Skittles Apr 2021 #1
But, but, but...surely all these corporations pass savings along to their customers and create jobs? wcmagumba Apr 2021 #2
you have learned your lessons well, grasshopper stopdiggin Apr 2021 #6
Hopefully tax codes will finally actually benefit small business over giant corporations Victor_c3 Apr 2021 #3
Republicans are the first to claim small business is the engine of the US economy... Beartracks Apr 2021 #15
Republicans say all kinds of shit that their deeds directly contradict. 11 Bravo Apr 2021 #17
Fact Vdizzle Apr 2021 #43
Nice! KPN Apr 2021 #4
What should make everyone mad is the cost of our military which is used to protect our ShazamIam Apr 2021 #5
You can bet your sweetass DENVERPOPS Apr 2021 #8
Because of all the pirates? (NT) HuskyOffset Apr 2021 #12
Pirates and cooperation with the governments that allows the extraction of resources and ShazamIam Apr 2021 #19
They can get mad later. First there are other things to be done. taxi Apr 2021 #9
Yes, but not jusst the last four, . . . ShazamIam Apr 2021 #13
All of those points are worthy of a post of its own. taxi Apr 2021 #23
it is all still very dangerous, politically and economically I mean, the wealthy have spent the last ShazamIam Apr 2021 #30
Once in a while someone around here doesn't get it taxi Apr 2021 #35
And that has nothing to do with Joe's tax plan... Demsrule86 Apr 2021 #10
Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say to me? nt ShazamIam Apr 2021 #16
"Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich"... PoliticAverse Apr 2021 #7
I paid 1,339 in Federal tax, sent the check last week. FedEx paid zero. sarcasmo Apr 2021 #11
And and we all paid more in tax (most of us) than the so called billionaire djt...who paid only SWBTATTReg Apr 2021 #14
There needs to be some sort of minimum tax, and a top % of a lot more than it is now. patphil Apr 2021 #18
Increase collections/ enforcement staff and end this joke of the rich paying next to nothing. nt Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #20
I left out legal staff, to file charges, indict, prosecute, convict and sieze assets if necessary. Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #24
He's right, BUT... WarGamer Apr 2021 #21
You wrote this newdayneeded Apr 2021 #26
I agree with you WarGamer Apr 2021 #31
Oh and the CEO pay is trivial on their books. WarGamer Apr 2021 #32
The millions that CEOs and others in top management gets is in the prices. marie999 Apr 2021 #49
There's One Problem GB_RN Apr 2021 #36
Solid point... WarGamer Apr 2021 #37
I Don't Disagree GB_RN Apr 2021 #44
How does that get at those "Bezos Bucks"? It doesn't. WarGamer Apr 2021 #45
I Get That GB_RN Apr 2021 #46
What if we taxed investment income like labor? Or more, even. CrispyQ Apr 2021 #47
absolutely right. WarGamer Apr 2021 #48
They're called our owners and they buy the votes that enable them to maintain their privilege. jalan48 Apr 2021 #22
If 'corporations are people, my friends' (Romney).... RicROC Apr 2021 #25
Rt.. the Firefighters love Cha Apr 2021 #27
If corporations would stop contributing so much money to lobbyists and the GOP they could joetheman Apr 2021 #28
This HAS to happen! Upthevibe Apr 2021 #29
Support Sen Warren 100%... WarGamer Apr 2021 #34
Is this true? HalfSleeves81 Apr 2021 #33
He's talking about corporations soothsayer Apr 2021 #38
If the masses are spending, corporations will do better even with higher tax rates. tableturner Apr 2021 #39
This former teacher says DO IT! BigmanPigman Apr 2021 #40
Ty, President Biden!!! SheltieLover Apr 2021 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author SheltieLover Apr 2021 #42
Even corporations that seem to pay taxes really don't. marie999 Apr 2021 #50
NO, you need to say it over and over again !!!!! RANDYWILDMAN Apr 2021 #51
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