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13. Yes, but not jusst the last four, . . .
Sat Apr 3, 2021, 04:31 PM
Apr 2021

Things began to go real bad for us back in 69 when Nixon and the conservatives came to power,

DEA is one that needs to go bye bye. But all post Nixon Republicans want EPA gone. /s

Wage suppression has to go.

And the rich must pay higher wages and fair taxes, as declared by the man who wrote the book on capitalism noted. A capitalistic system must have fair wages and fair taxes and now we know it must also have environmental protections.

DO IT Skittles Apr 2021 #1
But, but, but...surely all these corporations pass savings along to their customers and create jobs? wcmagumba Apr 2021 #2
you have learned your lessons well, grasshopper stopdiggin Apr 2021 #6
Hopefully tax codes will finally actually benefit small business over giant corporations Victor_c3 Apr 2021 #3
Republicans are the first to claim small business is the engine of the US economy... Beartracks Apr 2021 #15
Republicans say all kinds of shit that their deeds directly contradict. 11 Bravo Apr 2021 #17
Fact Vdizzle Apr 2021 #43
Nice! KPN Apr 2021 #4
What should make everyone mad is the cost of our military which is used to protect our ShazamIam Apr 2021 #5
You can bet your sweetass DENVERPOPS Apr 2021 #8
Because of all the pirates? (NT) HuskyOffset Apr 2021 #12
Pirates and cooperation with the governments that allows the extraction of resources and ShazamIam Apr 2021 #19
They can get mad later. First there are other things to be done. taxi Apr 2021 #9
Yes, but not jusst the last four, . . . ShazamIam Apr 2021 #13
All of those points are worthy of a post of its own. taxi Apr 2021 #23
it is all still very dangerous, politically and economically I mean, the wealthy have spent the last ShazamIam Apr 2021 #30
Once in a while someone around here doesn't get it taxi Apr 2021 #35
And that has nothing to do with Joe's tax plan... Demsrule86 Apr 2021 #10
Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say to me? nt ShazamIam Apr 2021 #16
"Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich"... PoliticAverse Apr 2021 #7
I paid 1,339 in Federal tax, sent the check last week. FedEx paid zero. sarcasmo Apr 2021 #11
And and we all paid more in tax (most of us) than the so called billionaire djt...who paid only SWBTATTReg Apr 2021 #14
There needs to be some sort of minimum tax, and a top % of a lot more than it is now. patphil Apr 2021 #18
Increase collections/ enforcement staff and end this joke of the rich paying next to nothing. nt Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #20
I left out legal staff, to file charges, indict, prosecute, convict and sieze assets if necessary. Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #24
He's right, BUT... WarGamer Apr 2021 #21
You wrote this newdayneeded Apr 2021 #26
I agree with you WarGamer Apr 2021 #31
Oh and the CEO pay is trivial on their books. WarGamer Apr 2021 #32
The millions that CEOs and others in top management gets is in the prices. marie999 Apr 2021 #49
There's One Problem GB_RN Apr 2021 #36
Solid point... WarGamer Apr 2021 #37
I Don't Disagree GB_RN Apr 2021 #44
How does that get at those "Bezos Bucks"? It doesn't. WarGamer Apr 2021 #45
I Get That GB_RN Apr 2021 #46
What if we taxed investment income like labor? Or more, even. CrispyQ Apr 2021 #47
absolutely right. WarGamer Apr 2021 #48
They're called our owners and they buy the votes that enable them to maintain their privilege. jalan48 Apr 2021 #22
If 'corporations are people, my friends' (Romney).... RicROC Apr 2021 #25
Rt.. the Firefighters love Cha Apr 2021 #27
If corporations would stop contributing so much money to lobbyists and the GOP they could joetheman Apr 2021 #28
This HAS to happen! Upthevibe Apr 2021 #29
Support Sen Warren 100%... WarGamer Apr 2021 #34
Is this true? HalfSleeves81 Apr 2021 #33
He's talking about corporations soothsayer Apr 2021 #38
If the masses are spending, corporations will do better even with higher tax rates. tableturner Apr 2021 #39
This former teacher says DO IT! BigmanPigman Apr 2021 #40
Ty, President Biden!!! SheltieLover Apr 2021 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author SheltieLover Apr 2021 #42
Even corporations that seem to pay taxes really don't. marie999 Apr 2021 #50
NO, you need to say it over and over again !!!!! RANDYWILDMAN Apr 2021 #51
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