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same here!!..easy for me to say since I live in true blue Wash State and we are 100% mail in.. samnsara Apr 2021 #1
So, can you sell it for a penny? gab13by13 Apr 2021 #2
Something to think about Rorey Apr 2021 #16
Hope so. Hell i'd even have bluestarone Apr 2021 #35
a moment for thought please for taxi Apr 2021 #39
Tell the cop you got paid by bitcoin grantcart Apr 2021 #46
Didn't the savior they pretend to worship say: thucythucy Apr 2021 #3
Book of Mathew, I believe. ( Or, possibly, "Two Corinthians" LOL! ) nt Atticus Apr 2021 #4
Nope, not 2 Corinthians. They were friends wnylib Apr 2021 #12
The way he said it always sounded like the windup to a joke. plimsoll Apr 2021 #29
There used to be a convention soldierant Apr 2021 #55
Your post got me to thinking ChazII Apr 2021 #19
We could create test cases in the primaries; sue their ass off before the general Captain Zero Apr 2021 #36
I have mailed in my ballot ChazII Apr 2021 #47
Yes, in Matthew 25 Tanuki Apr 2021 #21
Yep, Matthew 25 is where Christ tells us we should treat Ilsa Apr 2021 #25
This needs to become a nationwide voters movement: Matthew 25: 31-46 BComplex Apr 2021 #51
I'm with you, brother! Alliepoo Apr 2021 #5
so much screaming about freedom when it comes to masks or guns. so little when it comes to bullimiami Apr 2021 #6
Indeed BigOleDummy Apr 2021 #7
Must have driver's license to drive to the polls. It's a poll tax in another form. /nt bucolic_frolic Apr 2021 #8
I got a notice a month ago, gab13by13 Apr 2021 #18
Last year, too PhylliPretzel Apr 2021 #43
Hear, hear. FORTY states adding new restrictions. Disturbing. nt Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #9
I'm rid'en with ya, Atticus! pazzyanne Apr 2021 #10
It might be fun to be arrested for carrying water to a thirsty person. NNadir Apr 2021 #11
Start up a water brigade to appear wnylib Apr 2021 #17
"good trouble" (n/t) MissMillie Apr 2021 #13
I love how these GOP fuckers freak out over... jcgoldie Apr 2021 #14
Many heinous crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Lonestarblue Apr 2021 #15
Totally agree. One political word spoken from the pulpit, in the church, in newsletters...... usaf-vet Apr 2021 #22
Like WardChurchel Apr 2021 #23
+1 broiles Apr 2021 #24
And if the cops . . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 2021 #20
Averageoldguy ? Tbear Apr 2021 #28
+1000 CaptainTruth Apr 2021 #33
Welp, that seals it Piasladic Apr 2021 #44
Wow Props to you for you activism electric_blue68 Apr 2021 #60
Hear hear! ananda Apr 2021 #26
When water is outlawed only outlaws will have water. n/t Harker Apr 2021 #27
So according to this new law Percy Apr 2021 #30
You're not alone. WinstonSmith4740 Apr 2021 #31
This. Tommymac Apr 2021 #32
I'm with you!!! CaptainTruth Apr 2021 #34
You know what? bluestarone Apr 2021 #37
You are not what you are called. Only what you answer to. ancianita Apr 2021 #38
Reich Party making fascism come alive . Historic NY Apr 2021 #40
Law Don't Go Around Here Mme. Defarge Apr 2021 #41
This old timer would be happy to help anyone to the polls. Paper Roses Apr 2021 #42
A law must be reasonable Mme. Defarge Apr 2021 #45
This post was just mentioned on Thom Hartman's Sirius XM show USAFRetired_Liberal Apr 2021 #48
Someone else on DU suggested we have a priest bless the water as holy water TheRealNorth Apr 2021 #49
Ha! Love it! scarletwoman Apr 2021 #50
I really, really, really like that one. NNadir Apr 2021 #54
Love it. Great idea. Irish_Dem Apr 2021 #66
I wish I lived in Georgia. Mr.Bill Apr 2021 #52
They made it against the law Sugarcoated Apr 2021 #53
It was proposed and discussed by the Republicans in the Texas legislature. They did pass a bill Atticus Apr 2021 #58
Good for you! BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #56
They know, on some level, soldierant Apr 2021 #57
Ride sharing zipplewrath Apr 2021 #59
Here is our theme song for when we go pass out food and water to exhausted voters! ShazzieB Apr 2021 #61
Oh, heck. I am not one of those "Christians" people like to talk about. PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2021 #62
I'm not either, but I was thinking the words "what would Jesus do." Irish_Dem Apr 2021 #65
Yep. I can't imagine Jesus would want the hungry and thirsty to remain PoindexterOglethorpe Apr 2021 #67
You have innate compassion so don't need someone showing you the way. Irish_Dem Apr 2021 #68
This message was self-deleted by its author blitzen Apr 2021 #63
James Talley... blitzen Apr 2021 #64
Meanwhile the GOP-controlled legislature will be stealing the elections Hortensis Apr 2021 #69
I share your hope that the For The People Act can be passed and rectify the transparent voter Atticus Apr 2021 #70
So be it. One thing's sure, those of us who don't drop dead first Hortensis Apr 2021 #71
👍 nt Atticus Apr 2021 #72
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