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Moscow Mitch, please proceed. Quick, fast, and in a hurry. Comfortably_Numb Mar 2021 #1
Really? BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #49
Persuasive you are BobTheSubgenius.....I'm coming around to your perspective.. Comfortably_Numb Mar 2021 #52
The sooner the better. Paladin Mar 2021 #2
Last fall my 3 to go has one down and 2 to go. Botany Mar 2021 #4
You need to put Cheney on your list ... SarcasticSatyr Mar 2021 #34
He gets a new heart from a Chinese athelete every 18 months. Botany Mar 2021 #39
And the blood of infants every fortnight. jaxexpat Mar 2021 #40
Yes I have noticed those dark purple/blue lips for some time now. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #3
And the white of his eyes, sclera, have that look StClone Mar 2021 #20
Red rimmed eyes as well. And other pictures with dark blue hands. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #22
So, will we get to dance in the streets again, wnylib Mar 2021 #41
And sing Ding Dong...... Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #53
......the Mitch is dead. wnylib Mar 2021 #55
I don't think it's makeup jmowreader Mar 2021 #56
Right, he is not hiding his obvious and serious symptoms. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #63
His body is rejecting him. marble falls Mar 2021 #5
His soul is too putrid and toxic for wnylib Mar 2021 #42
There were also recent reports and pictures of purple bruises on his hands. Arkansas Granny Mar 2021 #6
That is an IV port in his right hand and his left hand sure looks like pulmonary edema Botany Mar 2021 #9
A port and two bandages, one on right thumb and another on left knuckles. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #23
Looks like his lower front teeth Cirque du So-What Mar 2021 #7
Moscow Mitch is being called home. Omnipresent Mar 2021 #8
He did so much damage Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #10
Wants to be sure he can continue hurting people even after he dies JI7 Mar 2021 #15
No one in US history has done more to make sure money rules out governement Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #16
How does the Kentucky legislature decide law? Doesn't the governor have to sign any bill? n/t Eyeball_Kid Mar 2021 #27
They have a super majority Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #29
Did they pass it already? Crunchy Frog Mar 2021 #59
I knew McConnell was trying to get this arrangement, crickets Mar 2021 #60
Is that a done deal? n/t Mr.Bill Mar 2021 #66
He should've thought of that while helping to destroy the economy. lagomorph777 Mar 2021 #11
In 2016 he was told of Russia's work to swing the election and worked to keep that hidden. Botany Mar 2021 #12
Here's a larger version of that image from its original source: Towlie Mar 2021 #13
God, he's hideous! smirkymonkey Mar 2021 #68
If I had to guess Raftergirl Mar 2021 #14
The grim reaper is about to be malaise Mar 2021 #17
I guess intends to continue to f**k with us from beyond the grave Dream Girl Mar 2021 #18
That's in place with all of his RW fanatic judges he rammed through... Wounded Bear Mar 2021 #28
Mitch's diseased mind StClone Mar 2021 #19
He is a sociopath and projects the evil he himself does on to others. Typical psychopath. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #25
Lol DU DOCTORS! Nt USALiberal Mar 2021 #21
+1 onenote Mar 2021 #37
Yep!! :-) USALiberal Mar 2021 #43
No. He's going to be like Dick Cheney. The devil keeps them alive to do his work. BComplex Mar 2021 #24
Reminds me of Colin Jost's joke about Ted Cruz on SNL's "Weekend Update" - bullwinkle428 Mar 2021 #26
That's it!! tosh Mar 2021 #57
Why did he insist on running for another term? FakeNoose Mar 2021 #30
Maybe he is not allowed to smoke those big fat Havana's in the house LiberalArkie Mar 2021 #32
Why? Either a case of denial, or a desire to pick his own successor without a (gasp) election. nt Hekate Mar 2021 #65
Not long for this world? Deuxcents Mar 2021 #31
Palpatine's got a few lightning bolts left in his old purple fingertips Maine-i-ac Mar 2021 #33
Moscow Mitch deserves a long and painful natural demise. dalton99a Mar 2021 #35
I sincerely hope you are not wrong. FoxNewsSucks Mar 2021 #36
That's why GOP governors are opening their states up IronLionZion Mar 2021 #38
Yessir.... Toorich Mar 2021 #44
Antifa, immigrants, masks, etc. are spreading the infections IronLionZion Mar 2021 #48
Then they'll say Mr.Bill Mar 2021 #67
I heard it takes Turtles a while to acclimate back to full body heat after winter... cayugafalls Mar 2021 #45
Turtles actually breathe through their assholes when they hibernate underwater. Crunchy Frog Mar 2021 #62
That explains it, when Biden took office McTurtle lost his asshole... cayugafalls Mar 2021 #69
He is more concerned Traildogbob Mar 2021 #46
I think you're likely correct. barbtries Mar 2021 #47
You're Not the Only One Thinking That Killer of Radio Star Mar 2021 #50
Too much potassium permanganate ornotna Mar 2021 #51
Could be Post Polio Syndrome. scipan Mar 2021 #54
Can't he just die before he's able to get the law changed in Kentucky? Crunchy Frog Mar 2021 #58
He was worse when Trump had covid and his hands were completely purple, he had bruises Autumn Mar 2021 #61
The blue lips and hideous bruises on his hands iemitsu Mar 2021 #64
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