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Fri Mar 12, 2021, 10:09 AM Mar 2021

I might be wrong but I think McConnell is not long for the world. Picture. [View all]

I don't know when this picture was taken but those blue lips sure look like low O2 levels in his blood.
No wonder he is trying so hard to change the law in KY so the Governor can't pick somebody to fill
a vacancy when a US Senator leaves office.
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Moscow Mitch, please proceed. Quick, fast, and in a hurry. Comfortably_Numb Mar 2021 #1
Really? BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #49
Persuasive you are BobTheSubgenius.....I'm coming around to your perspective.. Comfortably_Numb Mar 2021 #52
The sooner the better. Paladin Mar 2021 #2
Last fall my 3 to go has one down and 2 to go. Botany Mar 2021 #4
You need to put Cheney on your list ... SarcasticSatyr Mar 2021 #34
He gets a new heart from a Chinese athelete every 18 months. Botany Mar 2021 #39
And the blood of infants every fortnight. jaxexpat Mar 2021 #40
Yes I have noticed those dark purple/blue lips for some time now. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #3
And the white of his eyes, sclera, have that look StClone Mar 2021 #20
Red rimmed eyes as well. And other pictures with dark blue hands. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #22
So, will we get to dance in the streets again, wnylib Mar 2021 #41
And sing Ding Dong...... Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #53
......the Mitch is dead. wnylib Mar 2021 #55
I don't think it's makeup jmowreader Mar 2021 #56
Right, he is not hiding his obvious and serious symptoms. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #63
His body is rejecting him. marble falls Mar 2021 #5
His soul is too putrid and toxic for wnylib Mar 2021 #42
There were also recent reports and pictures of purple bruises on his hands. Arkansas Granny Mar 2021 #6
That is an IV port in his right hand and his left hand sure looks like pulmonary edema Botany Mar 2021 #9
A port and two bandages, one on right thumb and another on left knuckles. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #23
Looks like his lower front teeth Cirque du So-What Mar 2021 #7
Moscow Mitch is being called home. Omnipresent Mar 2021 #8
He did so much damage Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #10
Wants to be sure he can continue hurting people even after he dies JI7 Mar 2021 #15
No one in US history has done more to make sure money rules out governement Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #16
How does the Kentucky legislature decide law? Doesn't the governor have to sign any bill? n/t Eyeball_Kid Mar 2021 #27
They have a super majority Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #29
Did they pass it already? Crunchy Frog Mar 2021 #59
I knew McConnell was trying to get this arrangement, crickets Mar 2021 #60
Is that a done deal? n/t Mr.Bill Mar 2021 #66
He should've thought of that while helping to destroy the economy. lagomorph777 Mar 2021 #11
In 2016 he was told of Russia's work to swing the election and worked to keep that hidden. Botany Mar 2021 #12
Here's a larger version of that image from its original source: Towlie Mar 2021 #13
God, he's hideous! smirkymonkey Mar 2021 #68
If I had to guess Raftergirl Mar 2021 #14
The grim reaper is about to be malaise Mar 2021 #17
I guess intends to continue to f**k with us from beyond the grave Dream Girl Mar 2021 #18
That's in place with all of his RW fanatic judges he rammed through... Wounded Bear Mar 2021 #28
Mitch's diseased mind StClone Mar 2021 #19
He is a sociopath and projects the evil he himself does on to others. Typical psychopath. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #25
Lol DU DOCTORS! Nt USALiberal Mar 2021 #21
+1 onenote Mar 2021 #37
Yep!! :-) USALiberal Mar 2021 #43
No. He's going to be like Dick Cheney. The devil keeps them alive to do his work. BComplex Mar 2021 #24
Reminds me of Colin Jost's joke about Ted Cruz on SNL's "Weekend Update" - bullwinkle428 Mar 2021 #26
That's it!! tosh Mar 2021 #57
Why did he insist on running for another term? FakeNoose Mar 2021 #30
Maybe he is not allowed to smoke those big fat Havana's in the house LiberalArkie Mar 2021 #32
Why? Either a case of denial, or a desire to pick his own successor without a (gasp) election. nt Hekate Mar 2021 #65
Not long for this world? Deuxcents Mar 2021 #31
Palpatine's got a few lightning bolts left in his old purple fingertips Maine-i-ac Mar 2021 #33
Moscow Mitch deserves a long and painful natural demise. dalton99a Mar 2021 #35
I sincerely hope you are not wrong. FoxNewsSucks Mar 2021 #36
That's why GOP governors are opening their states up IronLionZion Mar 2021 #38
Yessir.... Toorich Mar 2021 #44
Antifa, immigrants, masks, etc. are spreading the infections IronLionZion Mar 2021 #48
Then they'll say Mr.Bill Mar 2021 #67
I heard it takes Turtles a while to acclimate back to full body heat after winter... cayugafalls Mar 2021 #45
Turtles actually breathe through their assholes when they hibernate underwater. Crunchy Frog Mar 2021 #62
That explains it, when Biden took office McTurtle lost his asshole... cayugafalls Mar 2021 #69
He is more concerned Traildogbob Mar 2021 #46
I think you're likely correct. barbtries Mar 2021 #47
You're Not the Only One Thinking That Killer of Radio Star Mar 2021 #50
Too much potassium permanganate ornotna Mar 2021 #51
Could be Post Polio Syndrome. scipan Mar 2021 #54
Can't he just die before he's able to get the law changed in Kentucky? Crunchy Frog Mar 2021 #58
He was worse when Trump had covid and his hands were completely purple, he had bruises Autumn Mar 2021 #61
The blue lips and hideous bruises on his hands iemitsu Mar 2021 #64
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