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Laura PourMeADrink

(42,770 posts)
Tue Mar 9, 2021, 11:15 AM Mar 2021

Just have to stop and laugh out loud in awe at the magnitude of his legacy [View all]

As president;

1) You directly and indirectly caused HALF A MILLION Americans to die

2) You broke records for job loss and national debt

3) You were impeached twice, first time in history.

4) You tried to bribe a foreign government for personal gain.

5) You encouraged violent followers to invade the halls of Congress to stop the vote finalization. Five died

6). You lost the House for your party.

7). You lost the Senate for your party

8). You lost the WH for your party.

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And his party still worships him! lagomorph777 Mar 2021 #1
This is the really scary part. The evil monster is adored by many. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #3
Yup, and we can't repair stupid; we can educate the ignorant who aren't willfully so, Magoo48 Mar 2021 #47
That is why we need to put money into early childhood and junior college education. Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #59
Indeed Magoo48 Mar 2021 #62
They do... Dorian Gray Mar 2021 #79
9). First POTUS to lose Twitter privileges for a lifetime. RainCaster Mar 2021 #2
And think this is actually a huge thing... Cutting off his ability Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #5
You caged innocent children. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #4
Yes, yes, yes. Just picking one out, nepotism. It was blatant with Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #9
And practically destroyed the Postal Service PatSeg Mar 2021 #26
Yep. But it's interesting to see the list grow. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #40
And I think there is still a whole lot PatSeg Mar 2021 #53
I forgot: He shoplifted Lincoln's bust and other items from the WH. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #55
He is such a perpetual destructive force PatSeg Mar 2021 #57
Totally agree until the last two words. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #58
Good point PatSeg Mar 2021 #66
Had pictures of Clinton and Bush removed. Refused to allow Obama picture put up. True Blue American Mar 2021 #92
He is likely the pettiest president PatSeg Mar 2021 #93
WHAT?!? He stole Lincoln's bust? dmr Mar 2021 #78
These are things we can see. Imagine what we didn't see. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #80
Wow... This is a HUGE story I missed. Thanks for posting. JHC Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #85
Remember he called the WH a dump. Guess it grew in him Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #86
The rat bastard took it so he can brag. bearssoapbox Mar 2021 #82
Has anyone mentioned the fact that we are the butt of international jokes? jaxexpat Mar 2021 #64
Yes and great concern as well PatSeg Mar 2021 #67
9) Turned the U.S. into a planetary laughingstock catbyte Mar 2021 #6
And even if you try to be fair, and say, here are some things he Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #32
You ran twice for President, never released your Tax Returns. rgbecker Mar 2021 #7
Man,. Probably a list of hundreds of horrors huh. One related thing Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #12
You will get it in two weeks. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #44
10). Lost the popular vote. Twice. RainCaster Mar 2021 #8
THIS Skittles Mar 2021 #73
And now he's trying to siphon off donations to the Republican Party. Baitball Blogger Mar 2021 #10
Conman? Or treasonous collaborator. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #11
Both. niyad Mar 2021 #31
+1 Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #33
Have you seen the Netflix 4 part documentary on trump? Goes Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #15
Lost case with Trump University, numerous bankruptcies BSdetect Mar 2021 #13
Legitimized the NK thug regime kairos12 Mar 2021 #14
Yes .. and in bed with Russia and Saudi Arabia Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #16
few more Botany Mar 2021 #17
Points #1 and #2... AZ8theist Mar 2021 #23
Trump sold out an Isreali agent who was inside of ISIs in Syria @ this Oval Office visit in 2017 Botany Mar 2021 #27
Fucking asshole thought he was a big shot... AZ8theist Mar 2021 #87
Ignored Russia paying bounties on the killing of US soldiers. n/t FSogol Mar 2021 #28
Lost the popular vote twice. patricia92243 Mar 2021 #18
Nothing to laugh at here. mahannah Mar 2021 #19
Agree! Couldn't think of a word instead of laugh. But it's that Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #52
Media lies. twodogsbarking Mar 2021 #20
Ha, ha! Not hardly PatSeg Mar 2021 #29
You reminded me.. "You have a wife who used Christmas and the F word in same sentence" nt Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #36
been during ww-2 , would have been hung for treason !! monkeyman1 Mar 2021 #21
A couple of things could be added to that list, re foreign relations. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #22
So true!!! And on a lighter note, in the same realm, let's not forget this fashion crime Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #35
The body language. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #54
Yes! Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #60
MAGA awe bucolic_frolic Mar 2021 #24
Kudos on making the Teapot Dome Scandal, Watergate, and Iran Contra look like amateurs. n/t FSogol Mar 2021 #25
Yes, and my #1 listed in OP would be a total hard stop for Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #41
And he's the only pResident in U.S. history to ... aggiesal Mar 2021 #30
And the only u.s. president Dreampuff Mar 2021 #34
Thom Hartmann just cited this OP on his show. n/t ariadne0614 Mar 2021 #37
No way! Cool Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #39
Yup, he credited Laura PourMeADrink. n/t ariadne0614 Mar 2021 #42
What did he say about it? LakeArenal Mar 2021 #68
If memory serves, he used it to amplify a larger point he was making. n/t ariadne0614 Mar 2021 #69
Yes... Why are Republicans hitching their wagon to trump if he's been such a loser. Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #90
Chosen One, though? czarjak Mar 2021 #38
According to studies, about 40% of the deaths were preventable LiberalLovinLug Mar 2021 #43
Good points. And I do think there's a differentiation. But Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #48
I'm just going by a Lancet commission tasked with assessing Donald Trump's health policy record LiberalLovinLug Mar 2021 #50
Thanks for sharing. Makes sense. We would never be Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #91
However, he did: Calista241 Mar 2021 #45
Guess if you are of the same ideological ilk this might Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #49
Changing tax laws is easy to do if you have the political will to do so. Calista241 Mar 2021 #51
And Turned The Republican Party From Bad And Evil To Simply Pathetic Nut Jobs DanieRains Mar 2021 #46
A party of poopy pants to a party of treason and poopy pants. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #56
about as good as his record before he took office: business failures and bankruptcies. Hamlette Mar 2021 #61
Great post malaise Mar 2021 #63
I'm not laughing. Martin68 Mar 2021 #65
Single handedly destroyed.... DeSmet Mar 2021 #70
Some of the magic Traildogbob Mar 2021 #71
And the GOP is following him to the gates of hell. Joinfortmill Mar 2021 #72
One quibble Martin Eden Mar 2021 #74
great list hkp11 Mar 2021 #75
I can't see too good -- is that a legacy or a steaming pile of dung? Blue Owl Mar 2021 #76
No President has ever done anything like it! 2Gingersnaps Mar 2021 #77
Imagine if dumpy was a baseball player BunnyMcGee Mar 2021 #81
This list is WAY good! dchill Mar 2021 #83
And those are the things we KNOW of.... Sogo Mar 2021 #84
So. Much. Winning. Raster Mar 2021 #88
"The nearer the inauguration, the more you're slip sliding away........" DFW Mar 2021 #89
It's a laugh through clenched teeth. marble falls Mar 2021 #94
Ya, couldn't think of a word better than laugh. What's amazing Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2021 #95
Even he realizes he is an asterisk in history. When the the other ex's just did a public service ... marble falls Mar 2021 #96
And yet cruz and company wanted to install him as a dictator ecstatic Mar 2021 #97
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