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15. Was thinking the same thing.
Mon Mar 1, 2021, 06:53 PM
Mar 2021

If I har to go to cable/tv for information I fel like I would be woefully under-informed

where tf is the "Stimulus"...? [View all] FirstLight Mar 2021 OP
it has passed the house. drray23 Mar 2021 #1
yeah, I looked it up and saw something in the NYT FirstLight Mar 2021 #4
It goes to the senate next week SoonerPride Mar 2021 #2
It was passed by the House, now on its way to the Senate. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #3
I mean, while you don't have cable, you do have the internet... Drunken Irishman Mar 2021 #5
Was thinking the same thing. SlogginThroughIt Mar 2021 #15
ok yeah, I looked it up FirstLight Mar 2021 #6
It was all over DU when the House bill passed the other night. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #8
Yea. It passed in the middle of the night. LakeArenal Mar 2021 #11
It passed in the House, now we wait for the Senate. The urgency is almost palatable. Autumn Mar 2021 #7
yeah, that's exactly where I'm at! FirstLight Mar 2021 #9
We were delayed as we tried to put the minimum wage in the bill...waited for the parlimentarian. Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #21
It may be found with a little more patience I trust. StClone Mar 2021 #10
I hear you, I really could use that money too n/t Victor_c3 Mar 2021 #12
Per Speaker Pelosi, when it passes the Senate the cks will be sent out asap... Budi Mar 2021 #13
Checks ? dweller Mar 2021 #14
Checks, debit card, direct deposit...whatever you got last time Budi Mar 2021 #16
It was always going to take this long Johnny2X2X Mar 2021 #17
It will happen. The sad thing to me is that the QOP doesn't seem to be taking any heat...yet walkingman Mar 2021 #18
+1000 FirstLight Mar 2021 #19
Be cool Joe is Incharge ! stonecutter357 Mar 2021 #20
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