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18. Sometimes I think if it were not for
Fri Feb 19, 2021, 06:23 PM
Feb 2021

guns and abortion there would be no reason for the republican party to even exist.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: [View all] tblue37 Feb 2021 OP
They'll Forget This By The Time LYIN' TED Is Running In 2024 nt sfstaxprep Feb 2021 #1
Or they will simply say Mr.Bill Feb 2021 #5
Yep jayschool2013 Feb 2021 #15
Sometimes I think if it were not for Mr.Bill Feb 2021 #18
Seems like Republicans are all takers. LakeArenal Feb 2021 #2
Come election day these ******* will scream about the evils of dems and socialism Fullduplexxx Feb 2021 #3
It's like a brain-disabling disease, that defies natural explanation Blue Owl Feb 2021 #4
Hell, they'll campaign on (lying about) it. Grokenstein Feb 2021 #6
I tweeted back at this maroon. MontanaMama Feb 2021 #9
Holy Crap! Lies! Duppers Feb 2021 #10
It's a good thing AOC forgot about the senators who voted against helping CaptYossarian Feb 2021 #7
NOT... lame54 Feb 2021 #8
Lacking his trademark snarky humour, but as incisive as ever. BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #11
...but I'm not holding my breath bluboid Feb 2021 #12
Come election time Cruz will just say that he cannot see raising taxes for silly infrastructure world wide wally Feb 2021 #13
Well maybe Rebl2 Feb 2021 #20
We'll need to remind the MSM about it and make sure they haven't normalized it out of sight. Ford_Prefect Feb 2021 #14
Nope, a Democratic party member could hand them each $1600 dollars and they would still Ferrets are Cool Feb 2021 #16
suthners would eat dirt, so long as the gots they guns & bibbles. KG Feb 2021 #17
I am reminded of a Sam Houston quote flotsam Feb 2021 #19
It's hard to believe that people would still vote for Reeps in Texas. ananda Feb 2021 #21
that's because, Abbott and Cornyn are White in Repub. minds... RicROC Feb 2021 #22
God I hate white supremacy shit! ananda Feb 2021 #23
Please don't forget that Texas Xanthera Feb 2021 #24
How will they know? Who will tell them? 3Hotdogs Feb 2021 #25
It's $3.4 million now! tblue37 Feb 2021 #26
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