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Fri Feb 19, 2021, 10:32 AM Feb 2021

You all are going to love this one [View all]

I fly large high power rockets as a hobby and part of what I do is make my own motors, I hold permit from California as a pyrotechnician, a low explosive users permit from the federal government and live on 10 acres in the desert. My neighbor is upset that I am liberal and not willing to support Trump and saw a delivery marked explosives, which I have stored on my property for over 10 years and called the Sheriff. He says that I am receiving explosives as part of a project run by the Biden administration to violently suppress Trump supporters in the area and need to be taken out as quickly as possibly to protect real Americans, the Sheriff's office knows about the explosives since they are permitted and refused to respond so he came out and asked me how much it cost to buy off the local cops and that this isn't over.

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I would be wary of that guy SlogginThroughIt Feb 2021 #1
Ditto...nt Wounded Bear Feb 2021 #2
Yep. You never know what these nutcases will do. CaptainTruth Feb 2021 #26
THIS! 👍 TheBlackAdder Feb 2021 #27
Might be worth investigating a protective order. Nt spooky3 Feb 2021 #35
Might be worth pointing one of your "high powered" rockets at his direction. Paint the terms..... usaf-vet Feb 2021 #51
+1 Ferrets are Cool Feb 2021 #37
And report the threat! Wawannabe Feb 2021 #53
I can't agree with you more. This guy is likely to be major trouble. I'd ask the sheriff to talk hlthe2b Feb 2021 #57
99% of the time, they're just internet cranks, bone lazy Warpy Feb 2021 #65
Holy buckets. MontanaMama Feb 2021 #3
Did you explain what was going on? That guy could be serious trouble for you. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2021 #4
He knows what I do ripcord Feb 2021 #6
You're a liberal Soros Obama HRC Biden cell, planted by Antifa before it and MAGAts existed! Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2021 #9
+1 LazySusanNot Feb 2021 #31
Yikes soothsayer Feb 2021 #5
Holy crap, that guy needs to turn off the internet and put down the bong. Initech Feb 2021 #7
No, he needs to start using a bong and lighten up Ferrets are Cool Feb 2021 #38
That could go both ways! Initech Feb 2021 #44
Pot doesn't make you violent, stupid or republican. panader0 Feb 2021 #66
No but there's plenty of other drugs that can you can inhale. Initech Feb 2021 #68
I don't know, plimsoll Feb 2021 #82
He's Paranoid. Be careful. Captain Zero Feb 2021 #95
Are you that guy we have been seeing leftofthestorm Feb 2021 #8
Not me ripcord Feb 2021 #10
Wow Arthur_Frain Feb 2021 #11
Very cool grantcart Feb 2021 #13
I'm not sure how many takes ripcord Feb 2021 #18
How many rocket launches were there? grantcart Feb 2021 #20
We burned 7 motors making the commercial ripcord Feb 2021 #21
Seriously cool GeoWilliam750 Feb 2021 #79
Did you stay at a Holiday Inn last night? leftofthestorm Feb 2021 #19
I will always love the variety of people and their experiences TNNurse Feb 2021 #32
Way Coolio. progressoid Feb 2021 #43
Obviously Biden paid Ford to make that commercial not fooled Feb 2021 #58
OK, that was extremely cool. ... aggiesal Feb 2021 #72
Neat rocket footage. Gore1FL Feb 2021 #76
I'd love to see you blow up a television. littlemissmartypants Feb 2021 #92
Point a dummy rocket at his house nykym Feb 2021 #12
Exactly what Traildogbob Feb 2021 #48
You paid with Bitcoin I hope !! SmartVoter22 Feb 2021 #14
This isn't new for him ripcord Feb 2021 #15
Have to admit I'm laughing reading about this guy pandr32 Feb 2021 #29
This isn't funny. Mariana Feb 2021 #16
Yes, good idea to communicate with sheriff cp Feb 2021 #50
Definitely. And keep notes, then record his words on your phone if he shows up again. ancianita Feb 2021 #67
Agree 100% Evolve Dammit Feb 2021 #84
I'd put up a fuel tank on legs safeinOhio Feb 2021 #17
And leave some boxes laying around with "Clinton Foundation" printed on the side. progressoid Feb 2021 #45
omigawd. barbtries Feb 2021 #22
What about your 2nd amendment rights? 33taw Feb 2021 #23
Put up some signs that say "Liberals for Cruz". Might cause him to melt down his brain LiberalArkie Feb 2021 #24
LOL. "Commies for Hawley!" and "Radical leftists for Reagan!" and "Dems for Limbaugh!" Rabrrrrrr Feb 2021 #55
Keep us posted! 634-5789 Feb 2021 #25
I'm surprised that he didn't accuse you of being a spotter for that fire-causing Jewish Space LASER. TheBlackAdder Feb 2021 #28
So YOURE THE ONE who put the jewish laser up there for Soros!!!. Volaris Feb 2021 #30
I hope your explosives are safe from him targeting it MagickMuffin Feb 2021 #33
You're it! You're the AntiFa! They finally found you FakeNoose Feb 2021 #34
Projecting is what they do. gibraltar72 Feb 2021 #36
Awesome hobby JohnnyRingo Feb 2021 #39
Say... your rockets don't launch with warheads do they? WheelWalker Feb 2021 #40
Good thing you aren't a ham radio operator orangecrush Feb 2021 #41
Too funny! HPR is one of my hobbies as well, VWolf Feb 2021 #42
Good luck on Rincewind Feb 2021 #96
How did so many Americans get so dang stupid? Jon King Feb 2021 #46
Get a restraining order on him. He is unstable. TeamPooka Feb 2021 #47
Buy him a box of tin foil. lpbk2713 Feb 2021 #49
But be sure to gift-wrap it in tin foil. nilram Feb 2021 #94
While bizarre bordering on the comic, I hate to say that I don't love it. BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #52
Also, please post any significant updates. While I don't love this story, I do confess to liking it. BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #54
So familiar... kimmylavin Feb 2021 #56
He has retreated to his house ripcord Feb 2021 #86
Get him on camera AwakeAtLast Feb 2021 #59
Be careful. These morons are dangerous. sinkingfeeling Feb 2021 #60
Report that. As a just-in-case.. NM Grins Feb 2021 #61
Be careful about that guy ismnotwasm Feb 2021 #62
wait until he figures out you have been launching jewish lasers into orbit.... getagrip_already Feb 2021 #63
You could screw with his mind by placing a "Q" here & there around your property. dmr Feb 2021 #64
Be careful. These people are crazy. Joinfortmill Feb 2021 #69
I hope you reported this guy's comment to the Sheriff, as well. NellieStarbuck Feb 2021 #70
I know you know this, but lock up the explosives. Lars39 Feb 2021 #71
Just let him know that you are Q ... aggiesal Feb 2021 #73
Ah Ha, wcollar Feb 2021 #74
For anyone interested in amateur rocketry, here is a good website that got me started years ago. EarnestPutz Feb 2021 #75
how long has been a neighbor? cab67 Feb 2021 #77
Make sure you record every conversation you have w/ such idiots. You never know when one of SWBTATTReg Feb 2021 #78
Hopefully you've got some guns MrScorpio Feb 2021 #80
Years ago I read about a group of amateur pyrotechnicians out West ... eppur_se_muova Feb 2021 #81
I think I would file for a restraining order. Laelth Feb 2021 #83
"This isn't over" is a threat to your safety. roamer65 Feb 2021 #85
Paint it baby blue w a UN logo on it. Seriously though, set up some cams and protect your property. FreepFryer Feb 2021 #87
We had the usual model rockets as kids and my brother was involved in some Utah club brewens Feb 2021 #88
I still have the Cherokee D Rincewind Feb 2021 #98
LOL TalenaGor Feb 2021 #89
Be careful, he seems like he has a few screws loose. Bluethroughu Feb 2021 #90
Call lawyer ask for restraining order tymorial Feb 2021 #91
i used to be a tripoli member rdking647 Feb 2021 #93
Your neighbor's feeling emboldened by the craziness. That'll pass. Hortensis Feb 2021 #97
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