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1. From your lips to the 'ear of the ear' of Bhagavan*
Wed Feb 17, 2021, 02:01 PM
Feb 2021

Karmic trajectories rush inevitably to balance forces when no further actions continue manifesting results which themselves must be appropriately paid. The piper will not be put off.

I hope never to share Rush's realms.

People, there are, whose karmic trajectories will bring results desired, not as reward but rather as paid-interest on investment.
Of these folk we can say, "They choose wisely". I hope to be "One".

Desires impel choices that initiate actions that become habits. Once one becomes a karmic-clown, the path to which realm will be roamed is, as though, set in stone.

*The word Bhagavan can be understood as cosmic-balance in stillness. Like pendulums coming to rest; consequences cease when activity is stilled.

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