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Wed Oct 10, 2012, 02:30 PM
Oct 2012

every year since on whatever board I am on, I have posted a rememberance of this gentle giant, true hero. I was planning on doing so again come Black Friday 2012.

I will also post this now in this thread.

GREED reared it's ugly head that day.

Mr. Damour died working as a security guard in a Valley Stream Long Island NY Walmart
and as he rushed to the rescue of pregant woman he was crushed to death by the mob stampede of greedy mostly white shoppers looking to get their 50 bucks off 50 inch tvs and computers.

Worse, the vultures did not stop, and the store, worst of all, kept going.Cash registered ringing with a dead man and injured people lying on the ground.

Mr. Damour (d'amour=love_ died for our greediness.

Walmart=the ruin of America.

If you are proUnion, proWorker DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART.
The drugs are cheap, yes, they are. You get what you pay for. Walmart can be taken down but you need to inconvience yourself alittle and go elsewhere, and maybe pay a little more.

Rest in peace Jdimytai, I for one will NEVER EVER forget you.
You are a hero and inspiration and a beautiful person. You are not forgotten.

A Wal-Mart worker died early Friday after an "out-of-control" mob of frenzied shoppers smashed through the Long Island store's front doors and trampled him, police said.

The Black Friday stampede plunged the Valley Stream outlet into chaos, knocking several employees to the ground and sending others scurrying atop vending machines to avoid the horde.

When the madness ended, 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour was dead and four shoppers, including a woman eight months pregnant, were injured

PEACE and LOVE, may God be with you Mr. Damour.

Well, Sherman A1 Oct 2012 #1
All the WalMart "Right to Work" states JimDandy Oct 2012 #2
yes Yes YEs YES YESSSSSS!!!! lame54 Oct 2012 #3
They will be summarily dismissed. WinkyDink Oct 2012 #4
We can help. Kindly Refrain Oct 2012 #5
That would be good. WalMart pioneered the double-part-time job thing to avoid paying benefits. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #6
I'm a prime example of someone hurt by walmart policy DisabledAmerican Oct 2012 #8
Most of the people who once worked at Wal-Mart fasttense Oct 2012 #16
retail store here though DisabledAmerican Oct 2012 #24
How many of those workers are signed in on one job and then reassigned to another department LiberalFighter Oct 2012 #10
I completely agree, but apparently it is a legal practice. Olive Garden/Red Lobster's going there. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #19
Olive Garden's parent company is Darden Lyric Oct 2012 #34
Thank you. Yes, Darden. And breastfeeding at Olive Garden is ALREADY a problem. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #37
Do you have actual proof of this? joeglow3 Oct 2012 #15
Sadly, it is legal. It was all over the papers a decade ago. Sadly, I couldn't find a reference. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #20
I too would like to see some evidence of this "double part time job" thing. bighart Oct 2012 #22
Yeah, I went looking for it too. Most of the print media from that time isn't online. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #25
I hope I am not comming across as snarky on this. bighart Oct 2012 #30
Not snarky at all. It could also be a regional thing. I agree that it should at least BE illegal. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #36
Thanks for the reply, glad I didn't offend. bighart Oct 2012 #39
I'm not easily offended. I know the feeling of looking for a job while hating what you're in. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #43
community colleges in my state did the same thing circa 80s -- part timers would cobble together HiPointDem Oct 2012 #32
What you can do to help walmart workers CALL STORES DisabledAmerican Oct 2012 #7
... Fire Walk With Me Oct 2012 #18
snowball effect it DisabledAmerican Oct 2012 #23
Now THAT is an excellent idea!!!! HopeHoops Oct 2012 #44
I love this idea - hit 'em where it hurts!!!!!! Initech Oct 2012 #9
Oh, that would be great wouldn't it? Drahthaardogs Oct 2012 #11
Will be fine by then nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #12
Good for them! Would love to see a general strike woo me with science Oct 2012 #13
Do it. Arkana Oct 2012 #14
Black Friday = Buy Nothing Day. Let them strike. I fully support this!! Erose999 Oct 2012 #17
Use your credit card for something productive klook Oct 2012 #28
Yes! ellie Oct 2012 #21
We have so much power that is never used over these giant corporations former-republican Oct 2012 #26
Bravo to them! nt valerief Oct 2012 #27
+1 HiPointDem Oct 2012 #33
There are alternatives to Walmart for RX's, even in small towns. justice1 Oct 2012 #35
OMG.... +1! Fire Walk With Me Oct 2012 #38
Do it!! Barack_America Oct 2012 #31
good. i hope they do. NuttyFluffers Oct 2012 #40
Yes! theKed Oct 2012 #41
It's time to take these guys on........ socialist_n_TN Oct 2012 #42
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