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37. Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.-Vince Lombardi
Wed Oct 10, 2012, 03:50 AM
Oct 2012

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I figure I guess you don't know me.

my board name is Graham4anything, and is a tribute to one of my heroes, Bob Graham, Senator and Gov. of Florida.(whom I believe should have been VP at anytime in 2000, 2004, 2008 and then still today in 2012).Florida would have been ours without a doubt in a landslide had Al Gore picked Bob.

I was posting elsewhere (CGCS) since Nov. 2004, but the site unexpectedly closed down and disappeared in Feb.2012 (you cannot even find much cache in google for it) I had over 80,000 posts there, the second most of any non-moderator/administrator in that board's history.

I was one of the few Democratics in that place by the end, filled with people who were libertarians and not what they appeared to be, including some government workers at the very end I believe.

It was the off-shoot of the old original John Kerry board I signed after Howard Dean got out of the race by the phony "scream" issue (yet another time backers got timid and negative and sold Howard down the river.)

I had over 80,000 posts at that place and never needed to go elsewhere then, because what little time I had to post was spent there (and besides, people had cut/pasted my posts and put elsewhere.

I was also on the Draft Al Gore board in early 2003 and continued on that board til Al himself said he wasn't running, and please stop with the Draft. That board then continued under a different name, sort of a pirate version still exists with posts very sparatic.

But I did not have time to post the same stuff in 3 places, and I had acquired friends there and remained there.
(a big shoutout to the late Mr.Jim who passed away now about 2 years ago I think, perhaps my favorite poster I ever ran into on the internet).

I always read here at DU, but never signed up until after the first board I am talking about disappeared from the face of the internet. (and that board actually was one you had to pay a subscription to monthly/yearly.)

So, no I am not a moron. I am not a troll as you so called me. (but hey, you are free to write whatever you want my friend.)

And I believe in positive thinking, and that making one's morale low, lowers everyone.

A Glass is half empty.
A Glass is half full.

I would prefer to see the glass as half full, especially as we only need 192 electoral
votes before 1045 pm EASTERN time on 11/6/2012 to acquire the lease to the White house for another 4 years.
(if you wish, I will explain my math.)

I fully expect over 230 electoral votes by that time, but anything over 192 is gravy on my mashed taters.

192 is the magic number before 1045pm eastern time. Keep that number in mind to refer to it then.

And you don't need to call me a troll.

Thank you very much (the thank you is said using the voice of Eric Idle in one of his most delicious songs)

And remember what Vince Lombardi said- the debate is nothing.

"Winning is not everything, it's the only thing"
"Winning is not a sometime thing, it's an all-time thing"

and by the way- I was out there in person at the courthouse in Nov. 2000 in Florida protesting the treatment of Al Gore
And not many others were.
(Kudos to the great courthouse clerk, Craig Waters, great person, and oh how he made me cry tears of laughter when he came out and read both verdicts of the Florida Supremes.

And I was out there at the courthouse in DC in Dec. 2000 on the side of Al Gore.

The thing is, it was quite lonely there. Almost ZERO Al Gore supporters. I had his back.

Did you kid?

Where were you during the debachle of 2000? Where it seemed nobody cared, everyone it appeared must have agreed with Ralph Nader that Bush and Gore were one and the same, because nobody was at the courthouses, nobody but phony Brooks Brother agitators from Tom DeLay's office in Texas even appeared at the recount never done to stop it...where was our side to stop them from doing what the court asked for?(Florida court). So before you judge please ask!

And as there were 1000s of posters on that other site, all of them may tell you I am obnoxious, I might be to some an asshole, but that what I say is true and my belief, and that i have and always will be a democratic supporter,

I backed JFK, LBJ,(whom I adore and looks greater and greater as the years go on), HHH, McGovern(though I knew he couldn't win), Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter(though I love Teddy and thought he was the best of all the Kennedy's because he actually achieeved what the two others only dreamed, Mondale, was and is a major Jerry Brown fan the three times he ran, voted twice for Jesse Jackson for President, and loved the idea of Brown/Jackson before smears ended that dream,Bob Graham(my board name is in honor of Sen/Gov. Bob Graham (who was the single most popular person in Florida, even more popular than Mickey Mouse(wink to those who heard me say that phrase oh so often in 2004), Howard Dean, Al Gore, and I daily wear my Barach Obama button.... and the Button says BARACK OBAMA 2004...that is NOT a typo- that is from 2004, 4 years before he ran in 2008 I was a fan, did you even know Mr. Obama at that time?, and I 100% want and support Hillary Rodham Clinton45 in 2016 and 2020. (the 45 indicates her president number when she wins.)

I feel like I am at the McCarthy searching for reds hearings like my fellow Jewish people were having to tell my credentials.

Peace. Like I said when I was protesting in person, the Vietnam War way back in the early 1970s.

And my most passionate issues are Civil Rights (which is why I so admire LBJ for doing what he did, when he did not have to, and it used up so much of his capital), and Women's rights and Gay rights, and Immigration rights(I want 100% amnesty and full citizenship quickly).

I am 100% anti-gun, anti-bullet, and anti-NRA. If you see me in the gun threads, it is only to argue against it. Let me make that perfectly clear that I think people are misinterpreting the second and one day with a less conservative draconian court, common sense will prevail. Thank you.

I most feel like in the movies, Juror #8 in 12 Angry Men. And I am a NY Met and NY Jet and bowling and tennis fan.

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And PS -- DUers are amazing at coming out and saying "I was wrong". Again, be nice. gateley Oct 2012 #6
keep your eye on the prize(a cliche) but the one win we(I) care about is Nov.6, 2012 graham4anything Oct 2012 #8
I was wondering who Johnson was! On a Republican friend's FB page they were talking about him in gateley Oct 2012 #11
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I believe I did, and I believe he did. You guys are the ones saying he didn't. graham4anything Oct 2012 #21
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Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.-Vince Lombardi graham4anything Oct 2012 #37
Bookmarking JHB Oct 2012 #38
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