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21. You dumb piece of shit! They are the ones WARNING everyone before the disaster happens
Tue Feb 2, 2021, 03:41 PM
Feb 2021

While everyone is ignoring them. Jesus on a pogo stick! CRUZ is just heinous. I feel like every time he opens his mouth, it’s a crime towards humanity.

So, Ted... you cannot distinguish between reality and fiction? Zoonart Feb 2021 #1
You mean Ghostbusters wasn't real? nattyice Feb 2021 #2
LOL... ask Venkman. Zoonart Feb 2021 #4
Cruz is an expert on slime. Midnightwalk Feb 2021 #25
you ever notice how that is less often than... Thomas Hurt Feb 2021 #3
Corrupt politicians. ( n/t ) Make7 Feb 2021 #5
Hey Ted did you ever notice the floor of the movie theater is sticky Blue Owl Feb 2021 #6
No Sen. Qruz, I have not noticed that. But, I have noticed from the John Wayne NCjack Feb 2021 #7
Go Back Further ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #10
I accept your correction. Thanks. NCjack Feb 2021 #12
Not A Correction ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #18
What in the name of ass??! That's quite a logic pretzel. If Hollywood is as "leftist" Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2021 #8
I sure did DFW Feb 2021 #9
Thanos? Environmentalist? underpants Feb 2021 #11
Thanos was the biggest litterer in the history of the universe. Iggo Feb 2021 #15
Did you ever notice... genxlib Feb 2021 #13
Screenwriters are just storytellers. n/t Eyeball_Kid Feb 2021 #17
You ever notice how many times it's corrupt right wing politicians? Iggo Feb 2021 #14
In movies any sort of "rabid" character will be a bad guy, even if it's a senator. Towlie Feb 2021 #16
Hey Ted, that may be the movies but you are a bad guy in real life PufPuf23 Feb 2021 #19
Why do I keep hearing people say Ohiogal Feb 2021 #20
You dumb piece of shit! They are the ones WARNING everyone before the disaster happens Vivienne235729 Feb 2021 #21
Yeah, I noticed that immediately in... TruckFump Feb 2021 #22
"Everything I know about America, I learned from movies!" struggle4progress Feb 2021 #23
Throw this in his face Mike 03 Feb 2021 #24
In "Ghostbusters", the EPA guy was the bad guy. Aristus Feb 2021 #27
Ted Cruz probably thinks Julia Roberts was the villain in that Erin Brokovich movie. tanyev Feb 2021 #26
Good one. He may. Duppers Feb 2021 #28
How many movies with smarmy politicians as the bad guy? dansolo Feb 2021 #29
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