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13. Did you ever notice...
Tue Feb 2, 2021, 03:18 PM
Feb 2021

Some people have trouble distinguishing fiction from reality?

Even if his point were true (which it isn't), all that does is tell you that screenwriters have presented it that way. It says nothing about actual reality.

One of the worst books I have ever read was "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. The bad guys in it are laughable eco-terrorists. Crichton was a right wing tool who argued against climate change and wrote a book with awful strawmen characters just so he could show the world how bad they were. What a hack that guy was.

So, Ted... you cannot distinguish between reality and fiction? Zoonart Feb 2021 #1
You mean Ghostbusters wasn't real? nattyice Feb 2021 #2
LOL... ask Venkman. Zoonart Feb 2021 #4
Cruz is an expert on slime. Midnightwalk Feb 2021 #25
you ever notice how that is less often than... Thomas Hurt Feb 2021 #3
Corrupt politicians. ( n/t ) Make7 Feb 2021 #5
Hey Ted did you ever notice the floor of the movie theater is sticky Blue Owl Feb 2021 #6
No Sen. Qruz, I have not noticed that. But, I have noticed from the John Wayne NCjack Feb 2021 #7
Go Back Further ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #10
I accept your correction. Thanks. NCjack Feb 2021 #12
Not A Correction ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #18
What in the name of ass??! That's quite a logic pretzel. If Hollywood is as "leftist" Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2021 #8
I sure did DFW Feb 2021 #9
Thanos? Environmentalist? underpants Feb 2021 #11
Thanos was the biggest litterer in the history of the universe. Iggo Feb 2021 #15
Did you ever notice... genxlib Feb 2021 #13
Screenwriters are just storytellers. n/t Eyeball_Kid Feb 2021 #17
You ever notice how many times it's corrupt right wing politicians? Iggo Feb 2021 #14
In movies any sort of "rabid" character will be a bad guy, even if it's a senator. Towlie Feb 2021 #16
Hey Ted, that may be the movies but you are a bad guy in real life PufPuf23 Feb 2021 #19
Why do I keep hearing people say Ohiogal Feb 2021 #20
You dumb piece of shit! They are the ones WARNING everyone before the disaster happens Vivienne235729 Feb 2021 #21
Yeah, I noticed that immediately in... TruckFump Feb 2021 #22
"Everything I know about America, I learned from movies!" struggle4progress Feb 2021 #23
Throw this in his face Mike 03 Feb 2021 #24
In "Ghostbusters", the EPA guy was the bad guy. Aristus Feb 2021 #27
Ted Cruz probably thinks Julia Roberts was the villain in that Erin Brokovich movie. tanyev Feb 2021 #26
Good one. He may. Duppers Feb 2021 #28
How many movies with smarmy politicians as the bad guy? dansolo Feb 2021 #29
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