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10. Maher has been going downhill for quite a while. His show last night was very unsettling
Sat Jan 30, 2021, 01:42 PM
Jan 2021

with those two egotistical "scientists" spouting their baseless opinions about the virus leaking out of the Chinese lab as if their opinions were fact. During the entire time that Weinsstein and Heying were speaking, the one thing that kept running through my mind was that I was wondering if the two of them Trumpsters or not. Maybe they aren't, but we sure don't need that kind of shit right now.

Long ago Maher's shows would be comforting in the fact that we knew we had a solid ally in him, one with a big microphone. Lately his shows are not only raising our eyebrows, but they are boring as all hell. I wonder how long HBO will keep him because his ratings must be dropping drastically I would imagine.

This is why i stopped watching him PirateRo Jan 2021 #1
He has been an asshole for a long time Bev54 Jan 2021 #2
Maher is an egotistical asshole SCantiGOP Jan 2021 #3
Other than being a bigoted, racist, sexist, Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #6
Mahar's fans are in denial about their own bigotry kcr Jan 2021 #9
everything about that Maher/virus interview sets off alarms greenman3610 Jan 2021 #4
He should have oppposing views superpatriotman Jan 2021 #25
I can no longer stand him pandr32 Jan 2021 #5
Not sure mindfulNJ Jan 2021 #7
That really pissed me off last night. Initech Jan 2021 #8
Actually, Astra Zeneca, the vaccine they prefer will be here very soon womanofthehills Jan 2021 #33
I was talking about the virus born in a lab theory. Initech Jan 2021 #34
Well the WHO scientists will be in Wuhan for the next 3 months trying to find out womanofthehills Jan 2021 #39
It will be interesting to see what they find, if anything. Initech Jan 2021 #40
Of course it came from nature. The lab in Wuhan was studying coronaviruses from nature and doing The Sentinel Jan 2021 #45
But the Germans aren't sure if AstraZeneca is safe for people age 65 and over. StarryNite Jan 2021 #44
Maher has been going downhill for quite a while. His show last night was very unsettling mtnsnake Jan 2021 #10
He's letting his thin skin show through lately Blecht Jan 2021 #12
Maher's really being dumb when it comes to science. gulliver Jan 2021 #11
we decided last night to stop watching Maher... dhill926 Jan 2021 #13
There really is some basis for that discussion.... getagrip_already Jan 2021 #14
There is a possibility that it came from the lab but not that it was man made Quixote1818 Jan 2021 #15
I'km not sure they can tell the difference between getagrip_already Jan 2021 #17
This was in the linked article in the OP Quixote1818 Jan 2021 #24
I am ok with both of them getting COVID dalton99a Jan 2021 #16
That was only half the story of Bill Mahers guests last night SoonerPride Jan 2021 #18
They Have a Right to a Rational Opinion Upward Jan 2021 #32
It's not a rational fucking opinion. It's fallacious. Maru Kitteh Jan 2021 #41
Yeah I ignore that dude. ismnotwasm Jan 2021 #19
Just because someone crazy says something AnyFunctioningAdult Jan 2021 #20
I agree it could have come from a lab. That isn't the main point though. They say it was man made Quixote1818 Jan 2021 #23
IMHO, Maher is a Libertarian. sarcasmo Jan 2021 #21
Last week I watched and started getting angry and turned it off kimbutgar Jan 2021 #22
Everyone knows TheFarseer Jan 2021 #26
I quit watching him years ago, well, mostly. myccrider Jan 2021 #27
WHO Scientists are in Wuhan now to try to find origin of virus womanofthehills Jan 2021 #28
There's no reason to keep an open mind about Bill Maher. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2021 #29
If Bannon's Support For the Theory Is Your #1 Reason For Discrediting It Upward Jan 2021 #30
It's a pretty good reason edhopper Jan 2021 #31
People need to provide proof that it's man made or shut up. Cinnamonspice Jan 2021 #35
Your Are Correct About One Thing Upward Jan 2021 #37
Mengele had actual scientific credentials. It's proof of exactly Maru Kitteh Jan 2021 #42
The people in charge of the labs are supposed to let WHO in to investigate. Cinnamonspice Jan 2021 #43
He plays the role of a contrarian. So edgy. Politicub Jan 2021 #36
Seeing as he only recently accepted Germ Theory Warren_Pointe Jan 2021 #38
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