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25. Not a rant on "conservatives" a rant on Republicans.
Wed Jan 27, 2021, 02:13 PM
Jan 2021

Joe did what many conservatives do when their ideology leads to acts like what the insurrectionists did and what the Republicans in Congress are doing in defending or not acting on it. He is trying to divorce conservatism from the actions taken by conservatives. Classic "No true Scotsman" fallacy.

Sorry but Scarborough supported the Republican party that allowed Reagan to get away with going behind the back of the Carter Administration and disrupt negotiations to free the hostages in Iran for political gain. The same party that sold weapons illegally to a "State sponsor of Terrorism" as a result of that crooked deal. Furthermore, the administration that funded right wing death squads illegally, in Central America. Republicans backed GW Bush when he invaded Iraq, who had nothing to do with 911, and engaged in a war based on lies.

Scarborough served with no apparent problems, under Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert. Gingrich being the progenitor of the recalcitrant conservative Republican we see today, and we know what became of Hastert.

Yes he is taking the current, vile model of Republicans to task, but he is conveniently failing to talk about HOW the Republican Party became what it is today. It didn't start in 2015 with Trump. It started with Nixon, Ailes, and Buchanan in the 1960's. It spread when Ford (for the sake of unity) pardoned Nixon. It metastasized with Reagan, whom stodgy blue blood GHW Bush called a fool. It continued with Bush Jr. and lead to the absolutely natural endpoint of Trump. That is what conservatives become when they are allowed to get away with their lies and their crimes.

I wish some wealthy CEO would pay to edit it and play clip nationally to go after the worst. hlthe2b Jan 2021 #1
I had to turn the sound down lapfog_1 Jan 2021 #2
They always repeat 6am hour at 8 am... Sedona Jan 2021 #3
Not always. Depends on how much news they have. Earthshine2 Jan 2021 #4
Today? dem4decades Jan 2021 #5
I never know in advance if Joe is worth it after 8. I usually switch to CNN at 8:00. Earthshine2 Jan 2021 #7
Joe Scarborough is pissed off.... quickesst Jan 2021 #6
Preach it, Joe!!! oswaldactedalone Jan 2021 #8
I laughed out loud when he asked Rev if he could get a witness. dem4decades Jan 2021 #12
Bravo superpatriotman Jan 2021 #9
Righteous rant from Joe Scum this morning malaise Jan 2021 #10
Fuck him. AZ8theist Jan 2021 #15
LOL, ok! nt USALiberal Jan 2021 #16
Well you know I call him JoeScum but this was a righteous rant malaise Jan 2021 #17
Thanks for a link to this! crickets Jan 2021 #26
You're always welcome malaise Jan 2021 #28
Agree. 33taw Jan 2021 #18
Did you know that he has addressed that on HIS SHOW! CTyankee Jan 2021 #21
Epic rant. I just watched the replay. PA Democrat Jan 2021 #11
Me too. Now I want a cigarette. n/t monmouth4 Jan 2021 #13
Trump Terrorists. Call them by their name. mnhtnbb Jan 2021 #14
It should be fun watching the DVR later today. Elwood P Dowd Jan 2021 #19
I'll take it but, I still don't trust him. If he wasn't married to Mika Hotler Jan 2021 #20
Mika's dad had discussed this with him. He went on Morning Joe to "debate" him. CTyankee Jan 2021 #22
This is called a "come to Jesus" moment. roamer65 Jan 2021 #23
I was good. pwb Jan 2021 #24
Not a rant on "conservatives" a rant on Republicans. Caliman73 Jan 2021 #25
Excellent points to remember. Well said. nt crickets Jan 2021 #27
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