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140. It's even simpler than that. They just hate hope.
Mon Jan 4, 2021, 02:23 PM
Jan 2021

I opine: Coincidentally, people with hope in their hearts are more difficult to control by threat.

K & R Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2021 #1
+1 Bettie Jan 2021 #2
She backed Pelosi two years ago, too... regnaD kciN Jan 2021 #3
C-SPAN Deuxcents Jan 2021 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #20
I was surprised that DownriverDem Jan 2021 #49
I suggest positive posts with her name attached, not this kind of thing. Hortensis Jan 2021 #5
Little Dissident Donors Roy Rolling Jan 2021 #18
Nah. GB_RN Jan 2021 #53
It's even simpler than that. They just hate hope. jaxexpat Jan 2021 #140
Yes. Not tooting my horn but this is the quickest example I can find. ancianita Jan 2021 #22
Its' good to call out hate. Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #42
Hi, little 'dissident donor' to AOC here who also supports Pelosi as Speaker and is thrilled that ramen Jan 2021 #60
Ramen, those who support both are of course not Hortensis Jan 2021 #89
That must be an example of the "positive posts with her name attached" Mariana Jan 2021 #167
I couldn't resist going over to that weird place that used to have Bernie Sanders on their homepage betsuni Jan 2021 #78
Oh, my to that last. nt Hortensis Jan 2021 #84
Still trying to figure out #ForceTheVote -- apparently The Squad was supposed to do a quid pro quo betsuni Jan 2021 #95
:) Just looked. Uygur's sounding like a beacon of responsibility (!) Hortensis Jan 2021 #110
Uh oh, under the bus go Cenk and TYT. betsuni Jan 2021 #111
:) Typical puritopian (how's that for a word?) dysfunction. Hortensis Jan 2021 #112
They seem to think Pelosi is the only roadblock to an MFA vote. betsuni Jan 2021 #113
Astonishingly. If this were really about healthcare, Hortensis Jan 2021 #119
Yes, it isn't about health care. betsuni Jan 2021 #124
I agree that it isn't about healthcare PatSeg Jan 2021 #144
No, not quite! :) Those like them in the New Deal era fought Hortensis Jan 2021 #154
I think many of them PatSeg Jan 2021 #156
You became more knowledgeable and sophisticated. Same for me, Hortensis Jan 2021 #157
Oh yes, same here PatSeg Jan 2021 #158
Hey, was that you? :) Hortensis Jan 2021 #161
"call....themselves crusaders to excuse their rage" PatSeg Jan 2021 #164
So agree with so much. A little problem with some whose ideals Hortensis Jan 2021 #165
I've enjoyed this discussion so much, very stimulating PatSeg Jan 2021 #166
A discussion of extremism. It's a real thing and we need Hortensis Jan 2021 #168
I was working in downtown Chicago during the trial PatSeg Jan 2021 #169
Oh, wow! What a place to be. Definitely better than cable. :) Hortensis Jan 2021 #172
P.S. You're in Georgia? PatSeg Jan 2021 #170
I don't really see any such hate here either PatSeg Jan 2021 #143
What can you do? Pavlovian reflex. Foamers gonna foam. jalan48 Jan 2021 #6
+1 Gore1FL Jan 2021 #51
it's too easy stillcool Jan 2021 #7
She backed Pelosi MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #8
When her name was called during her round she did not vote. George II Jan 2021 #10
Maybe she was in the bathroom? Do you know why she wasn't there? berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #15
Thanks Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #32
If only the vote was called alphabetically so she would have Hortensis Jan 2021 #91
+100000000 Celerity Jan 2021 #116
That's true MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #28
Yes Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #35
I'm willing to give AOC the benefit of the doubt on this MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #43
Exactly Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #45
+100000000000000000000000000000000 x 2 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #171
Sometimes that is strategic. Blue_true Jan 2021 #71
Others who said this about her zentrum Jan 2021 #29
Three words: ShazzieB Jan 2021 #44
Can't we all just get along? paleotn Jan 2021 #67
Passing this on rpannier Jan 2021 #75
i'm glad i've missed them. barbtries Jan 2021 #9
Exactly. Enough already! dchill Jan 2021 #11
It's been in question before treestar Jan 2021 #12
Agreed. She is a helpful firebrand for sure and that's what the party needs sometimes! Miigwech Jan 2021 #13
Yes! Yes! Yes! zentrum Jan 2021 #27
Agreed. ShazzieB Jan 2021 #46
Way too many negative and divisive posts about AOC. PufPuf23 Jan 2021 #14
Agree wholeheartedly gibraltar72 Jan 2021 #16
I agree. She is a very bright young woman with an outstanding wit. I disagree with her... NNadir Jan 2021 #17
I agree with you. I am disgusted by the attempts to turn AOC into an 'other'. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #34
Agreed matt819 Jan 2021 #19
Agreed BigOleDummy Jan 2021 #152
Totally agree! denvine Jan 2021 #21
There is a level of woman bashing on DU unfortunately. Srkdqltr Jan 2021 #23
Agree with you 100% zentrum Jan 2021 #24
Agree, she's an overall plus for Dems DeminPennswoods Jan 2021 #25
I didn't see most of them. Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #26
Me too. One of the reasons I took a long vacation from DU. Tommymac Jan 2021 #38
Yes, it's time to form a circular firing squad; ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2021 #30
R&K 'lulz', 'bazinga', hand waving, back slapping, and especially let me add the MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #31
Mine was one. Rep Conner Lamb Western PA. Tommymac Jan 2021 #36
Thank you for the information. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #48
Yes he did. I live in his district. Tommymac Jan 2021 #50
This is why I love DU. I learn so much every day. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #62
Younger generation Reps like AOC give me hope for the future. They are human, they will make yaesu Jan 2021 #33
This 👆 flibbitygiblets Jan 2021 #66
I admire her tremendously keithsw Jan 2021 #37
This Tommymac Jan 2021 #39
Agreed, and thank you. liberalmuse Jan 2021 #40
It's done intentionally to provoke and divide & is unhealthy. appalachiablue Jan 2021 #41
AOC is not allowed to be pragmatic. athenasatanjesus Jan 2021 #47
Bit off topic here aren't you? Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #55
Well said... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #52
Build bridges not fences Always Randy Jan 2021 #54
I agree. I hope to live long enough to see her in leadership. marble falls Jan 2021 #56
she is the future of the party. dawn5651 Jan 2021 #57
All the election results don't really support this, R B Garr Jan 2021 #81
only the present matters treestar Jan 2021 #104
+100000000000000000000000000000000 x 2 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #162
I don't hate AOC Cyberologist Jan 2021 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Jan 2021 #117
In what way is AOC a backstabber? That's a vicious attack against an elected Democratic House Member Celerity Jan 2021 #121
This message was self-deleted by its author MrsCoffee Jan 2021 #127
AOC said Joe Biden wouldn't be in the same party as she in another country because betsuni Jan 2021 #130
Of course she would not be, as the US is one of the very few Western democracies with no Celerity Jan 2021 #131
Not the point. It's not true that Biden is a neoliberal corporatist and isn't progressive. betsuni Jan 2021 #163
As well as the corollary. LanternWaste Jan 2021 #59
She's a hard working Democratic Congresswoman berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #61
No one is arguing differently. LanternWaste Jan 2021 #63
What does that mean exactly. I certainly see way more negative comments than anything like that berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #65
There are specific definitions to each word I used. LanternWaste Jan 2021 #69
I don't think you know what the words you are using mean or imply berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #73
You nailed it, berni mtnsnake Jan 2021 #79
+100000000000000000000000000000000 x 2 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #80
They know, they are just calling a young, bright democratic congressperson a cow questionseverything Jan 2021 #82
Dehumanizing. 'Other'. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #93
Now that's reaching treestar Jan 2021 #101
She is a sacred cow if we cannot criticize treestar Jan 2021 #99
Yesterday, she was criticized based on a lie that she voted against Pelosi. Mariana Jan 2021 #160
+1 betsuni Jan 2021 #76
+10000000 AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #173
Is the way we fawn over Biden & Harris wrong too? AmyStrange Jan 2021 #85
'No one is arguing differently.' Celerity Jan 2021 #122
So did President Obama, but if we didn't like criticism of him treestar Jan 2021 #97
It was feet held to the fire; echo chamber, rah rah cheerleaders, fan club, blind loyalty, betsuni Jan 2021 #108
Exactly. I'm not her mother. I reserve the same rights to R B Garr Jan 2021 #77
Mostly, it's what others 'critique' and bestow upon AOC. Even when correcting the record, MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #83
No it's not what others bestow on her. It's excused R B Garr Jan 2021 #87
lulz MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #88
lulz R B Garr Jan 2021 #100
+1 treestar Jan 2021 #96
"It's" vs. "its" cwydro Jan 2021 #132
Absolutely agree. Jay25 Jan 2021 #64
or any circular firing behavior greenman3610 Jan 2021 #68
+1... myohmy2 Jan 2021 #70
K and R Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #72
These people have obviously never listened to the Breakfast Club rpannier Jan 2021 #74
Which makes these kind of stunts aggravating dansolo Jan 2021 #125
Don't attack Democrats!!!! dustyscamp Jan 2021 #86
The irony of it all... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #92
AOC voted for Pelosi today. She did the right thing. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #94
Sorry for meandering AmyStrange Jan 2021 #98
Well come on, it's holding his feet to the fire treestar Jan 2021 #103
Personally, I find it funny... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #106
What I posted wasn't about Obama or Pelsoi it was about the hypocrisy of the Anti AOC Clique here dustyscamp Jan 2021 #114
+100 Celerity Jan 2021 #134
Or except if AOC does it treestar Jan 2021 #102
+1000 Celerity Jan 2021 #120
Attack any Democrat you want MrsCoffee Jan 2021 #126
If AOC can attack other Democrats AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #174
Indeed. The Speakership isn't a hereditary position Tarc Jan 2021 #90
K&R mvd Jan 2021 #105
!!!AOC RULES!!! AmyStrange Jan 2021 #107
Recommended. H2O Man Jan 2021 #109
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2021 #115
+1,000,000 This! K&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!! diva77 Jan 2021 #118
And a million cheers for incitement of what we deplore! Hortensis Jan 2021 #138
not sure i understand your post diva77 Jan 2021 #148
It's commending the utility of this OP, which can be different Hortensis Jan 2021 #155
I don't hate her and she's free to do what she feels is best as far as I'm concerned Kaleva Jan 2021 #123
So, any criticism is "hate" or "bashing"..... brooklynite Jan 2021 #128
How about people falsely claiming that she didn't vote for Pelosi Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #137
Criticizing her for not voting for Pelosi as speaker Mariana Jan 2021 #139
oh never mind. nt PufPuf23 Jan 2021 #142
It was 5 Centrist Dems that failed to vote for Pelosi, not the Progressive Dems. Sloumeau Jan 2021 #129
I say let them eat cake... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #133
I agree BlueJac Jan 2021 #135
Let's win the GA Runoffs and get our Senate Majority, then BlueWavePsych Jan 2021 #136
Yep. Lunabell Jan 2021 #141
Yes, just stop it! McKim Jan 2021 #145
This is not the time for division and acrimony. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #146
Agreed. Ingersollman Jan 2021 #147
I think that we need to come to an agreement on "Hate" versus "Criticism". Caliman73 Jan 2021 #149
People who feel compelled to make up lies about her Mariana Jan 2021 #159
Why is it even considered wrong to begin with? This group Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2021 #150
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #151
Oh come on. The OP doesn't "cry and stomp their feet anytime someone criticizes her" mtnsnake Jan 2021 #153
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