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38. Me too. One of the reasons I took a long vacation from DU.
Sun Jan 3, 2021, 07:33 PM
Jan 2021

But Solidarity is the key now and for the foreseeable future.

We Dem's HAVE to learn how to get along inside Our Big Tent, how to disagree with respect and honor and not alienating those that have a different vision; or we will lose Our Democracy. Sooner rather then later.

K & R Just_Vote_Dem Jan 2021 #1
+1 Bettie Jan 2021 #2
She backed Pelosi two years ago, too... regnaD kciN Jan 2021 #3
C-SPAN Deuxcents Jan 2021 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #20
I was surprised that DownriverDem Jan 2021 #49
I suggest positive posts with her name attached, not this kind of thing. Hortensis Jan 2021 #5
Little Dissident Donors Roy Rolling Jan 2021 #18
Nah. GB_RN Jan 2021 #53
It's even simpler than that. They just hate hope. jaxexpat Jan 2021 #140
Yes. Not tooting my horn but this is the quickest example I can find. ancianita Jan 2021 #22
Its' good to call out hate. Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #42
Hi, little 'dissident donor' to AOC here who also supports Pelosi as Speaker and is thrilled that ramen Jan 2021 #60
Ramen, those who support both are of course not Hortensis Jan 2021 #89
That must be an example of the "positive posts with her name attached" Mariana Jan 2021 #167
I couldn't resist going over to that weird place that used to have Bernie Sanders on their homepage betsuni Jan 2021 #78
Oh, my to that last. nt Hortensis Jan 2021 #84
Still trying to figure out #ForceTheVote -- apparently The Squad was supposed to do a quid pro quo betsuni Jan 2021 #95
:) Just looked. Uygur's sounding like a beacon of responsibility (!) Hortensis Jan 2021 #110
Uh oh, under the bus go Cenk and TYT. betsuni Jan 2021 #111
:) Typical puritopian (how's that for a word?) dysfunction. Hortensis Jan 2021 #112
They seem to think Pelosi is the only roadblock to an MFA vote. betsuni Jan 2021 #113
Astonishingly. If this were really about healthcare, Hortensis Jan 2021 #119
Yes, it isn't about health care. betsuni Jan 2021 #124
I agree that it isn't about healthcare PatSeg Jan 2021 #144
No, not quite! :) Those like them in the New Deal era fought Hortensis Jan 2021 #154
I think many of them PatSeg Jan 2021 #156
You became more knowledgeable and sophisticated. Same for me, Hortensis Jan 2021 #157
Oh yes, same here PatSeg Jan 2021 #158
Hey, was that you? :) Hortensis Jan 2021 #161
"call....themselves crusaders to excuse their rage" PatSeg Jan 2021 #164
So agree with so much. A little problem with some whose ideals Hortensis Jan 2021 #165
I've enjoyed this discussion so much, very stimulating PatSeg Jan 2021 #166
A discussion of extremism. It's a real thing and we need Hortensis Jan 2021 #168
I was working in downtown Chicago during the trial PatSeg Jan 2021 #169
Oh, wow! What a place to be. Definitely better than cable. :) Hortensis Jan 2021 #172
P.S. You're in Georgia? PatSeg Jan 2021 #170
I don't really see any such hate here either PatSeg Jan 2021 #143
What can you do? Pavlovian reflex. Foamers gonna foam. jalan48 Jan 2021 #6
+1 Gore1FL Jan 2021 #51
it's too easy stillcool Jan 2021 #7
She backed Pelosi MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #8
When her name was called during her round she did not vote. George II Jan 2021 #10
Maybe she was in the bathroom? Do you know why she wasn't there? berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #15
Thanks Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #32
If only the vote was called alphabetically so she would have Hortensis Jan 2021 #91
+100000000 Celerity Jan 2021 #116
That's true MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #28
Yes Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #35
I'm willing to give AOC the benefit of the doubt on this MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #43
Exactly Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #45
+100000000000000000000000000000000 x 2 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #171
Sometimes that is strategic. Blue_true Jan 2021 #71
Others who said this about her zentrum Jan 2021 #29
Three words: ShazzieB Jan 2021 #44
Can't we all just get along? paleotn Jan 2021 #67
Passing this on rpannier Jan 2021 #75
i'm glad i've missed them. barbtries Jan 2021 #9
Exactly. Enough already! dchill Jan 2021 #11
It's been in question before treestar Jan 2021 #12
Agreed. She is a helpful firebrand for sure and that's what the party needs sometimes! Miigwech Jan 2021 #13
Yes! Yes! Yes! zentrum Jan 2021 #27
Agreed. ShazzieB Jan 2021 #46
Way too many negative and divisive posts about AOC. PufPuf23 Jan 2021 #14
Agree wholeheartedly gibraltar72 Jan 2021 #16
I agree. She is a very bright young woman with an outstanding wit. I disagree with her... NNadir Jan 2021 #17
I agree with you. I am disgusted by the attempts to turn AOC into an 'other'. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #34
Agreed matt819 Jan 2021 #19
Agreed BigOleDummy Jan 2021 #152
Totally agree! denvine Jan 2021 #21
There is a level of woman bashing on DU unfortunately. Srkdqltr Jan 2021 #23
Agree with you 100% zentrum Jan 2021 #24
Agree, she's an overall plus for Dems DeminPennswoods Jan 2021 #25
I didn't see most of them. Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #26
Me too. One of the reasons I took a long vacation from DU. Tommymac Jan 2021 #38
Yes, it's time to form a circular firing squad; ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2021 #30
R&K 'lulz', 'bazinga', hand waving, back slapping, and especially let me add the MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #31
Mine was one. Rep Conner Lamb Western PA. Tommymac Jan 2021 #36
Thank you for the information. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #48
Yes he did. I live in his district. Tommymac Jan 2021 #50
This is why I love DU. I learn so much every day. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #62
Younger generation Reps like AOC give me hope for the future. They are human, they will make yaesu Jan 2021 #33
This 👆 flibbitygiblets Jan 2021 #66
I admire her tremendously keithsw Jan 2021 #37
This Tommymac Jan 2021 #39
Agreed, and thank you. liberalmuse Jan 2021 #40
It's done intentionally to provoke and divide & is unhealthy. appalachiablue Jan 2021 #41
AOC is not allowed to be pragmatic. athenasatanjesus Jan 2021 #47
Bit off topic here aren't you? Cobalt Violet Jan 2021 #55
Well said... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #52
Build bridges not fences Always Randy Jan 2021 #54
I agree. I hope to live long enough to see her in leadership. marble falls Jan 2021 #56
she is the future of the party. dawn5651 Jan 2021 #57
All the election results don't really support this, R B Garr Jan 2021 #81
only the present matters treestar Jan 2021 #104
+100000000000000000000000000000000 x 2 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #162
I don't hate AOC Cyberologist Jan 2021 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Jan 2021 #117
In what way is AOC a backstabber? That's a vicious attack against an elected Democratic House Member Celerity Jan 2021 #121
This message was self-deleted by its author MrsCoffee Jan 2021 #127
AOC said Joe Biden wouldn't be in the same party as she in another country because betsuni Jan 2021 #130
Of course she would not be, as the US is one of the very few Western democracies with no Celerity Jan 2021 #131
Not the point. It's not true that Biden is a neoliberal corporatist and isn't progressive. betsuni Jan 2021 #163
As well as the corollary. LanternWaste Jan 2021 #59
She's a hard working Democratic Congresswoman berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #61
No one is arguing differently. LanternWaste Jan 2021 #63
What does that mean exactly. I certainly see way more negative comments than anything like that berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #65
There are specific definitions to each word I used. LanternWaste Jan 2021 #69
I don't think you know what the words you are using mean or imply berni_mccoy Jan 2021 #73
You nailed it, berni mtnsnake Jan 2021 #79
+100000000000000000000000000000000 x 2 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #80
They know, they are just calling a young, bright democratic congressperson a cow questionseverything Jan 2021 #82
Dehumanizing. 'Other'. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #93
Now that's reaching treestar Jan 2021 #101
She is a sacred cow if we cannot criticize treestar Jan 2021 #99
Yesterday, she was criticized based on a lie that she voted against Pelosi. Mariana Jan 2021 #160
+1 betsuni Jan 2021 #76
+10000000 AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #173
Is the way we fawn over Biden & Harris wrong too? AmyStrange Jan 2021 #85
'No one is arguing differently.' Celerity Jan 2021 #122
So did President Obama, but if we didn't like criticism of him treestar Jan 2021 #97
It was feet held to the fire; echo chamber, rah rah cheerleaders, fan club, blind loyalty, betsuni Jan 2021 #108
Exactly. I'm not her mother. I reserve the same rights to R B Garr Jan 2021 #77
Mostly, it's what others 'critique' and bestow upon AOC. Even when correcting the record, MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #83
No it's not what others bestow on her. It's excused R B Garr Jan 2021 #87
lulz MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #88
lulz R B Garr Jan 2021 #100
+1 treestar Jan 2021 #96
"It's" vs. "its" cwydro Jan 2021 #132
Absolutely agree. Jay25 Jan 2021 #64
or any circular firing behavior greenman3610 Jan 2021 #68
+1... myohmy2 Jan 2021 #70
K and R Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #72
These people have obviously never listened to the Breakfast Club rpannier Jan 2021 #74
Which makes these kind of stunts aggravating dansolo Jan 2021 #125
Don't attack Democrats!!!! dustyscamp Jan 2021 #86
The irony of it all... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #92
AOC voted for Pelosi today. She did the right thing. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #94
Sorry for meandering AmyStrange Jan 2021 #98
Well come on, it's holding his feet to the fire treestar Jan 2021 #103
Personally, I find it funny... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #106
What I posted wasn't about Obama or Pelsoi it was about the hypocrisy of the Anti AOC Clique here dustyscamp Jan 2021 #114
+100 Celerity Jan 2021 #134
Or except if AOC does it treestar Jan 2021 #102
+1000 Celerity Jan 2021 #120
Attack any Democrat you want MrsCoffee Jan 2021 #126
If AOC can attack other Democrats AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #174
Indeed. The Speakership isn't a hereditary position Tarc Jan 2021 #90
K&R mvd Jan 2021 #105
!!!AOC RULES!!! AmyStrange Jan 2021 #107
Recommended. H2O Man Jan 2021 #109
K&R Blue Owl Jan 2021 #115
+1,000,000 This! K&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!! diva77 Jan 2021 #118
And a million cheers for incitement of what we deplore! Hortensis Jan 2021 #138
not sure i understand your post diva77 Jan 2021 #148
It's commending the utility of this OP, which can be different Hortensis Jan 2021 #155
I don't hate her and she's free to do what she feels is best as far as I'm concerned Kaleva Jan 2021 #123
So, any criticism is "hate" or "bashing"..... brooklynite Jan 2021 #128
How about people falsely claiming that she didn't vote for Pelosi Dem4Life1102 Jan 2021 #137
Criticizing her for not voting for Pelosi as speaker Mariana Jan 2021 #139
oh never mind. nt PufPuf23 Jan 2021 #142
It was 5 Centrist Dems that failed to vote for Pelosi, not the Progressive Dems. Sloumeau Jan 2021 #129
I say let them eat cake... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #133
I agree BlueJac Jan 2021 #135
Let's win the GA Runoffs and get our Senate Majority, then BlueWavePsych Jan 2021 #136
Yep. Lunabell Jan 2021 #141
Yes, just stop it! McKim Jan 2021 #145
This is not the time for division and acrimony. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #146
Agreed. Ingersollman Jan 2021 #147
I think that we need to come to an agreement on "Hate" versus "Criticism". Caliman73 Jan 2021 #149
People who feel compelled to make up lies about her Mariana Jan 2021 #159
Why is it even considered wrong to begin with? This group Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2021 #150
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #151
Oh come on. The OP doesn't "cry and stomp their feet anytime someone criticizes her" mtnsnake Jan 2021 #153
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